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      Will tonight be the night that all of the 05 cycle transcripts update??? I sure hope so! What are your thoughts?

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          I can see y transcript now but there isnt a 846 coded yet. Will the transcript continue to update or what?

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          Mrs Big V

            Filed 1/25 @ approx 8pm central time
            Accepted 1/25
            WMR showed 1 bar, topic 152, no transcript available
            Updated 1/30, acct transcript avail
            “Processing date” 2/16/15
            WMR still with 1 bar, topic 152

            I’m sooooo looking forward to my deposit!!!

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            mish mosh

              Hey, just realized I was looking at the wrong transcript. The account transcript for me has been updated with the 20150405 date, which I gather is next Thursday. The date shown as the refund issued date (for code 846) is not correct. Last year I got mine about 2 1/2 weeks before that date. I’m hopeful next Friday I’ll see $$ in my account.

              Filed in NC, turbo tax using sbbt for fees. Filed & accepted 1/22 at 4pm.

              Hope this helps someone.

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                well last night was the night for me… I woke up and didn’t see my transcript at 6am but when ig ot to work at 8am i checked again AND THERE IT WAS!! Congrats to us all and for those who haven’t just be patient, it’s a hassle but it’s coming!!!

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                  I’m in the exact same situation. filed 1/8 with TT and got accepted 1/12. Account transcripts are available but say “No tax return filed”. Last year I got accepted early on Thursday 1/28. IRS started processing 1/31, I got a DDD on Sat night and got my money on Thursday 2/6. My cycle code ended in 01 though. I’m really hoping to see an update this weekend or I’m going to call the IRS to find out what’s going on.

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                    I have been able to view 2014 Account Transcripts all week, but it is blank with a “no return filed” in the transaction area. I’ve been an 05 the last couple years so I guess Im probably one again this year…WTH is up with the blank transcript? FYI I filed on the 8th, accepted on the 12th and reaccepted on the 20th when IRS began processing.

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                    hopeful in Atlanta

                      I am able to view mines and my moms transcripts Yayyy! waiting on DD now thank u God!

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                        I’m a 05er too! I am able to view my Account Transcript as well…Cycle 20150405!!! Hang in there everyone!!

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                          @Mcmaz no worries it will be for DD 2/4:) we will see our bar update either tomm or Sun, last yr mines updated on Sun..

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                            05er here (last 3 years) My Transcript just updated – 20150405. This means for everyone else who will see it, we processed yesterday (the last day of cycle 04) and our transcripts should have began appearing around 6am.

                            Since we were processed 0404 (and if you have an 846 code) then the IRS has 4 business days to release our funds making our DD 2/4 which we should see update on WMR over the weekend. Today IS the first day of 05, but remember as weeklies we are processed the LAST day of each cycle (i.e. yesterday).

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                              Ok so next yr Im staying off igmr, too much wrong info here. If Cycle 05 started on the 29th as everyone is spreading, why did my transcript literally just update..code 846 with a cycle date of 20150405

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                                @juju my transcripts says the same! Refund code of 846 but when you look to the left is says refund date February 16, 2015. Is that when it should be issued? From what I understand, cycle code 05 should be DD by next Wednesday…I got a little worried.

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                                  Hi All! I was just able to view my 2014 Account transcripts!!! And I do have a refund code 846:) so we did decipher the codes lol looks like we will see our bars update this weekend with DD of Wednesday! So hang in there everyone!!!

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                                    Im lost lol.. I’m 0404 cycle. Wmr status still shows first bar! :/ Were on the first day of the 05 cycle. When should I expect my return?. Can someone inform me plz.

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                                      What are these cycles and codes you speak of. I am new to all of this so I am a bit confused

                                      I know that I filed with tt on 1/22 it was accepted same day. On WMR I still only have 1 bar with no ddd. But yet my sister and friends who I did on tt the same day have a ddd for tomorrow. Why the hold up for me ?

                                      Also. A little off topic. Does anything know anything about state. The state of Delaware site says 6-8 weeks which scares me because my friend got his state deposited this morning ! (Lucky him)

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                                        Thx Jarrod!!! That is helpful:)

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                                          @KD. Thanks for bringing up that point. I was trying to figure out why mine was going back and forth, last year I filed primary and in 2011 I was single,and I was on 03. But in 2012 I filed with my husband primary and we were 05. So I’m hoping you’re right!!!

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                                            I am an 05, My transcripts are N/A. How long does I take for the transcript to populate?

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                                              Before I got married I was all 05 & my husband was all 03… Last year we were 03 because he was the primary.. I put myself as primary this year so maybe I’m back on the 05 train? We were accepted on the 20th with H&R block. Last year we were accepted 2/2 a Sunday had our money friday morning. As of this year, no trans, one bar… And anxious! & I’m hating on all the people who filed on the 26th & have DDD

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                                                Refund cycle chart…..cycle 5 started today

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                                                  @irritated did they say why they’re auditing you??

