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    Wheres My Refund Colorado – Share your experience with filing your Colorado Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Colorado Wheres My Refund? go to Colorado Department of Revenue

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    Has anyone received a paper check in the mail? It said that it was sent a month ago! I still have not received it. Just wondering thanks!

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    Update: yesterday I received a letter in the mail that said take action and that I had to enter a verification code. That was around 3 yesterday afternoon. This morning I have updated to the 3rd bar that says it has been processed and should be issued within the next 10 days! It’s progress so I’m happy.

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    Filed 2/16 didn’t say accepted on wmr until 2/21 and I am still stuck on the 2nd bar. Does anyone know how long it is taking this year? Last year only took about 2 weeks. Just trying to see how long it is taking this year or if I should call?

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    USPS shows paper check arriving today 😉

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    Joshua Moore

    The paper check has nothing to do with identity fraud or security. It’s because they loose interest with direct deposit. With paper check the money is able to sit in the States bank account much longer drawing interest. With direct deposit the money leaves the bank immediately. I’m beyond pissed I’m bringing my theory to a news outlet

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    @Sara It’s been like this for the past couple of years. Snail mail is definitely not more secure than direct deposit. Especially where I live. We’ve had our mailboxes broken into twice in the last year, so it’s certainly worrisome. Did it take forever for DoR to even recognise your return? For almost two weeks after filing, it kept saying my return hadn’t been filed or they couldn’t find it. I don’t know what’s going on with them.

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    @JBinSOCO I’ve called twice. They won’t give me any info until after the 28th. I had marketplace for 1 month and didn’t file the 8962. I’m hoping because it makes them owe me $30 they won’t catch it. Doubt I’m that lucky, but if I don’t have a date this weekend, I will call back and try the honest approach.

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    Mine was updated too check sent out tomrow get it in 5-7 days, direct deposit id have it tomorow,,, ughhh buttholes, oh and @Sara if your fed is still processing no bars and date will be provided when available.. that probably means you have to id verify they say they sent a letter but ull probably never get it.. id call them

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    Same. I filed 2/2, accepted same day. Sat in not accepted until around the 14th. When I logged in, I could tell it had been received on the 2nd even though the wmr said not received. The day before it finished processing, I had a take action with red exclamation when I logged in and clicked 2017 return. Within a day, it was approved. Today, finally complete, received, was issued 2/23 allow 5-7 days for paper check to arrive. I have no idea why they think mail is more secure than direct deposit. My federal is still stuck in processing without bars.

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    @jbinsoco I just checked DoR this morning to see if any movement was happening and it was approved and sent, should be here by next week.

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    @Mandie call they will tell you 303 238 7378

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    @JBinSOCO So they’re mailing checks again this year? Great. I’m glad they let us know that.

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    I called the dor today they said i was approved the 14th but it hasnt been mailed even tho i wanted direct deposit so im hoping its mailed out today..

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    @JBinSOCO I haven’t seen anything for over 10 days (excluding weekends), so I’m a little PO’d about this.

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    @samantha same here hopefully we see a direct deposit or check sent date this week.

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    I was moved to 3rd bar on the 14th and I am still sitting there… waiting…

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    Your refund for filing period 12/31/2017 has been reviewed. It should be approved within the next 10 business days. that is what i get 3 bars saying reviewed, also i say they are doing direct deposits this year. Can anyone confirm direct deposit. and how much longer do you think until i see a ddd or check.

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    Has anyone rec. there’s yet?

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    Mine also updated to refund reviewed. And at the bottom of the page it said my carryover for 12/31/2017 has been approved. Check the bottom of the page in fine print. If it is in the 3rd bar it is approved. I just hope it only takes a day or 2 to send now.

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    I just looked at my Colorado Revenue online account. For this year’s, it says the amount of my refund which is new. On wmr Colorado, it updated today saying it is in review. Hoping to get my deposit soon!

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    Status on revenue online just updated to refund reviewed. Should be issued in 10 days.

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    @scg2018… That is incorrect. I have both credits and received by deposit about 7:30pm yesterday, 2/12/18. The website stated my refund was sent to account provided on 2/13/18 but my credit union releases a day or two early. My bars stayed at the Reviewing for about a week and yesterday it updated with DDD. So EITC/ACTC are not holding for federal.

