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    IGMR Admin

    Wheres My Refund Colorado – Share your experience with filing your Colorado Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Colorado Wheres My Refund? go to Colorado Department of Revenue

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    Black_Byrd (not logged in at work)

    Has anyone gotten their COLORADO refund yet? I dont know the process but after almost 5.5 weeks I can finally see my return with a credit balance. Whats next?

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    Filed and accepted on 1/25/22, checked this morning and said “Refund Reviewed” so now it’s a waiting game for them to approve and send

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    Been stuck on the second bar for almost two weeks, I’m getting frustrated

    I’ve been stuck for 4 weeks now. I’m with you in the frustration.

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    Been stuck on the second bar for almost two weeks, I’m getting frustrated

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    Filed and accepted on 2/13/21. Still on received and processing on state (2 bars). Received federal 2/23. Patiently waiting.

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    I filed 2/12 accepted 2/13. Just received update on state refund this morning that my refubd is approved as of 3/9 and will be sent within 3 days. My federal refund is “still processing “. I expect a DD update next week though. Never received state first but this has been a crazy year

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    accepted 2/12 and sitting on the second bar

    anyone got any updated past the 2nd bar?

    i got my federal deposited yesterday, hoping for this to be soon

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    I was able to see the mail be delivered today there is was, finally my state tax refund, thanks for the fast and easy direct deposit.. oh well better late than never which seems to be the case with the feds

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    We have mail box theives in this small town, i probably wont even get the check, some junkie will probably get to my mail box before me… bullsh!t im sick of Colorados crap

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    Yep, they say they mailed mine in 3/5. Nothing in mail today. So aggravating. Hope I update in WMR on Saturday morning. They were waiting to match my w2 up with employer info. IRS said yesterday my return is processed and reflects the w2 but i have a letter coming. She said to disregard it if/when I get refund.

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    I checked usps informed delivery, no check today, man colorado dept of retards is the slowest bunch of feet draggers

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    I’m getting a check too

    #4389340 Reply

    who knows im 200 miles from denver so hopefully now too long but i dont expect it before friday the 13th

    #4389212 Reply

    How long does it take for a check to come?

    #4389036 Reply

    Finally 4 bars but the idiots are sending a check again
    …… DOR. Dept of retards…

    #4388685 Reply

    @JB & All

    Finally progressed to the 4th bar with a message stating, “Your refund was issued on 3/5/2020 to the bank account on file. Your refund should be deposited within 3 business days.”

    My return was accepted on 01/27/20, so hopefully, you should be seeing progress soon!

    #4388569 Reply

    @JB mine still at 3rd bar, so i guess im calling them today , they are slackers apparently. I used to live up that way in firestone

    #4388549 Reply

    Hi! I’m in Timnath/Windsor
    My state return was approved last night and says check will be mailed 3/5…it’s a small amount but every little bit helps. Still waiting on Federal. I filed both 1/28.

    #4387729 Reply

    @GoFigure i filed both on 2/4 same thing feds said same matching on wages on 2 employers im hoping the same fed im on a bs 45 day hold obe rep told me it starts on 3/9 i called to get an advocate they said i cannot get an advocate b/c it should fix it self by 3/9 and if i dont get my $ by 3/9 to call back so i hope thats light a the end of the tunnel. im not sure what city you are in but down here in walsenburg its rough right now i really need both returns to make ends meet

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    I’m waiting on that 4th bar…Sure seems like forever! My federal return is hemmed up too. Filed both 1/28. Federal has been waiting on matching if my w2. Maybe it’s all worked out since state return is moving along.

    #4387400 Reply


    Hopefully! I am thinking it should update to the 4th bar by at least the end of the week, but we will see! I will keep you posted lol.

    #4387366 Reply

    @McQ maybe it will update tonight?

    #4387209 Reply

    No movement from the 3rd bar this AM. Hoping it won’t take 10 business days to send the $$ lol but won’t hold my breath. I’ve talked to several friends who got their CO refunds weeks ago! Not sure why mine always takes forever.

    #4386819 Reply

    @Pinkpather, yes colorados process is weird but at least i finally got some movement

    #4386620 Reply

    says return status received on the account login portion, but I have $0.00 as amount. the other day it was saying file return….which I filed and they received 1/28

    #4386619 Reply

    I would assume after reviewing it and it updating to that on website, it should mean we should see full bars sometime this coming week. Their process is strange and does not make sense to me.

