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    Filed 1/14 accepted 1/27 transcript updated today 2/14 waiting for 846 code! Processing date says March 2,2020! Hopefully my refund will be there on the 21st or the 27th! Bars should update on tomorrow morning!

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    Finally got my second bar!!!

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    Cycle code 0705 and still nothing . Has anyone had success getting through to irs ? They are taking calls but when I hit the option for help it says my question doesn’t qualify for live help refer to online help guides . This is getting ridiculous!

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    My cycle code is 705, and it was processed March 2. So far, nothing. Absolutely nothing.

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    Just updating that it is now May 7 and still no change on my transcript today and no light at the end of the tunnel for a DDD I cant get a tax advocate from my local office to return calls either. Anyone else still waiting? Anyone gotten any changes that could give those of us still waiting some hope?

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    Nothing at all, just checked my transcripts again. My date updated to 4/20 a few weeks back but that is it. Haven’t even gotten stimulus check either. The IRS is bogus! I have been trying to get a tax advocate for weeks now, and no one will answer or return calls either.

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    nicole23jj0 I’m in the same boat as you and my as of date has been my only change. My 60 day was up yesterday. I don’t get any of this. Why the hold, why no correspondence.

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    Anyone have updates with cycle code 0705. Still nothing On mine since changing as of date on my transcript to 4/27 on April 10 . My 60 days is up Friday . Was hoping for some kind of change

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    No nothing for me…been waiting since 27th of Jan. 60 days will be over on the 19th. Had the wrong TS mailed so requested the account. I guess I did that too late because I haven’t received that either!!! Complete waiting game for me. With a whole lot of uncertainty of what’s what. Never been thru this before and used the same method for years just filed a month earlier than usual this year.

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    Liz C

    Got my stimulus check before my refund! 705 cycle code. File updated to 04/27 from 03/09. No other information available. Dunno who to call or what to do but I need my taxes. I’m working part time & unemployment still ain’t update either.

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    I got the stimulus before my tax refund 🙃 last week my transcripts finally updated but the only thing that changed was my as of date. It went from 03/09/20 to 04/27/20. Same 570 code, no letter from IRS.

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    Any updates?!

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    Thanks @nicole06
    I received the same notice . Yesterday I made my employer update my wages as is wasn’t updated on my ssa account . We spent two hours on the phone with social security. I’m hoping they send it to irs. Not sure how I can get him to send it to irs and I can’t get any irs agents to give me a address as to where I should send my w2 information? Anyone have an update yet I don’t 😞

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    @GoFigure yes its a CP05 notice.

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    You referred to 60 day notice
    Is it a CP05 letter? What is the name of your letter in top right corner?

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    April 15th is the original deadline date for tax returns to be filed so they put that date for the tax period of that yr. For IRS references mainly.

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    @Jennifer I’m pretty sure the 4/15 date is the standard date the put on there bc thats when the filing season ends..although this year they’ve extended it so that date might change.

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    Does that mean the date showing on transcript of April 15th is not a deposit date ? I may be in the same situation @nicole06 . Was hoping that it updated nothing yet .

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    i just checked my transcripts and no update. i guess im gonna have to wait the 60 days from the notice sent on march 9. next not filing early.

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    I have a code of 20200705
    No movement on my refund dates show 3-212020 and 04-15-2020. I received one notice about checking with holdings etc . Anyone else get the same messages and received their refund . It’s terrible this waiting game I need my refund 🤦🏻‍♀️

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    Spoke to a lady at my local office..she said I can’t fax my w2 to them, I’ll have to either bring it in or mail it and then they’ll review it and see if my employer already submitted them and then they’ll send everything over to the IRS for review

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    Carrie (@cadkins85), may the Lord-Who-Provides avenge you speedily!

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    I’m going to have to bc my former employer is refusing to resubmit my earnings unless the IRS contacts her and tells her to do so

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    Fax it w2 to ssa. Local office, see if that’ll help.

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    Just the eic and actc like every year. My transcripts match my return. Mrs. Smith told me mine was bc my employer hadn’t submitted my wages for the year so I don’t know….I’ve been trying to respond to this for a while so if I spam the post I apologize

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    @Gofigure I found my earnings on don’t match because my wages from my previous employer aren’t there. Going today to talk to her. Everyone else I worked with has gotten their refund so I think I was in the glitch I’ve heard about and it didn’t take.

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    I don’t think so other than I switched jobs in June after 12 years sooo

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    Carrie…do have u anything wonky with ur return? Seems u have same codes as me. Hopefully u can disregard the letter…and get a DDD this weekend.

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    Fingers crossed lovely…hope it hits for you!!!

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    I’m same as u but the lady today asked if it was a 4464 letter, I told her I didn’t know just that I have received the letter I was told I was getting. She was guessing at letter but told me my return was processed (my w2 is on there now.. before it only had my self employment). I’m hopeful, because she was cryptic dropping hints. She said disregard if I get the refund.

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    Did you get a letter today? I ask because I received my cp05 today and was wondering if maybe you got one too. Mine says 60 days but I was told by the agent that it would be 45 days.

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    I think the code 20200705 means you will get your refund 3/12/20.
    Mine is 20200805.
    Hopefully I get mine 3/19/20.

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    No changes here…which I know I’m a weekly but at the same time my as of date was 3-2 so I really figured it would change Friday and it didn’t….🤨 I’m just frozen in time over here.

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    My processing date as well as my as of date are both 3/2/20 and my transcripts have not changed since I first checked them on 2/28. I’m really hoping I update this week but I’m not betting the farm on it.

