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      If you got blank transcripts last monday/tuesday you will most likely see an update yet tonight by AM. There could be outside factors that would cause this not to happen though.

      If you got blank transcripts last thursday/friday, expect to see an update on those days this week with a cycle code of 20150505.

      CYCLE CODE OF 20150502 ?
      If you got a cycle date of 0502 CONGRATULATIONS! Your return has been processed! Account transcript should be updated soon as well. You should expect to see WMR update Tuesday night and get a DDD for Friday 2/6! CONGRATS!
      1. Go to
      2. Click “Get Transcript Online”
      3. Login or create an account.
      4. Click on 2014 under Return Transcript.
      5. If it says n/a you are not done processing.
      6. Cycle code will be on line 3.

      Many of you have a lot of questions about what’s going on. Understanding what’s going on can be difficult if you don’t understand the IRS jargon people are throwing around. I’m hoping I can clear some of that up for you with this post. Keep in mind I do not work for the IRS and all of this information was just obtained from the IRS manual which is publicly available. If you think any of this information is incorrect please let me know. If you have a question that’s not listed here feel free to ask and I can answer it to the best of my knowledge.
      Keep in mind that this information may not apply to all situations.

      What is this “cycle” I keep hearing about?
      – Cycle Code is a daily cycle designated by an eight digit number indicating the year, the two digit cycle number and the two digit number indicating the day of the week (YYYYWWDD). The following values for DD are defined:
      01 = Friday
      02 = Monday
      03 = Tuesday
      04 = Wednesday
      05 = Thursday
      Why don’t I see a cycle code?
      – If you don’t see a cycle code on your transcript it’s because it has not yet been processed completely and you are most likely being resequenced.
      What does resequenced mean?
      – When your return gets processed it is done automatically by computer. Occasionally there can be a glitch or problem with it in which case it fails to process and needs to be reprocessed. When this happens it is “recycled” to be processed the next cycle(The next week).
      How do I know if I’m daily processing or weekly?
      -Without looking at past data there’s no way to know. You can look at your past cycle codes and see if they all end in 05. If they do, you’re most likely weekly. Weekly processing happens thursday nights/Friday morning. Only the IRS can tell you for sure (Not that they will though).
      The IRS said I’m under review! Why!?
      – In accordance to the IRS manual, any tax payer calling in before the time frame for processing has expired will be told to wait. If you continue to push they may just tell you that you’re under review.
      Why is Where’s My Refund not showing any bars?
      – This is likely due to inactivity. It should update the next time your return updates.
      Why are other people getting their money before me? I filed before them!
      – Not only can there sometimes be issues where a return needs to be reprocessed, some peoples returns can happen faster for a number of reasons. They could be on a daily cycle while you are on a weekly. Also, in the past, refunds under a certain amount(Used to be $1000) would skip a step while processing and allow you to get your refund quicker.

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          I am writing because I am totally stressing, So here goes nothing which its easier for me to explain my full long story by actually summarizing so that’s what I am going to do:

          1. Return accepted on 4/9/15. Usually its within 13 days that I get my DD which is actually like bc every yr or every other yr my taxes are always chosen for review.

          2. Every time usually that I get an review I still get my actual refnd expected ad it is found that there were no errors on my behalf so I don’t receive notices in the mail neither. Only way I knew something had to of happened incl this time was bc my DD hasn’t/hadn’t shown up.

          3. Okay, I called IRS today was told that I was resequenced to an actual date of 4/13/15 which is initially 4 days changed on my accepted return. Aka my acceptance was on 4/9/15 however bc of being resequenced the IRS guy said It changed my date of when they accepted my return within their records which always happens when they review me.

          4. I have read many items from many diff sites and would like to confirm that my knowledge on being resequenced is correct aka I want to confirm that I am understanding all that I have read:
          A. resequenced means my return was drawn out of processing for an review?
          B. Then placed bk into processing after if any changes had been made = making my return 100% bullet proof from any errors as of now bc if any errors were found the live person would had fixed them during review?
          C. If any refund amt was changed during review it would already appear on the wmr even though its not done being processed?
          D. Reading all that you guys have submitted; am I clearly understanding that processing is 1 days time for the system however updates don’t get made for you if your on the weekly processing time but instead update the following week on the exact day name that it completed processing? Example: Processed on Friday and completed but bc on weekly processing time the wmr wont update until the next Friday?
          E. The man couldn’t look at/see my return nor order my transcripts except he said he could order 1/4 in total of transcripts and that’s only the income one. Why wouldn’t the IRS guy be able to view my return; just can review a crumb of info under my social which reads ‘ resequenced on 4/13/15″? Does this mean if he cant see return info that I amy not be getting back no return at all since its blank, could blank mean $0 as an blank check means $0?
          F. Im stressing horribly just because nothing on wmr states any refund amt has been changed, Im still on bar 1, transcripts n/a, my tax topic is the normal one I think 152 which ever is the normal tax topic info which represents nothing wrong but it even stayed on that topic when I was in review for 4 days geez, I received my NY state taxes/refund today and it is for exact amt of refund I expected, it only took NY state like 3-4 days to approve my refund and give me an DD date. Im helpless please help me. HRB worker says that she thins resequenced means return drawn out of processing just to make math corrections which would lessen my refund and she explained she says that because think of money in an sequence and knowing they drew your return out for review sounds like they took some of your sequence aka money. Idk but she didn’t sound too smart lol. I know yes shes right they can change your refund during an review however I haven’t received no letters nor any correspondence on the wmr site stating my refund has changed. Will wmr tell me my expected refund amt when I get pproved and get my DDD?

