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      I filled and was accepted on 1/26. I knew I had an offset from 2012. I filled my 2012 taxes right before I filed my 2013 by the hair on my chinny chin I was able to get a refund because it was also my 1st year filing married jointly.. I had gotten married in 2013. I knew that this year they would offset our taxes which is fine. As of yesterday my bars dissapeared and all I see is your refund is being proccessed.. On my account transcript for 2014 I see the cycle 20150404 but when I go into my 2012 transcript I see Code 790 Cycle 20150405 I see that they have cleared up the account with they amount from my refund from this year but No DD date or updates on the 2014 Transcripts or WMR… Could an update be coming soon and do you think I will receive the balance soon??? I have the date of 2-16-2015 all over but I figure thats just the 21 day limit after I originally filed! Any answers would be gratefully appreciated!

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