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      Wheres My Refund Connecticut – Share your experience with filing your Connecticut Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Connecticut Wheres My Refund? go to  Connecticut Department Of Revenue Services

      Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here

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          Filed CT on Friday, they just modified it to zero and I have no idea why.

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          Chrystal Ferrenti

            I am having the same issue, It is showing that my state refund is under review and it says $0. But if you click the link that says coat view Account Details It will show you. How much? They are going to pay you. For your state refund. When I called in, they told me they had sent me a letter in the mail, I should receive it any day. And they are doing that just to verify my bank because this is the first time I’m using this Bank. They said as soon as I get the letter, I will just have to answer the questions and hopefully there will be a fax number so I can fax it back so I don’t have to send it back snail mail! I hope this helps! Good luck everyone!

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              Has anyone received their state refund yet

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                i filed 1/27, received the letter on 1/29 to verify, my money was released the same day for deposit on the next day…. well i’m still waiting for the deposit. when i had to verify for 2011 taxes, they sent me a check even though i requested a direct deposit. maybe CT will send it in a check

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                  @VeeCT1 800-382-9463

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                    if u dont mind me asking what number did u call to verify urself in CT ?

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                      Mines has a return date of 01/30 and is still processing. I have the ETIC so I received the lovely letter to show proof of my children same as last year. But the only thing is I had my returned deposited on the 4th last year. And when I called it states my my return is still processing. I wonder what the hold is.

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                        I received a <span id=”IL_AD6″ class=”IL_AD”>letter</span> in the mail asking me to verify that I had actually filed my <span>tax</span> return. A unique code is in the letter with link to the ct <span>tax</span> website.

                        Enter the code answer the question and boom your taxes will now be processed

                        How annoying of them

                        Hope this helps

                        Same here I had mines last year by the 4th.

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                          My state taxes says processed on 1/30 and takes 2 to 3 business days to receive. Still not on my turbocard? Anyone taxes still not dd after 3 days?

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                            I received a letter in the mail asking me to verify that I had actually filed my tax return. A unique code is in the letter with link to the ct tax website.

                            Enter the code answer the question and boom your taxes will now be processed

                            How annoying of them

                            Hope this helps

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                              I filed mine on 1/29 and I’m still processing too. The state usually doesn’t take this long

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                                Has anyone else recurved ct tax refund?

                                Filed on 1/27 when I call the ct automated number it’s states “not yet processed”

                                I already have a DD for federal what is happening with the state??

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                                  ct refund under review why how long

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                                    Return date 2/4 still have not received.

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                                      My return date is 2/4….so I havent gotten it yet today on emerald card does that mean it will deposit tomorrow?

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                                        @Ionne- wasn’t that long of a wait :) Sent an email to them early morning yesterday and BAM direct deposit date given for the same day!! Should see it tomorrow or Monday, WHOOP THERE IT IS!

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                                          I filed using TurboTax on 1/29, received my CT state taxes on 2/2. Currently waiting on my federal. I’m not expecting it anytime soon since I claimed both the child credit and EITC.

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                                            I did my state taxes last week, and the direct deposit date was yesterday. I should get it tomorrow. The woman on the phone told me yesterday that they always do their direct deposits at 12:01 am on a Wednesday morning. I referenced this with last year’s refund and it went in my bank on a Thursday. CT refunds are very fast. I did the earned income credit. If yours says modified, that means your return triggered and audit and they are going to ask you to send in verification. I was audited by the state the first year that they started doing earned income credit refunds. I was told that year by a supervisor that they audited everyone who did their own return, but didn’t audit the people who got their return done somewhere else. After that, I always did my return at h & r block’s website and never had a problem. I always did the federal return at their website so I just added in the state return. This year however I went back to doing it myself because it is the last year that I can claim my son as a dependent and I figured what the heck I’ll just do it myself this time. The state return is too expensive at h & r block. They do audit your return if anything doesn’t look right where earned income credit is concerned, because many people were taking advantage of the state’s earned income credit refund and they were creating dependents they did not really have.

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                                              @ionne, well that is comforting, lol thanks!

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                                                Connecticut going to have you waiting for months real talk been there done that. review you might as well don’t depend on that refund no time soon.

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                                                  Anyone else this year have their state modified until they send in verification proving your child is yours?

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                                                    State was filed on 1/22 and accepted 1/29. It has been “under review” for about 2 weeks with $0 dollars as the refund amount. Does state always show under review?? When I filed for federal I did have the EITC credit which is the reason why I haven’t received federal as well. Do you thinks state is waiting for verification of that?? Thanks.

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                                                      Anyone know how long it takes to get your refund after submitting paper work for the EIC verification??

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                                                        Mine got processed and sent on Monday the 5th I believe and I just got it today as a check for some reason. I chose direct deposit but eh that’s ok.

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                                                          Yes I got my deposit on the 2/3

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                                                          Melissa D

                                                            I filed my CT return on 1/30, it was approved 2/1, but it was modified because we owed a small amount of back taxes. Checked the bank and still no deposit. Has anyone else had their return approved on 2/1 and received their money?

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                                                              Return date 2/1/18 should be in my account tomorrow

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                                                                Sent out 1/26 accepted 1/29 hope to get it on Friday

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                                                                  Filed 1/24, accepted 1/29!

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                                                                    State of ct got approved 1/29/2018. Filed on 1/22 using turbo tax.

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                                                                      Anyone got refund direct deposited with filing date of 02/02. Mine was accepted on same day, DD process date it is showing as 02/06 but still not reflecting in my bank account(as of 02/14)

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