          All info is helpful so plz don’t hesitate to answer my questions even if you don’t know for sure that your answer is correct could you then just say like Im pretty for sure about this, or use terms like I assume etc this way I know that your guessing or going based upon facts that happened to other ppls? Thanks.

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            I called irs today…said my returned was resquenced it asked for an additional week. Which was up yest. What does that mean?

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              Thank you for the information! I looked at my last years transcripts and sure enough the last number was a 5, so that puts me into the weekly processing cycle. Because I filed and was accepted on 2/4, I believe I will actually be processed on 2/12 or 2/13….I hope!
              Again, thank you for providing this useful information!!

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                Filed the 29, Accepted the same day,. Transcript say no return filed. WMR at one bar.. Wth

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                  Lyn what number do you call to verify your identity my daughter had the same message an she’s a first time filer

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                    I filed on the January 20th and was accepted with in minutes, just check my transcripts and they have a cycle date of 20150505. I guess I’m getting somewhere now I hope.

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                      If my cycle codes have been:


                      When will I have movement ? I only have blank transcripts with no return filed on it .

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                        When I try to view mine I get the Contact identity protection unit. Do anyone kno Why?

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                          After all this time with no bars and only the 152 on my wmr……just now my refund amount showed back up. I only have the 570 code. Still no bars but I sure pray this is good news!!!

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                          waiting and waiting and waiting

                            @ tradami

                            Yeah I have read a lot of what you posted on the IRS website. I think I had access to blank transcripts last Tuesday and yet still no movement. no letters in the mail about reviews. I have health insurance from my company so nothing there. I do have 05 in my cycle date for the last few years. I didn’t get updated this past Tuesday so I am hoping you are right and I see an update tomorrow. I was accepted on January 20th and 21 days will be next Tuesday so if I don’t see anything tomorrow it is getting down to the last few days…….

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                              Thanks so much for any insite! So filed 1/29 accepted 1/29 about one. Could actually check wmr that day. Still at one bar and n/a on transcripts. Last three years are


                              Thank you for any help as to when I should see something. Filed hoh easy return. 2 dependents. Insurance penalty of like 40 dollars for pArtial coverage.

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                                @waiting and waiting and waiting

                                When you are processing and there is a problem processing (whether due to an error on your return that needs to be fixed or an error with the IRS system), your return is then delayed a cycle(or a week) however the day stays the same. So if you got blank transcripts on a thursday night you should see an update of some sort the following thursday night. This has proven true already with people who got blank transcripts last tuesday and got completed transcripts this tuesday.

                                For some errors while processing you are delayed two cycles. We don’t know for sure though that this is what’s happened because it hasn’t been two cycles since people got blank transcripts.

                                Also this isn’t information I’ve speculated it’s been obtained straight through the IRS manual.

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                                  So I filed and was accepted on 1/23 and I still have n/a under my account transcript and my return transcript for 2014. If I’m understanding you correctly, this means my return hasn’t finished processing? Does that also mean I fall into the group of ppl you mentioned at the beginning should she some sort of update tonight? I went and look at my return transcript for my previous last 3 years returns and 2011 code ends in 03, 2012 in 02 and 2013 in 01. Does that give any additional indications as to when I can expect an update or a DDD?

                                  Btw correct or incorrect, thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge with us. So many of us are in desperate need of our refunds come February and idc if the info you give me is occasionally incorrect because you’re at least trying to help us understand it all and to provide us with information.

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                                    I filed on 1/13 and was accepted on 1/14. I had one bar until 1/30 when it disappeared attempted to obtain my transcripts to see what cycle I was on but got a message saying that I needed to contact the Identity Protection Specialized Unit. After a few days I was finally able to get in touch with someone and was asked some questions to verify my identity and the I was told that my transcripts were not available. My question is how long does it usually take for them to process once you call in. My return is pretty much the same as it is every year and I usually recieve my return in less than 8 days

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                                    waiting and waiting and waiting

                                      @ tradami

                                      What makes you think that those of us with 0000 on transcript and N/A for refund transcript from early last week will get updated tonight?

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                                        Who did you guys file with that didnt send 8962? JH shows mine being included in my return paperwork.

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                                          Yes, many people have reported that. With it being the first year there was some confusion among people and a lot of people filed without it that needed it.

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                                            Be sure to send in Form 8962 for the healthcare. I was accepted on 1/12 and I know I’ve been waiting since the 20th. Bars on WMR disappeared 1/26 and transcripts N/A. Finally spoke with someone yesterday that helped me and they informed me that they didn’t receive my initial form and that’s why I was stuck processing.

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