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    IGMR Admin

    Wheres My Refund Colorado – Share your experience with filing your Colorado Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Colorado Wheres My Refund? go to Colorado Department of Revenue

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here

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    Exactly the same here. I have a small return as I did a contract job for 2 months there. but Tax Act said it was accepted 1/30 but the WMR says not received. Makes me wonder if Colorado even uses and updates their own WMR.

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    @amanda I haven’t heard anything about paper checks. TurboTax says Colorado accepted my return on 01/30, but the CO state WMR shows no info found.

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    Are they sending all paper checks this year? I wanted dd

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    We got an email saying our return was accepted on 2/15, but when I try to check the status it says “return not received or not yet processed”. Seems like it should at least say something by now.

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    My status has3 bars. But instead of approved it says refund adjusted. Anyone ever had that happen or know what it means?

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    Filed and accepted 2/4. Went to 2 bars 2/9, then both bars disappeared 2/17, still no bars as of today. I have read this is common for a few days prior to all bars returning with a DDD though, so hopefully that is the case!

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    Website says Colorado approved and that they sent a paper check the 21st of Feb.I’m supposed to get dd to my bank.

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    Filed 2/2

    Still says my return has not been received/is being processed……

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    Brianna Tozer

    Amanda, how early did you file? I filed on 1/26 and I’m still at 2 bars!

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    Amanda Resendiz

    I got my state on Thursday.

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    I updated to 3 bars today. When my bars disappeared it was getting reviewed. Good luck everyone!

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    I’ve been stuck on the 2nd bar since 1/24… Has anyone updated or got their refund?!!!!!

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    I finally got my taxes done yesterday.

    Colorado accepted last night

    I checked the status today and I have 2 bars.

    This is the first year filing with Colorado. I filed using turbotax.

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    I had two bars until today…now it is saying that I haven’t received my return…:(

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    Miss Colorado

    State: Colorado
    Filed: State & Federal 1/26/2017
    Tax Preparer: H&R Block/ I completed my return myself using hr on my android.
    Fees: NONE
    Date of acceptance: 1/26/2017
    Hopefully we will see some updates soon!

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    I filed on 1/30/2017 and my bars updated to approved this morning.

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    Tylia Brewer

    @jebub- I spoke with co state on Thursday and they told me they won’t start processing returns till the first week of February, but on Friday morning I woke up to a second bar so I think they have already started. Hopefully they come soon. Can’t say for federal they are taking there sweet time!!!

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    Lil Miss Sunshine- mine is the same, but I remember it never updated last year and I got a paper check. Has yours done anything yet?

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    lil miss sunshine

    Anyone have anything on this years taxes. i filed with TT and said my state was accepted 1/13 but on Co state state says not received.

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    We just got the message 3 days ago that finally said refund approved. It says status should update again in 10 days. Anyone who got this message who’s gotten their refund yet? How long did it take?

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    Filed/ submitted 2/5/16, still at second bar for return received and being processed allow 2-6 weeks for processing of return and refund, no action needed. No letters reveived…. Anyonewith updates???

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    Filed 2/5 and message remains the same from day one. Your refund is being processed. Please allow 2-6 weeks to process and issue refund. Its still on the second stage of received and processing. No letters , no codes no action required. Anyone else?

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    Any updates???
    We filed 2/11

    We called Monday 3/7 after seeing the refund has been approved message for over 5 days… Turns out they are mailing a check but they didn’t know when it would be mailed out. Taxes refunds are a joke.

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    Mine was accepted on the 13th and states…we have not received your information. Uhhhhh what??????

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    Has anyone gotten their CO refund or heard of anyone who has?

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    Has anyone received a CO refund this year?

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    It appears that due to a spike in fraudulent returns submitted to State revenue services, some states have been taking added measures to ensure a return is not fraudulent. this is slowing the entire system down, and it also appears that many Colorado returns that were issued electronically (probably HR Block, and software like TurboTax), will be receiving refunds via check instead of via direct deposit as originally requested by the tax payer.

    So look out in the mail for yours! I know I submitted my taxes and had them accepted on the 1st of february, by the 2nd of february they had already given some of my return to one of their collections departments, and I still don’t have the remainder of my refund yet! It was awesome how they were able to pay themselves within 3 days, but to then send me what I’m owed, they can’t seem to figure out how to do that over a month later.

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    We have been looking at this for 4 weeks.

    “Your refund has been processed but a refund has not yet issued. Processing of the return may take another 4-6 weeks.”

    Have the earlier posts received their refund yet and how long did it take? We usually have our refund in a week and it’s been 5 weeks now.

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    Same here

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    Same here

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    Any news?

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    Just checked again and the verbiage is still the same with the addition of “but can be delayed longer”. What is going on? This is extremely frustrating . We can be penalized by the government for delays in payment but it unfortunately does not work vice a versa.

    “Your refund has been processed but a refund has not yet issued. Most refunds issue in 2-6 weeks, but can be delayed longer. Please use the AccessAccount function of Revenue Online for more details about your return and refund. “

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    Same info here. Any updates?

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    I received the exact same message. My return was accepted on 01/27/2014 and I have been looking at that message for two weeks now. I even logged in to Revenue Online to see if I could get more information but it lists the exact same thing. What is going on? I know people that filed a paper return for Colorado and they already received a refund!!

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    I just saw this too! Last year I got my state refund pretty quickly.

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    I submitted my taxes on 1/28/14 via HRB. It was accepted according to HRB, but nothing on the webpage. Today (2/10/14) I get this:

    Your refund has been processed but a refund has not yet issued. Processing of the return may take another 4-6 weeks. You should log into Revenue Online for further information on the status of your return and refund.

    :( That really sucks.

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