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    Filed and accepted on 1/30. The Colorado WMR sat on “return not received or not yet processed” until this morning. Finally moved up to “Return Received & Being Processed”. I do have EIC and ACTC.

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    I spoke to a rep today and he told me that colorado is not releasing refund for eitc/ actc until federal releases theres.

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    I just received my direct deposit!

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    Filed 1/22 accepted 1/24 with both credits.

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    @Nicole when did you file your return? When did it get accepted? Are you getting EIC/ACTC? Asking to see if the rep just told me a bunch of crap about state refunds are on hold that have EIC?ACTC until federal gets approved.

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    I just checked the CO website and it states my refund was approved and was sent to bank provided on 2/13/2018. I should receive tonight. I will update if so. I’m so relieved I’m not getting a paper check!!

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    Supposedly state was sent out on the 31st of January in a check and have yet to get it. It’s now the 12th of Feburary and nothing.

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    Hi guys! I was waiting for my fellow Coloradans to start posting. I can give you my experience from being a native in CO. I have not received DD in 4 years, they always send a check. They are very slow at sending money (60) days in years past. They also asked me to send in an energy bill 2 years ago and basically a spouse paper stating when I was divorced. At the time never been married. It is very frustrating the way co handles returns. I wish you all better luck than I’ve had!

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    This thread goes way back so check out dates. I was accepted the 23rd. I finally got reviewed now waiting for approval and refund to be sent.

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    @brideofchaotica2 no problem:-)

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    @Lady V Thanks for that info! I was wondering why it kept showing not received/not processed. That makes sense!

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    For those who don’t know already, I just read on the Colorado Revenue website that they’re sending paper checks this year to combat fraud. They did say ‘some’, so maybe not everyone will get a check. Here it is verbatim:

    “The Department is converting some tax refunds to a paper check that were requested to be delivered by direct deposit. Making this change is intended to prevent criminals from easily divert fraudulently filed refunds to their own accounts. A letter will come with the refund that was converted to paper check. The letter contains a phone number taxpayers can call. The number is just for those taxpayers who have not filed an income tax return yet or who are not expecting a refund — to report the unexpected refund to the Department. You may also Report Tax Fraud online. Avoiding potential refund fraud by sending paper checks outweighs taking the risk of sending a refund electronically to the wrong party.”

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    I have been checking the revenue online tool and it kept saying my return has no been received yet. So I just called and waited to get someone for about 10 minutes and was told they received my return on the 27th and are waiting on Federal to approve my EIC and then it’ll be released. So for those of you who are waiting on Federal and have EIC credits this is the hold up with state. So I’m assuming that by the 15th everything should start process

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    On the CO WMR page it doesnt even show my tac return has been accepted. I got an email from turbo tax a week ago saying they accepted it.

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    Well my Colorado refund was approved and of course we got sent a paper check this is aggervating

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    Exactly the same here. I have a small return as I did a contract job for 2 months there. but Tax Act said it was accepted 1/30 but the WMR says not received. Makes me wonder if Colorado even uses and updates their own WMR.

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    @amanda I haven’t heard anything about paper checks. TurboTax says Colorado accepted my return on 01/30, but the CO state WMR shows no info found.

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    Are they sending all paper checks this year? I wanted dd

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    We got an email saying our return was accepted on 2/15, but when I try to check the status it says “return not received or not yet processed”. Seems like it should at least say something by now.

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    My status has3 bars. But instead of approved it says refund adjusted. Anyone ever had that happen or know what it means?

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    Filed and accepted 2/4. Went to 2 bars 2/9, then both bars disappeared 2/17, still no bars as of today. I have read this is common for a few days prior to all bars returning with a DDD though, so hopefully that is the case!

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    Website says Colorado approved and that they sent a paper check the 21st of Feb.I’m supposed to get dd to my bank.

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    Filed 2/2

    Still says my return has not been received/is being processed……

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    Brianna Tozer

    Amanda, how early did you file? I filed on 1/26 and I’m still at 2 bars!

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    Amanda Resendiz

    I got my state on Thursday.

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    I updated to 3 bars today. When my bars disappeared it was getting reviewed. Good luck everyone!

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    I’ve been stuck on the 2nd bar since 1/24… Has anyone updated or got their refund?!!!!!

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    I finally got my taxes done yesterday.

    Colorado accepted last night

    I checked the status today and I have 2 bars.

    This is the first year filing with Colorado. I filed using turbotax.

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