cycle code 20200905 processing 3/16

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    So our transcript should update by 4 am Friday. I am here praying that we receive a ddd! I have a 570 code with 3/16 processing date. I will keep you guys posted tomorrow. Please let me know if any of you received a ddd.

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    Thank you! Same here..

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    That’s exactly how I feel at this point. I have NEVER in my life waited this long on taxes, and it’s a pretty rough time for a lot of people right now…ugh!

    Wish you all the best though! I’ll update as I know more.

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    Same codes, same cycle code as well. Received 60 day review letter in the mail today same info. My 45 day review was almost up just to get this today 🤦🏾‍♀️ makes no sense. Think I’ve finally given up guess it’ll come when it comes hullll 🙄.

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    How long ago did u fax over ur paystub?

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    I received a letter in the mail saying I am under 60 day review as well, but no additional docs were needed at this time.

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    I received my 60 day wait letter today, telling me no information was needed. But, I sent my wage verification letter to a tax advocate on 3/10 that she said they needed. Keep posting your statuses please, it’s keeping me sane.

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    I finally received a letter from the IRS today that I’m in a 60 day review, and need to do nothing. If they need anything, they will call me.

    Cycle Code 20200905


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    Concern taxpayer

    @ Nikko

    I have Cycle code 20201005 with 03/23/20 no update yet called IRS was told to wait under a 60 day review my transcript had code 570 I got a TA and I was told that one of my employers didn’t upload my wages so I fax an paystub now I’m just waiting

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    Cycle Code 20200905 still no update today!

    Accepted 2/10
    Code 570 3/16
    Code 971 3/23

    No notice received. Attempted to contact a Tax Advocate by phone and submitted form by fax; still no reply

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    Still same thing for me. No letter. No nothing. It’s been over a month. Maybe we should start hitting the news stations up and letting them know what the IRS is pulling and there are so many people dealing with this. Maybe then they’ll decide to do something about it?

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    Having a tax advocate hasn’t helped me, it’s been over 2 weeks. I have the same codes as the rest of you. I contacted my local congressman office this morning sending a request for help through their website. Also, I’ve seen on another post to

    CONTACT NOW: Ways and Means Committee
    U.S. House of Representatives
    1102 Longworth House Office Building
    Washington D.C. 20515

    Phone:(202) 225-3625
    Fax: (202) 225-5680

    I will be sending them my information also.

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    I have exactly all the same codes n dates as u … still no DDD. I filed Feb 10th! I called for a tax advocate n said to fax my w2 to them n they would call me! Never got a call back from them n this was last Friday! Idk wtf is going on n don’t know what else to do! Any ideas?

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    Has anyone called? I have tried but have not even been able to talk to a real person, just curious if anyone has called and what they have been told?

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    As of now still no update. Been sitting on “Still processing” Topic 152, Cycle 20200905 since mid Feb. I e-filed on 1/29 and was accepted 2/29….. so Dam frustrating with everything else going on…. And nothing but snide remarks from IRS reps…… Wonder if they are awaiting their refunds…. NOT……

    150 3/16
    806 4/15
    768 4/15
    570 3/16
    971 3/23

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    I filed 2/5, accepted same day. Claimed ACTC & EITC. Received letter 2/25 saying I was under review. I have been checking transcripts daily (if not more often) and still stuck with the 570 code and an “as of” and processing date of 3/16.

    Nothing has changed in weeks. 😢

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    I filed 2/13 bars disappeared on the 27th and code 570 shows on tax transcript with processing date of 3/16/20 but it didn’t update last night smh

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    @nikko I have 570/150…but the odd part is I recvd letter 4464c dated 2/20. I never had a 971 code for it though 🤷🏽‍♀️

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    Same. I filed 2/10/20. Accepted 2/10/20. Processing date of 3/16/20 with 570 code. Nothing updated today. Haven’t received any letter. I’m so over this anxiety. What the heck is going on over there? Especially with the world having to deal with this virus, we’re all on edge. Give us our money already! Why the games?! They should have to pay interest on top of our refunds too (I know, I’m hilarious!).