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                                                    @takenmommie you should never refer to your transcripts as trannys … seriously

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                                                      @Jojo Are you serious? You filed 3 days ago?!?! Some of us have been pending 2 weeks!! You’ve got to give it more time than 3 DAYS!!! Geezus!

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                                                        The cycles have nothing to do with anything from year to year. Last year I was in cycle 6. Before that, 22. Before that, 30. It’s just whenever the IRS feels like getting around to doing your return.

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                                                          OK so I field with JH on the 21st got accepted about 1:30 pm regular tax return w2 and schedule c.. no bars on wmf and transcript is n/a ..Got a letter today from I.r.s and I’m being audited for year 2013 ..pissed I called the examiner and asked could that delay this year’s refund and she replies it hasn’t got to me yet but it will prob come up eventually.. at this point I’m frustrated.. mad..and also my cycle from previous years have ended in 05..any advice would help!!

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                                                            I really hope this is true I’m loosing it I really want to see my mom before she goes on

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                                                              Cycle 05 club? Where do you all get your info! Last year I was cycle 06 and the year before 05. That has no relevance from yr to yr, just an fyi but im sure majority dont wanna hear the truth.

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                                                                Tonight is our night…..I can feel it….even though I just checked and my trannys are still not up!!! I’m with @USAFWifey…..any positive movement would be great

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                                                                sean #2

                                                                  @Mrs.Abbey No, that is a different sean (the one that is cussing at you).. i’ll go by Sean #2 now

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                                                                    Your ddd will be for Thursday which starts a new cycle week. 0501

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                                                                      05 club isnt tonight. THere still is the last day for the 04 club 0405

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                                                                          I’m still laughing…

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                                                                            Mrs.Abbey youre a fucking idiot. shut up.

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                                                                              @Mrs.Abbey: youre a fucking idiot. shut up.

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                                                                                I hope tonight is the night! Just show me some movement, dear IRS! ANY MOVEMENT! …

                                                                                well… any positive movement… :)

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                                                                                  Sean is this you from the other thread? I hope so….lol

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                                                                                    I don’t even know what club I belong in 20140601 and 20130804. All I know the past 2 years for me has been horrid! Last year it was 1121 glitch then before it was education credit glitch. I told myself this year I’m going to wait until opening day and submit my taxes. I did just that and here I am with no progress or update! It never fails!

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                                                                                      I have the same cycle date and bank with Wells Fargo as well. In my experience, money is deposited on the same day as the DDD… expect your refund on 2/2.

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                                                                                        My cycle date is for 20150404. Is that for Tuesday of next week? .. I bank with Wells Fargo. Hopefully they’ll deposit it much sooner!

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                                                                                          @TakenMommie I know thats right! Maybe they will put the 05 club up tonight!

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                                                                                            Chris sometimes we need a little divine intervention when dealing with the IRS…..especially those who over spent last month and are counting pennies to get to the next pay day or like myself….made a irrational purchase and just need to replenish my savings account….lol either way I’m going to need the IRS to stop keeping my money hostage and release the funds to me and everyone else who they owe money to immediately…..

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                                                                                              takenmommie! That is Great! Love it!

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                                                                                                I’m just going to say a little prayer for us….”Dear God, please let us get our DDD or at least be able to see our transcripts by Sunday morning (preferably tomorrow Lord….but we’re not trying to be pushy) we all are overly stressed about these 2014 taxes and a little angery that ppl who filed after us will be getting checks tomorrow (completely unfair….but anyway)….Lord a little hope is all we need to get us to Wednesday…..we are good ppl father God and I just ask that you help us out….just this one time….we will not ask for any more tax assistance until next year Lord…..I know you are able and I know you know our hearts desires….in Jesus name we pay…..let the 05 group say AMEN.”

                                                                                                I hope this works….if not at least we tried…

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                                                                                                  So, is there a cutoff for when the return had to be accepted to run tonight? So.. is everyone who has an 05 at the end of 2012 and 2013 and who has been accepted (even if just accepted yesterday) supposed to run today or those accepted by xyz date will process tonight and the rest of 05 will wait until next Thursday?

                                                                                                  I filed and was accepted around 10am on 1-26. I have always got my deposit on a Friday so I’m just expecting it next Friday… anything before will be a bonus.

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                                                                                                    Filed and accepted 1/21. Past 3 years in the 05 club. Unable to get transcripts and 1 bar on WMR. Do you think I’ll have a DD on Wednesday?

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                                                                                                      Yes either tonight or tomorrow night, but no matter which night your DDD should still be for Wednesday.

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                                                                                                        I’m glad somene started us our own topic.. we deservere it!! It will be such a relief, I do think we will be updated tonight and have our money by Wed!

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                                                                                                          I sure as heck hope so

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