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Cycle code 20220805

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    Ive been a weekly for 3 years now. But never had an 0805 . Do you think that can tell you if your an 05 daily(they do exist) or a flat out weekly. I’ve seen some with an 0605 or 0705 that update daily but also weekly. Just trying to create a different conversation lol

    Filed 1/12
    Accepted 1/28
    Claimed EITC and received CTC advance payments
    Had a baby in 2021
    Also under reported CTC advance payment because they sent 2 notices instead of one (file joint)
    Have STILL processing message since 2/17
    Transcripts N/A up until 2/25 now they have codes 971 and 570
    Corrected on 2/25 after speaking to IRS rep
    Letter dated 3/14/2022 and as of date is 3/14/2022

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    Church’s Money

    My as of date changed to 4-25-22 then went back to 3-21-22. Still no refund date or any kind of changes to my refund, my return is basically in purgatory.

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    Church money sane as you get on your id me account and verify your identity through irs gov I did Thursday, called anyway and I did in fact have to id verify told the rep I did online before I called, got the congratulations etc. today I got the 5071c letter to verify my identity, I’m already ahead of them lol hopefully update this week or next

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    Church’s Money

    Still nothing, same 3/14/22 & 3/21/22 dates on my transcript with no updates. Tried checking Where’s My Refund and it said my info didn’t match, called the 800 number and it says my return is still being processed. Filed & accepted 2/7/22.

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    I got my cycle code on 3-14-2022 anybody else? No money yet or any updates

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    I have this cycle code. With codes 570/971 as of date 3/14 with an adjustment made by like $72. I called irs was first told it was due to income verification. I then was transferred to individual accounts dept. And the lady there told me it was due to line 28 in regards to ctc. I was also told if I don’t receive refund by May 16 to call back for tax advocate but I should update by 3/21. Wmr have the delayed message.

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    I filed and got accepted on 02/03/22. They force us to pay but yet can’t obliged. I need my money now lol

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    did you get it?

    Nope. .. WMR, Transcripts have not changed at all. still stuck with the same cycle code, and 570 code

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    20220805 cycle code 03/14/22 as of date and still no refund, no movement on transcripts since 2/18/22. I have 570 code dated 3/14/22 $0.00, no $ yet. What is really going on.

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    did you get it?

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    I have the same..I am 20220805. Was suppose to get my 4g more than what the IRS updated on Saturday..cause 0805 is weekly now I have an updated amount and a ddd by March 14, even though my transcript says March 9th.

    I’m 20220705, i’m weekly. I have a process day of March 7, 2022 which is tomorrow. So hopefully, I’ll have some sort of update over night tonight. I’m not holding my breath.

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    Any updates?

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    I have the same..I am 20220805. Was suppose to get my 4g more than what the IRS updated on Saturday..cause 0805 is weekly now I have an updated amount and a ddd by March 14, even though my transcript says March 9th.

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    I have a 570 too with a zero balance and a 20220805 I filed Feb 12 I didn’t have the last form with the total for the rebates so my cpa put 2200 instead of 2800 because I honestly couldn’t remember all the totals so much went in last year. It says also it adjust my refund amount to the correct amount and a date of as of March 14,2022what does that all mean?

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    Did you happen to claim the advance payments? Or had another child? For me I did both but also didn’t use both 8419 notices to report my payments because I thought they made a mistake and sent 2 instead of them splitting it into 2 notices (I file married joint)

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    Mine is 20220805, I have code 570 and I’m not sure why. I waited for all letters to come before filing so I knew it would be 100% corrected. I wonder how long my refund will be delayed.

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    Oh nevermind yes I see it. It’s updated with the reduced amount now.

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    Is that on the online account? What do I look for

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    Ms tax

    Can you see a updated tax summary on irs page

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