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    Transcripts finally became available on the 23rd… still waiting on a ddd. Anyone with the same cycle code receive a ddd?

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    Ash i will have a ddd Friday. After Nov 14th i was audit and had to send in tons of info to her but it all paid out in the end.



    Ashley I was told I would hear something by nov 14th a week after you CONGRATULATIONS and spend wisely


    Ashley smith

    Transcript updated with a refund issue date of 11/7… The lady said it will be direct deposited..



    So I spoke with her again and she explained in details about my case and gave me a date that I would hear from her stating an final update with this year taxes…. I so can’t wait



    Some lady called me today talking about I am being audit and that I have to send information in to her that I have my wages incorrect and have to verify child and school credit


    Ashley smith

    Well keep me posted on what they say. My transcripts updated on Sunday to show a as of date of 10/21



    So now im being transferred to senior rep for irs to call me with in 5 days to let me know if I will have my return looked at or released and sent to me.



    Oh wow Ashley. I called irs about 2 weeks ago and was told that the review was to see if I need to have my return looked at. I will know something by next week


    Ashley smith

    Got letter in mail yesterday that says i was audited. If I agree with the minor changes, sign and return and they will send my refund within 8 weeks. No update to transcripts or wmr.


    Ashley smith

    Mine is 8/26 as well. Have been at 420 on my transcripts since 8/2 as well. Its being reviewed…



    I’m still waiting no updates.
    Filed 1/28
    Id verify 2/16 online
    I’d verify again by phone two weeks later
    Got 570 hold abc a 60 day letter.
    As of date shows sept 2.




    I now have a 420 on my tax return still in process mode. They ate looking over at my return. It had 8/2 by it also. Please update on what could happen?



    8 /26


    Ashley Smith

    Yes. What’s your as of date on the top right



    Ashley I have the same thing does your 424 say examination request


    Ashley Smith

    My transcripts updated with as as of date 8/15 and a code of 424.



    Ashley i have to wait till Aug 16 or 18th to hear from them so we shall see


    Ashley Smith

    My 60 day was up in MAY. Called and was told no one looked at it and they would push to a supervisor and would take 90 more days. Last week my as of date changed to Aug 05… they say that’s the day they expect to be complete… we shall see….



    I am as well




    I am



    Anyone still waiting with 1205?



    My 60 days was set to be up on May 30th just to get another freaking letter ONE WEEK before the 30th saying they needed 60 more days. No available info given when called, now I’m stuck waiting until July 16th.

    If I get anther letter, I’m going to scream!

    Hope y’all have better luck this week!



    60 days was up june 2 nd … nothing either


    Ashley Smith

    No updates, no letter, dates all the same…


    Ashley Smith

    Instill have nothing. 4/15 date and stuck on 570… smmfh- I’m claiming exempt… when they want their money, I’m going to call and say…. 570 lmao



    I now have 424 wth



    Still nothing !!!! No updates



    I got my state refund in about 2 weeks after filing? It was weird because state usually takes longer than federal, but I guess the government shutdown really pushed them back.



    So my as of date says 05/13 well….today is the 15th anddd Nothing wmr says we received ur refund it’s still processing I have the 570 on there dated 04/08 and then three codes dated 04/15 …I can’t believe I filed 01/29 only to still be waiting and I got my state return two days ago.



    No update for me as well, and none of my transcripts have ever had 570 on it, always have received them anyways. But my received date still says 4/15. Checked all my old returns with and they all honestly have the same 4/15 date, but i’ve always received my refund within 3 weeks to a month of filing. And I’ve always filed first week feb. This is the longest it has taken, and I’ve verified over the phone after doing so on the internet. It’s been at least 40 days since doing so, and have not gotten a letter in the mail since the last telling me there was nothing else I needed to do.


    Ashley Smith

    I have no update either. Still of 570 with a date of 4/15… smh



    No update on transcripts



    What was your as of date ? And your processing date? @hofular



    Congrats!! @ hofular



    @hofular were you weekly or daily? I’m so over checking. Did you have any letters or reviews?




    My transcripts updated with my direct deposit date as well.


    Ashley Smith

    Did your transcripts update?



    Just check wmr and I have a DDD lf May 10th! Go check guys!



    Wow this is why I don’t wanna check ugh pure bullcrap!!