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    Same as well : (

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    Nothing has changed at all on mine, only have code 150 and 570, with an action date for today, no 971, no 571, no letters, absolutely nothing, anyone else in the same boat??? Nothing new on WMR, “We have received your refund, and it is being processed,” STILLL, absolutely pathetic

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    Have the same codes, a tax advocate, no letter and still no update. :(

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    I still have no update 😢

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    F&&A 2/26

    DDD 3/18

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    We were supposed to be reviewed starting March 16th checked wmr this morning and finally have a deposit date for march 18th

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    @jozer818 I am glad you got an update. I will check mine again later on.

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    I checked my transcripts and I just updated with a DDD.


    570 3/16
    971 3/23
    571 3/16
    846 3/18

    Never received a noticed

    filed and accepted 2/11

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    When your 60 days almost up they will send you another letter saying they need additional 60 days guys trust me I went through this

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    They will hold your tax til July trust me went through this last tax season holding your tax cause they behind y’all gone keep waiting on updates some will get one some will not Tax advocate is your only help call irs request for one

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    Hey guys get a Tax advocate I’m telling y’all irs is full of it

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    Nothing new here dang it. Cycle code 20200905 with an as of and processing date of 3/16. I was looking forward to Monday thinking something should happen by then, but after reading that so many people with dates before mine are still waiting or their dates have been pushed out, I’m not holding my breath. Ugh. This sucks.

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    As of 3/9
    Processing Date 3/23/20
    150 cycle 20201005 3/23/20
    860 4/15/20
    766 4/15/20
    570 3/23/20
    971 3/30/20
    Called this morning and they said 60 day review, no action needed, Otherwise I have no idea how to decipher these dates.

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    Processing date stayed the same at 3-16 though. Nothing else changed at all.

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    Mine updated. Only thing that changed was “As Of” date. Went from 3-16 to 3-30. Still no other codes other than 570. I received a 4464c letter yesterday saying they are reviewing and don’t do anything. Still have no 971 code for Notice Issued at all.

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    Just checked and nothing yet I will wait till tonight and check again

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    Transcripts update throughout the day not just the morning

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    No updates as well. Still showing 570 and the 360 processing date of 3/16/2020, cycle 20200905. Still no 971. nothing! Praying tomorrow we get updated!!
    Any one update with these codes and dates?

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    No update as of 5am.. still shows code 570 3/16/2020, cycle 2020905.. no 971, no letter from irs, no change I. Tax topic 152 on wmr…. nothing. Ugh

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    Mines didnt update hopefully next week

    Cycle code 2020095
    570 date 3/16🤞🏽
    I filed February 8th. Never received letter but when I called they said it was dated for feb 28th under 60 day review.

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    Sorry, meant @kcp

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    Ohhhhh I’m hoping and praying and praying some more that we see some movement SOON. 🙏🤞🙏🤞🙏🙏🙏 let’s all try to update tomorrow to let others know if anything changes. We must keep hope alive 😁

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    late tonight our transcript will update. I will check my transcript tomorrow morning and let you guys know of any updates.

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    @ Amanda I have the same cycle number and 570 and 971 code with the same dates. My refund also went down $600 not too sure what is going on but I am getting irritated I did have to send in a copy of my 1095A and an 8862 form but that was almost a month ago
    This is the 3rd year in a row ive had to jump through hoops and wait for my taxes.

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    Hey all, I have the same codes. 570 with the same processing date. I got a TA, she seemed nice enough to try to help. I suggest faxing in a Form 911 to get a response not calling. They asked for verification of my wages and income withholding from my employer. I sent the documentation today. I’ll keep this thread so I can update everyone if it helps.

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    Filed- 2/2
    Accepted -2/2
    12C Letter sent- 2/12
    12C Letter received- 2/24
    Faxed Letter- 2/24

    Tax Topic reappeared- 3/4
    Transcripts available to order- 3/6

    WMR still showing “still processing”
    Codes 570, 806 and 917

    Showing as “3/23/2020 processing date”
    Tax cycle 20201005

    My return amount went down about $700. Waiting for WMR to update…hopefully this week!

