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    I filed my taxes 1/12 and they were accepted 1/13. I received a letter at the end of January (the 4464C letter). I ordered my transcripts without any difficulty. I got my account transcript yesterday and it has several codes on it and dates.

    Return Due Date or Return Received Date (Whichever is later) April 15, 2017
    Processing Date Feb 27, 2017.

    Code 150 – Cycle 20170605 Date 02272017
    Code 806 Date 04152017
    Code 766 Date 04152017
    Code 768 Date 04152017
    Code 570 “Additional Account action pending” Date 02272017

    Can anyone help me understand what all this means? Some have said that it means my refund will have a DDD on the 27th, others have said that it means nothing and my return is being “examined” and I won’t see or hear anything until November – I’m so confused. Some other people have said that they got their refunds without the 846 code. A few other people have gotten their refunds without it showing on the WMR. I’m very, very confused.

    Thank you!!!

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