cycle code 20200905 processing 3/16

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    So our transcript should update by 4 am Friday. I am here praying that we receive a ddd! I have a 570 code with 3/16 processing date. I will keep you guys posted tomorrow. Please let me know if any of you received a ddd.

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    I received a DDD date of the 12th!!!!

    Anyone who has yet to receive yours, reach out to your senators. Not saying it helped, but once I did, I had the DDD within a few days.



    I reached out to my senator, and they said they could reach out, and find out what is going on with my return…crossing my fingers.



    I filed 2/10 and received a 60 day review letter on 2/21. The 60 days came and went so I called and spoke with the IRS. I was told the reviews had been put on hold due to Covid-19. Then I received a letter today saying the 60 day review has started over as of 7/27!! This has been so frustrating and I hope not everyone is in the same boat and pray it doesn’t take the full 60 days.



    I am praying that your recive your DDD next week in the name of the Lord!



    The only thing that looks changed is the as of date…it’s at August 17th now.



    @Derek check your transcript! I just got my DDD 8/5! Thank you God! SO blessed and grateful!



    Anyone else get a second 60-day letter? I received one today…this is stressful as hell.



    I am still waiting as well. I am happy that your transcript finally updated with your 2nd W-2



    Anyone still waiting? My transcript FINALLY updated with my 2nd W2…hopefully that means DDD is coming soon.



    Glad to see y’all receive your return…I AM STILL WAITING.



    My previous post Typo.. July 21st recieved a DDD for July 22nd. This pandemic and the extra long wait has given me a form of dementia 😳! Just glad this part is over. Wishing you all the best!



    FINA-FUCKIN-LLY!!! Filed Feb 4th, No letter, No calls, No tax advocate, No amend, and No congress involved…July 14th DDD for July 15th with interest 🎊 About DAMN time!



    Grateful to Congresswoman’s office we have been working with. DDD 7/15. Long time coming. Sending best to all still waiting.



    Me too Derek, Also happy for everyone Else…… I’ve been working with Congresswoman’s office. Nothing I can do but wait.



    Really glad some of your are getting DDD!!!

    I’m still waiting lol.



    I have a DDD of 7/10!



    Filed and accepted 2/24. FINALLY woke up with a DDD of 7/9 plus interest added. Good luck to all those still waiting.



    Still no update and my as of date is still may 11



    I got a DDD this morning for 07/09.



    @Derek.. oh No that is crazy! My employer resent mine, which agreeing with Brooke def made a difference. I’m hoping to get a DDD sooner thank August.



    The accountant at my employer wants to charge $200 to resend my W2. What in the world?!!!



    Checked my transcript last night and I have a refund date of July 6! I think contacting your employer and getting them to resend your wages helps tremendously! I also am getting extra on my refund due to interest. I really hope everybody else gets theirs soon!



    My 2nd W2 finally updated today!! Hopefully everything will be processed!



    As of date changed to July 13



    That’s exactly what they did to me, Brooke. When I called the IRS, they were asking to give them 60 more days from the day I called. I found that ironic as well.



    Hopefully we all get a DDD sooner than August!



    My as of date hasn’t changed but my wages updated finally and now shows both of my employers. Spoke to the irs last week and was told it could possibly be August before I receive my refund due to my review just being started (ironic how they started my review the same day I called). I contacted my employer two weeks ago and he submitted my wages again. I feel like that’s the only reason it now shows all of my income and employers for last year.



    @ Derek… I just checked my transcript and my “as of date” is now July 13th & one of my W2’s is still missing. I don’t understand why we can’t get a TA to “speed” up this process. Smh



    Nita, my “as of” date update to July 6th, but still missing a W-2…Apparently the review department is open, but there is no way to contact them? Weird…



    Just spoke with the IRS this morning, and they’re saying it could be August before I see my return…this is crazy.



    @Derek.. Nope! My “as of” date still says 4/27. Also, I checked my wage transcript and a W2 is still missing. I need this so-called “review” dept to be open. This is crazy!



    Anyone having any luck?



    I’m hoping everyone that’s still waiting gets it soon this tax season has been horrible



    Congrats Tina!!! I’m hoping we all get a DDD soon!



    I just checked and I got a ddd



    Same here Nita



    I just randomly checked my transcripts to see if my other W2 has been posted. (It has not) However, my “as of” dated changed back to 4/27/2020. I am so confused. Last Friday it showed an “as of” of 5/27/2020.



    My as of date changed nothing else 😡



    Just checked my transcript and my “as of date” has changed — nothing else.



    I finally updated with a DDD of June 10th! My main issue was it took forever for my wages to be added. I contacted my boss about 3 weeks ago and she spoke with the accountant so I’m not sure if that had anything to do with it. They finally got updated this past Monday and today I got approved. It took a while last year too, but not as long as it did this year.