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    1/28 filed & accepted
    20200705 cycle code. as of date 03/09

    570 03/02
    971 03/09
    Processing date 03/02
    This info was on ordered transcript from 2/22
    I just ordered again 3/07

    Haven’t received any letter yet
    WMR says being processed, my amount/filing status is on left. No tax topic. No offsets.

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    @Jennifer you definitely will be!

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    My transcript shows processing date 3/9/20 🤞🏻🤞🏻 To get a update this week !! I filed on 1/28 accepted 1/28 !! Hopefully most of us will get a DDD this coming week

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    Cycle code 20200605 and I just pulled my transcript . What is 570 code ????

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    Same update. Sweetness

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    846 Refund Issued! DDD 3/11!

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    And I filed febuary 3 202 and was accepted the same day a friend and I filed and was accepted literally 3 minutes apart we both claimed hoh eitc and actc but I have a march 9 processing date havnt received ANYTHIN by mail from the IRS but yet that friend of mine got their refund on febuary 26 2020 so wtf is up with my when all my info is exactly the same it has been for at least 4 years now

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    Wont allow me to get my transcript have not gotten an update in over a month but was told by the IRS when I called them that I have a processing date of march 9 2020 but I havnt gotten anything in the mail or ANYTHING regarding my return or why it’s taking so long idk wtf is goin on

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    So. I all my codes are the same with processing date of 3/2/2020, and i have received the letter from IRS stating I have been selected for review and this review can take up to 60 days. Yay!

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    846 code w/ cycle 705 DDD 2/26….nothing lol absolutely nothing. Emerald also-smh so I doubt the codes really guarantee anything

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    Has anyone had an update with a 570 pending 3/2/20 ? Or knows what it means?

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    Does the processing date mean that’s when they will finish with it or what? I called this morning and was given generic info. Last code is 570 with date of march 9, 2020 which is also the processing date.

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    Had 570 and 971 for the longest but now I finally checked my transcript again and it updated!!!! I got a code 846. I’m getting my dd on 3/4. Good luck everyone!!!

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    Checked my transcript last night. Has 570 code for 3/2 with a processing date as same. 971 code with 3/9 date. From what I understand, the 971 code could be a letter letting you know you signed up for an account on irs website or they need more time/info. This is 3 years in a row this has happened to me. It sucks. Nothing has changed with my info.

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    Filed via turbotax on 2/3
    Accepted by IRS on 2/3
    Next Update was 570 – additonal account action pending with a date of 3/2/2020
    followed by 971 – notice issued with a date of 3/2/2020.
    I got a letter needing identiciation verification. I went online and submitted that day
    and last weeks (2/21) update was 571 – resolved additional account action with a date of 3/9/2020.

    does that mean the freeze that they had on me wont be lifted until 3/9?

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    No update for me either :(

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    Filed 1/27
    Accepted 1/27
    2/15 update with 570 code and date of 3/2
    2/22 update with 971 code and date of 3/9
    Today’s update nothing!!!!!
    I still haven’t received any letters or anything. Call IRS this morning and they tell me I’m under review. Can’t say why but it will take up to 45 days and won’t start until 3/9. This is complete BS!! I have filed the same way, same kids for at least the last 12 years. I’m super pissed!!!

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    Nothing for me either…

    Filed 1/27
    Accepted 1/28

    570, 4464 rec’d 2/13.

    At least they could give me an update!

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    I didn’t update either. Same code

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    Anyone else’s not update today? :- |

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    Received letter Feburary 14,2020 570

    Transcript 570 pending 03/02/20
    Cycle 20200705 03/02/2020

    Filed 01/26/20

    Accepted 01/27/20

    Help what does all this mean?

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    Sweet! thanks @bowsbyjo! Fingers crossed for a DDD tomorrow!

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    Ok so code 570 on your transcript with a 971 code that follows 60 day review I am recieving my letter from irs on 03/09/2020 that is the date that follows my code 971 yes 571 releases the 570 without further action I also have a cycle code of 20200705

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    Cycle 20200705 and date 3/2/20 but my total shows $0.00. Is that normal?

    Same codes as you all. New to this! Thanks!

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    570 is a freeze, could be a number of things. hopefully our deposits come tomorrow.

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    Code 570 is a freeze I believe! And a 571 is when they release it! Pretty sure!

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    @Mo 571 means resolved so you should see a 846 DDD after that!!! Good Luck!!!!

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    Nothing for me yet either .. hopefully with the next update. 🤞🏻

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    @annarese1429 , I wanna know what it means too

    #4381950 Reply


    What does 570 mean with a $0.00 and 03/02/20 next to it?

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    Still nothing for me, hopefully Friday the transcript will have code 846 for next wed. Although I did find out my wife has 46025.00 in a education account that she didn’t know about. Just have to wait for the custodian of the account to hand over control! So now our tax refund seems measly compared to that!

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    still nothing for me :(

    #4375893 Reply


    @Patient Thanks for responding. I guess we will just continue waiting WMR did say by the 2nd of March.

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    Nope not a dime

    #4375165 Reply


    Has anyone received their direct deposit yet?

    #4372075 Reply


    Does anyone know what usually comes after a 571 “resolved additional account action” ?

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    Hey do anyone know the address where you can mail the irs there w2 I got the code 570 irs told me they can’t verify my income employer didn’t report it

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    Marnisha Brooks


    #4366077 Reply


    Tax transcripts say dd 846 2/26/20 wmr did not update, does this mean I will definitely get a refund 2/26?

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    846 – Refund issued 2/26
    Good luck everyone

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    Same here DDD of 2/26 !
    It’s only on transcripts though
    Wmr still says processing!
    Is the amount listed by the 846 code what you getting back?
    Is that how it works ?

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    DDD of 2/26 just posted good luck pathers

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