    Mines did too wtf



    Only thing changed was as of date from april 8 th until may 20 th



    Yes, me too!! It’s been a long a looooong stupid process, hopefully we get our DDD Friday morning! @jennifer and @mommyof3



    Our transcripts only update once a week on thursday night, so be sure to check out your transcript on Friday morning.


    Ashley Smith

    No update to transcript. They still show 570… but wmr shows processing with no bars.



    Ahhh i think so too 🥳 @mommyof3



    Me too Jennifer I think we almost at the finish line



    Finally was able to check wmr with the correct filling status… so movement at least but still processing


    Karen Perkins

    I have the same cycle date I have not even received my federal refund it’s been nine weeks now



    Cycle 20191205
    No updates😢😢



    As of changed to 5/13 but 290 added to transcript with 0 amount.



    Nothing 😶😶😶



    Anyone update?


    Ashley Smith

    Only update I have is a “as of” date changed to 4/29/19…



    I’m in the same boat as @Jennifer. No updates to my transcripts today either :(




    Cycle 20191205

    I updated to the 571 and 846 y’all!!



    Then I logged out and logged back in and everything was back to normal



    Now my 2017 record of account transcript says N/A

    Account transcript for 2017 has a star next to it and says “Indicates the availability of a Verification of Non-Filing letter for the year.”

    Return transaction still available for 2017

    All 2018 still available and sitting with a balance like they have been for the last month.



    My as of date went from 4/8 to 4/15 but that date just passed o wonder why it updated to this



    No updates … received 60 day review letter 4/2 but transcripts have not even updated to 971… still show 570 additional action pending 4/8



    Cycle 20191205

    971 Notice issued 4/15(it has said this for 3 weeks). Haven’t seen the notice yet. When I called I was told a notice was sent 3/28.

    Still processing.😢



    Haven’t received any new updates as of yet. Still on 60 day review. I’m hoping now that April 15th has passed, things will maybe start moving a little faster?




    Any updates from this cycle??

    45 day review here



    Update: received letter on 4/8 saying that my return is reduced by a little over $300 which I already know because I sent them the updated 8962 showing that. I’m not sure if that cancels out the 4464c 60 day that I received on 3/18 or not. The new letter said I should get my refund in 4-6 weeks.

    F/A 2/7
    2/25 bars disappeared but account transcript updates with 3/4 as of date
    3/4 passes
    12c letter 3/11, fax over 8962, refund reduced by 350
    4464c letter 3/18
    All transcripts update 3/22 with cycle code 20191205 and show amount due after adjustment

    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2019
    766 Credit to your account 04-15-2019
    768 Earned income credit 04-15-2019
    570 Additional account action pending 04-08-2019
    971 Notice issued 04-08-2019 (ended up being a an adjustment letter)




    Very similar timeline over here.

    Filed 2/1
    Verified ID 2/26
    Called after 21 days
    Told I’ll be receiving 45 day review effective the 15th of this month. :-(



    Received 60 day review notice in mail on 4/2/19.
    Surgery on hold until I get my returns. I really hope it’s not too much longer… I filed 1/31. Accepted 1/31. Called after the 21 days and was told that I would be receiving a letter in the mail. Got a notice to verify my ID on 2/22 and verified online. Was told it would take 6-9 weeks. Finally received 4464c in the mail 4/2 and am now under 60 day review.



    How are my cycle 20191205 ppl holding up??!



    Any updates from this cycle code?



    Got the 60 day review in the mail today as well



    Any 20191205 cycles receiving a 45 day review or CP05?


    Ashley Smith

    I got the 4464C in the mail today! Wow! Will it really take another 60 days? If I dont pay the IRS for 60 days, they would be ready to garnish wages. Smh.



    @lhannah1965 I got the same code and the same letter today the killing part is it says not to call them like really what have you been doing all this time🤦🏽‍♀️



    Just got the dreaded 60 day letter in the mail.
    Transcript still stuck on 570


    Ashley Smith

    Still no update to my transcripts…



    Have cycle 20191205 with 846 refund issued 3/29/19 but have not received the dd. Anyone with that problem? No offsets but this is for a 2016 return.



    Weekly’s transcripts update thursday evening/friday morning. But wmr supposedly updates everday this year according to the irs. But Ive also received refunds without either updating so its a total waiting game.

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