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    same here mine finally updated to Your refund for filing period 12/31/2019 has been reviewed. It should be approved within the next 10 business days.
    so ill see a ddd monday or so?

    #4385983 Reply

    Finally updated to return reviewed, third bar. Filed on 1/28. Regular account section still says tax return not filed. I’ll keep you updated

    #4385652 Reply

    Still freaking waiting. Filed on 2/7. 2nd bar, but account info when I log in says no return filed which last year meant they were working on it, but no such luck this year. Colorado has got to be one of the worst states for processing taxes!!

    #4385419 Reply

    UPDATE: Finally progressed to the 3rd bar, “refund reviewed” with a notice saying, “Your refund for filing period 12/31/2019 has been reviewed. It should be approved within the next 10 business days.”

    Still not sure if getting DD or Check but at least some progress! :)

    #4384976 Reply

    Still processing since 1/28

    #4384397 Reply

    Still stuck on 2nd bar as well! -_-

    #4383614 Reply

    Still in 2nd bar since 2/4 this is a crock of crap Colorado DOR put down the bong and process our returns…

    #4375727 Reply

    I checked today and my state has been approved and sent. It says my refund was sent on 2/26 to the bank account on file. This is the fastest I have ever received it. I’m getting both federal and state on the same date

    #4373545 Reply

    I did turbo tax and when I would go to the depth of revenue account I had I would get the same it wasn’t filed. That was up to last Thursday right before my future 2/22/2020 check mailed confirmation. Informed delivery has one item without a pic today but I think it’s prob a magazine. So still waiting on my check.

    #4370409 Reply

    Mine says received
    But account says file return with a triangle symbol 🤷

    #4369104 Reply

    @JB I think if you spoke to someone they are just reading a script can you access your info at all on the site? Mine didn’t pull up for days but I had the wrong refund amount entered. TurboTax shows the net amount of the refund which was after my donation to domestic violence prevention. I had to look at my actual return and LO and behold it was higher than what I see on the TurboTax dashboard. I thought something was wrong until I figured that out

    #4368721 Reply

    Paper check, no direct deposit,
    Deposits of these checks since drawn on wells Fargo are being
    Held for 7 days by other banks before Being relesed. Wtf.
    Colorado go to any place else but your bank to cash unless you can wait the seven days. Wells Fargo was hit Friday with a 13 billion Dollar fine by the justice department other banks are making us waite . Wth.

    #4368244 Reply

    @mimi how can i file the 4th and get no movement but you file the 7th and get a ddd, the dor lied to me on the phone then. I will be calling them back monday.

    #4366934 Reply

    I think for the last two years my refunds were mailed. Don’t know why but it happens.

    I filed 2/7 and was at one bar until yesterday I moved to refund has been reviewed and to expect refund in 10 business days

    #4362564 Reply

    @cannacasey… they could have mailed it or will mail it on the 21st… last year mine was mailed.. this year DD..

    #4362558 Reply

    I got my taxes this am…

    you’ll probably probably get yours the 22nd. Mine said for like a week that mine was sent out on the 19th and it wasn’t even close to that date. This am i woke up with it so… *shrug* it’s coming I’m sure…

    #4362406 Reply


    Hilarious! I suspect that will be mine too although I can’t seem to get past the 2nd bar. -_- Colorado has got worse and worse with taxes over the years SMH.

    #4362340 Reply

    I got a “was” mailed 2/21/2020
    I had given direct deposit info so that was ignored. Grrr
    Also how does one use this future mailbox? Asking for a friend. 😂😂

    #4361869 Reply

    @winter so you are in the same sitiuation?

    #4361833 Reply

    Job that means they are working on it. You should update to 3rd bar soon. I know it is weird. Freaked me out too!

    #4359533 Reply


    Nice! Sounds like it will be DD then. If I remember last year when I checked online, it said it would be mailed.

    #4359356 Reply


    I kept trying to figure out if it’s being mailed or deposited also… previous years it was mailed but I couldnt find an actual answer on if they’re mailing them this year or not. ColoRev says it’ll be sent for direct deposit on the 19th and will be in my account 3 days later. So I’m assuming it’s being deposited… :/

    #4359213 Reply

    Return was filed and accepted on 01/27/20. So far stuck on bar #2, “Return Received & Being Processed.” I got my federal refund via DD on 02/05/20, even with a missing W2 (was only like $100). So hoping will get getting state refund soon! Has been a paper check the last couple years even though I selected DD.