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    Same, no updates here either. Nothing new on WMR or transcripts. Just praying for something…anything…to change by the 16th (my current processing date). Hoping and praying ALL of us have good luck VERY soon! 🤞🙏🤞🙏

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    Still NO UPDATES no transcript and WMR!!!!

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    Any updates? Same codes & date here

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    I have a cycle date of 20200905 with the date displaying 00-00-0000 next to it. Anyone else? I filed on 2/21, accepted on 2/22 then next time I checked, bars disappeared and says your return is processing. I’m not sure why my date is blank next to my cycle code.

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    I have the action pending 570 code and date next to it is 2/24/20
    Nothing has changed on my transcript whatsoever

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    I still have no update other than the 570 additional account action pending with date 3.16.20 and $0 for the amount. I did not get the 971 code. Is the date the time they will start processing our refund?

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    Same exact thing for me, also! Praying we all update this Friday or Saturday!!!

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    I am not sure but I think that is when they start reviewing. Many people have the same codes and it resolves by itself or they will send a letter. I was looking at other people’s posts with the same codes but different dates. The people are getting a ddd 3/11 with their 570 dated 3/9. Praying that when we get our update next week Friday 3/13 on our transcript (for those that are weekly) that the give us the 846 code with a ddd of 3/18.

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    They claim they sent me a letter dated for the 27 but I never received anything. I called today and the lady said they are going over the credits I claimed and I dont need to submit anything. Smh I hope they get this resolved before 3/16. This my first time this has happened.

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    I am also very confused, I’m hoping it will be resolved by then but regardless, they should actually have the common courtesy of updating on or before that date, what a sham.

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    Same as you, 20200905 with a processing date of 3-16-2020 next to it. No update for me today. Does the 3-16 date mean that’s when they will be processing my refund or is that the date they START reviewing my return? Confused by that date.

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    @Nikko I just called and they stated I needed to do the same. What info do they ask they need to verify?

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    Have the exact same, 570 code with date of 3/16/2020, what crock. I have had to verify my identity this year and last, and has been a month since I did that. Very frustrating. If I have any updates I will keep this thread posted.

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    just finished reading other people’s posts with the same code and they never received a letter only the one about creating an account and they got an 846 code ddd 3/11 with just having the 971 code for a week.

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    I am going to call and see what they tell me. I will keep you guys posted.

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    hey DeeDeeLTL,

    I just looked at my transcript and it has the same exact code and date. I am not sure but from looking up this 971 it might mean that their review should be completed by this date 3/23 or that they will be mailing a letter out on this day. I seriously pray that we get a ddd asap! I really am just going to stop checking and it is what it is. I have been accepted since feb. 5, 2020 its been a whole month and still.

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    I really wish I were joking. It is ridiculous. They said that my proof of income for unemployment income and baby bonding income in addition to a W2 from my last employer had not yet been reported. Pretty upsetting, but I’m doing whatever I can to get this resolved.

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    Holy crap! No frickin way! 😟

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    My update was a notice (971) with a date of 3/23 next to it. All of my dates were pushed back to 3/23. Ugh. I reached out to a TA. I’m praying that this issue is resolved very very quickly. I truly do have a need for the refund.

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    I have the same cycle code and date of 3/16 next to it and still not update. This is getting frustrated.

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    Thank u!!

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    I am so sorry! I am praying for you, and genuinely appreciate you. I left you a message in the other thread! Try it! It just might work. You deserve resolve.

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    Weird thing is I have contract phones for all three of my children, and it’s all in my name ..still didn’t work. 🙄

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    Should be seeing something in an hour to 4 hrs from now!!!!! Good luck everyone! ((((((Deedee, Jeremy, and others!)))) Although Jeremy can’t see anything yet he is like me…prepaid phone.

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    Omg,I keep staring at the clock an going on here to see what y’all find out!! I feel like I know everyone on here, lol. Even if mine doesn’t post up on Saturday, I’ll be so happy for y’all if u get a 846!!!!!! 🤗🤗🤗

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    I have had the same info on my tax transcripts . I too am praying. Discouraged by what I have been seeing, but praying as well. Have you called the IRS or TA?

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