    Just checked my transcript and my as of date has changed but nothing else. So I know they have looked at my tax return but nothing has been done. Does anybody maybe know what the as of date at the top of the transcript next to accrued interest and stuff mean?



    @Derek.. I’m in the same boat as you… still waiting!



    No updates on my end.

    Unfortunately my transcript doesn’t reflect my correct amount. I don’t think an employer turned in my income or it was lost. They’re resubmitting. Let’s hope for the best. This is ridiculous.



    @nita nope



    Did anyone update today?



    Tell me about it! I cannot even get through to speak to anyone!! Called last week talked to two people both transferred my call to a recording that said they are not taking calls at this time!! Talk about a run around!! Cant get an honest answer! Well hopefully will get it by Christmas..



    Ughhh, I can’t with the lies/ misinformation being told to different people.



    I was told the review department was back at work as of may 18th so they need to get there story together this is a little ridiculous



    I just spoke with a rep at the IRS this morning as well. She explained that the IRS was shut down as of March 20th. If your review was after that date, like mine 3/23 nothing has happened. If your review was prior to 3/20 everything stopped that day as well. There is no time-frame at this point as to when a review will be completed or when any funds will be released. Apparently, the “processing dept (reviews)” is NOT open as of yet – she does not know when they are due to return either.



    I just spoke with someone at the IRS, and if you were under a 60 day review, they have no idea when those tax returns will be released. Apparently another organization inside the IRS reviews these cases, and either releases your tax return, or contacts you, but they’re not even working right now due to COVID-19.

    I wish everyone the best.



    If companies do get fined.. we the people should be entitled to what they have to pay!! We are doing their work for them, not the IRS!!



    Shouldn’t have to beg!! Just crazy!!



    Companies really need to get fined for this..! Been waiting since Feb!! Never had this issue ever before and I pay an accountant to handle Fed and State taxes!! Absolutely bull..! Already sent copies of last pay stubs, 1099, and what was paid in to State and Fed!! Finally got State last week!! Whats the hold up with IRS??!!



    I am calling my ex employer tomorrow!! If this is indeed what the issue/hold up is, yea they will get an earful! Im a Truck Driver and they were not pleased I quit and moved on to actually say I can survive now!!



    Wage and Income finally updated, and shows only one income…anyone know why?



    @Tina… when you go on IRS and you check your transcript… click on the wage- you’ll see you’re W2 & if you have any educations (1098T) forms. Mines was correct



    Nita how do you check the wage and was urs correct I heard people saying theirs was not correct



    I checked today- no surprised! I have no DDD.
    However, my wage information is finally updated. I will still be calling in on Monday to check status with a rep.



    It is ridiculous and I had no luck with Congress man or TA and all the irs told me there was nothing I needed to do on my end at this time but because of covid that the 60 day review would start as of may 18th instead of the date on my letter 😡



    @Tina – Oh no that sucks. Well I will see if I update this Friday, if not I will be calling Monday morning. This is a bit ridiculous. I really think it depends on how the TA feels when they answer- like we’ve all been waiting for MONTHS! I even tried to reach out to my Congressman, but they are also unresponsive.



    Sorry may 18th is the date they start our review not the day of our letter I had received the letter feb 27th post dated feb 25th 😡 TA wasn’t really helpful just sent me to talk to someone else



    3 different people told me yesterday because of covid it they are starting out 60 days as of the day the returned which was may 28th so I dunno what’s going on but a TA told me same thing



    How do you check your earnings on SSA?



    My earnings just updates at the ssa website but for some reason they are way off, could this be why my refund is on hold?



    @Tina sorry- I didn’t come on this yesterday. I had called at like 8:30am and had NO wait time. So, my 60 day review sends 5/23… got the notice 3/23… can a TA help us after the “review” or do we have to wait another “X” amount of days or shall I say months?!



    Talked with a TA the other day, she told me that it really wont matter when the 60 days are up we still will be waiting for the IRS to release our returns. The 60 days doesn’t start over. With the shutdown it screwed tons of people waiting for their refunds and now we have to wait for them to play catch-up 🙄



    Sorry that was suppose to say 60 day not 69



    So I spent the last 4 1/2 hrs holding n being transferred and holding some more after talking to a woman a tax advocate and a officer I was informed that even though I received my 69 day review paper feb 27th that because of covid the start day of my review was yesterday 😡



    I’ve been trying to get through to someone all day with no luck



    Nita how did u get through to talk to someone



    The IRS& TA lines are open!! Call if you need help.



    Stillwaiting-2 it’s mark meadows



    Contacted my local congressman 3 weeks ago. Heard back 2 weeks ago and sent in the required form. Have not had any update from them and have not heard from a TA. This has been the most stressful tax year by far.



    Look somewhere that says contact might be at the bottom, it should have a way to contact by email whos your congressman



    @stillwaiting-2 where is the email address located I can’t seem to find it once I find my representative

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