    #4359005 Reply

    Today i logged in to revenue onlline and it says File a return WTF!?!?!?! I filed on 2/4 guess im calling denver today

    #4357951 Reply

    FIled and accepted the 29th for federal and the 30th for state.. I’m a Pather though.. and I think colorado holds until around the 15th like federal does

    #4357851 Reply

    @nb2020 what day did you file?

    #4357486 Reply

    @JB.. mine updated on Saturday.. I’ve noticed it’s been updating when my federal has movement..

    My bar is full and has been since Saturday and has a date of the 19th to be deposited. But I know a friend already received hers.

    #4357407 Reply

    does anyone know if colorado updates the wmr every night? or what nights the do update?

    #4355637 Reply

    I have been waiting since accepted on 1/28
    says processing. Took awhile for it even to have one bar/arrow
    My online account with Dept of Rev says file return, like I never filed one though. Probably have a letter sitting in my mailbox that I never use because I usually just use a PO Box. I lost key to my subdivision kiosk, getting it re-keyed Wednesday and I will see if they sent letter I suppose. Waiting

    #4355416 Reply

    Filed and accepted 2/4 im wondering how much longer i have to wait this year.

    #4349662 Reply

    Woke up to approved this morning and should be in my bank next week!!

    #4343522 Reply
    Ms T

    That makes sense Nouvo, thanks

    #4343334 Reply

    I updated to third bar sometime yesterday says your return has been reviewed and should be approved in the next 10 business days

    #4343116 Reply

    Ms T… you probably got resequenced by the irs for federal so it pushed your state back by a week..

    As soon as my federal moved, my state moved…

    #4342660 Reply
    Ms T

    Anyone know how long the usual wait is after it get the one bar of received & processing? It says it was received 01/28, but it didn’t show anything/no movement at all until today 02/07

    #4342658 Reply
    Ms T

    01/28 Filed
    01/28 Received

    ….Kept saying nothing at all until today

    02/07 says received & processing

    #4342312 Reply

    Mine updated overnight to processing finally… my Federal transcripts also became available!!

    #4341899 Reply

    Updated today to second bar. Return received and being processed. Filed and accepted 1/28

    #4341872 Reply

    Mine updated to recieved and being processed somete overnight

    #4341100 Reply

    Still no update for me today and I think I got a DD last year but I had to ID verify last year too so I’m not sure if they are doing checks or not

    #4341044 Reply

    Filed and accepted 1/29 and still no movement…

    Are they sending paper checks again this year? Or can I expect it to be DD?

    #4340526 Reply

    Mine also says the same. I checked it yesterday and said return not received or filed but when I logged in just now it finally said in progress but no change in bars. So it did something over night lol

    #4340022 Reply

    Mine is still the same it says that they haven’t received it yet but both my federal and state were accepted on 1/27 so I don’t know what they are doing this year.

    #4339981 Reply

    Filed 1/19, accepted 1/27 on both state and federal, received federal refund. Colorado still saying not been received. Anyone else?

    #4335919 Reply

    I filed 1/25 accepted 1/27 but on the Colorado revenue website it still says that it has not been received. Does anyone know why or have this issue?

    #4318728 Reply

    Hey guys!

    i’m having the same issue as everyone else! I filed a direct deposit on purpose because my lease was up and I knew i’d be moving. They decided to send me a paper check instead and mailed it out on 3/8…it’s 3/21. Has anyone else had their’s mailed out on March 8th and still not received it? I called the Revenue office AND the post office that delivers to my address and no one know’s anything.

    I’m SO frustrated, My friend still lives at my old address so I’ve been annoying her daily asking if it’s there. I don’t get how you can file a DD and they just decide if you get that or not, seems less secure to me ugh.

    #4316640 Reply

    My colorado state tax was issued but they sent through paper check to my rented home address.As i was a exchange student I had to leave the country, I havent gotten back those taxes from 2017. Is there any way I can get it back?? Tried to email them but no response.

    #4315752 Reply

    Status says paper check issued 3/8/19 (even though I requested DD) to mailing address on file expect in 5-7 business days. It’s been 5 business days, hopefully it comes today but unlikely…

    #4307812 Reply

    I received my check in the mail today.

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