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      I woke up to this cycle code on my transcript. What will my DDD be?

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          I have the same code and this morning I had a ddd of 02/12/2015. How exciting, hope everyone has the same result.

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            I just got updated got a ddd of the 12th. Yay!!

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              If you can see your 2014 ACCOUNT transcript with a cycle code 20150601 AND code 846 (meaning refund issued) then your DDD SHOULD (according to my expierance) be Febuary 12, 2015! If you don’t have the 846 on ACCOUNT transcripts then that cycle code means nothing about approval or getting your money. If it does have the 846 code, that means you’ve been approved but the IRS has NOT updated WMR for you yet. 2015 is the year 06 is the week (Thursday Feb. 12) of the year and 01 is the cycle day for the IRS. The IRS week starts on Thursdays.
              -Thursday is cycle day 01
              -Friday is cycle day 02
              skip Saturday&Sunday
              -Monday is cycle day 03
              -Tuesday is cycle day 04
              -and Wednesday is cycle day 05!
              Then it starts back over Thursday as cycle day 01. So on and so on. ALSO, I learned some helpful information about WMR updating- they really do update everyday but it’s for showing acceptance to recent files!
              They update and post DDD only at these times.
              -ONLY overnight Saturday when your DDD will be on the following Thursday.
              -Overnight Tuesday when your DDD the following Friday
              -Overnight Wednesday when DDD for following Monday
              -Overnight Thursday when DDD for following Tuesday
              -Overnight Friday when DDD for following Wednesday.
              I know this is a very long message but I really was to help you understand since people have so much crap going around. I didn’t mean to write a novel. LOL.
              (FYI:my cycle code was 20150505 which means 5th week and 5th IRS day of the week which is what I posted. I woke up Saturday morning (Friday overnight update) to a DDD of 2/11/15. Which is a Wednesday!

              Don’t worry we will all come out of the tunnel! I hope this helps someone!

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                Most DDD for that cycle will be 2/11-2/12. The transcript deposit date is usually different from the actual DDD date because the returns are given an estimated date while they are still processing. This is to give the process additional time for any issues that come up such as offsets and missing forms.

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                  Yes I have the same Code.. Hopefully we’ll receive it this coming week. That’d be sweet.

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                    Just read something online if we do get it early it might be the 11th of this month! Fingers crossed

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                      I have the same code on my transcript with 3/02 date. I have an offset coming out of my refund this year maybe this is the hold up. Im just glad to see a DDD! Nothing on WMR yet.

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                        I have same cycle mine has 846 but the date on my transcript says 03/02
                        Any ideas why? Im new to all this so maybe im missing something.

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                          Katie- as far as I have seen yes some earlier, it seems to depend on if you paid your fees in advance or had them taken out of your refund.

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                            As long as code 846 is present have people been getting there DDDs on the cycle code date?

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                              You should get a ddd of 2/12.

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