Collecting Data: Cycle Date and Processing Date PATH people

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    I am figuring out a method to see how cycle dates, process dates and then your DDD relate in order to give people more accurate information . They are all connected somehow. So I ne d the following info

    The below information is mine

    Date Filed:2/2
    Cycle Date: 20170605
    Processing Date :2/27/2017

    Thanks All! Let’s see how things line up!

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    File 01/30
    Accepted 01/31
    PATH message 02/04
    Both Transcript 02/04
    Processing message 02/16 still on there
    I checked my transcript on today at 1pm transcript have code 846 refund issue 03/06/2017
    cycle 20170505 date 02/20/17



    ******Correction — No Path: 2/16/17



    Filed: 1/4/17
    Accepted: 1/12/17
    Transcripts Available: 1/31/17
    Cycle Code: 20170405
    Processing: 2/13/17
    Path: ? Not quite sure
    No Path: 2/15/17
    846 Code Available: 2/17/17
    846 Release Date: 3/6/17
    DDD: Unknown 😩



    Filed and accepted on 1/25
    Code: 20170505
    Process Date: 2/20/2017
    WMR: Proccessing



    Filed 01/16/2017
    Accepted. 01/17/2017
    Cycle. 20170605
    Processing 02/27/2017

    Nothing on WMR or anywhere for me yet



    Update Tax Transcript finally reads code 846 DDD 03/06/2017 from post earlier cycle code 20170605 phone still says processing



    filed and accepted 1/26 EIC & ACTC
    cycle code 20170505
    processing date 02/20/2017

    I expect to see an update tomorrow, most weeklys update on Sat vs Fri.

    i anticipate that my ddd will be for 2/24



    Filed and accepted 1/20
    Cycle 20170402
    Processing date 2/13/2017
    DDD 2/22



    Filed 2/5
    Path until 2/16
    DDD 2/22



    Filedand accepted 1/17
    Cycle code 20170505
    No processing date

    It’s killing me that people who filed weeks after me have cycle codes before mine but hey, it’s life.



    Filed and accepted 02/04/2017
    cycle: 20170605
    Date 02/27/2917
    still proccessing



    Filed. 2/1/17

    Cycle 20170605

    Date 2/27/17



    Hi!! I’m not sure about cycle dates and such, but I filed and was accepted on 01/12/2017. I received one of those 4464C letters at the end of January. Has anyone else received one of these letters? Filed as “Head of Household” with the EITC and ACTC. I do have the path message, however the “expected refund” section of WMR has disappeared. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks in advance and I really hope that everyone gets their refunds quickly



    Filed Jan 28th
    Accepted Jan 30th
    Cycle 20170503
    Processing Date 2/20/2017
    ***path credits


    Gene Taxpayer

    Ok Angela look on the page with the Internal Revenue Service at the top
    it should be located about 3/4 way down listed under Transactions.



    ours are just about the same at least our cycle and accepted dates are.
    you are the first one I have seen with my same cycle date. I was starting to get worried



    Gene taxpayer i got transcripts in mail …???



    filed 1/21
    accepted 1/23
    process date 2/13
    cycle date 20170403


    Gene Taxpayer

    Angelea did you receive your transcripts through the mail or online ?



    Please what if transcript shows no process date??????? Please help no one will answer :-( I have cycle posted date of 20170505 but no process date I can’t find one anyways anywhere :-) ???


    Gene Taxpayer

    Filed 1/6/17 – Accepted 1/13/17 – Cycle 20170405 Process date 02/13/17 w/ ACTC and EIC
    Ordered transcripts by mail 02/03/17 received transcripts 02/07/17 with codes 150 806 766 768 and 896 ( no insurance offset )



    Please help me no processing date on transcript but have cycle posted date of 20170505 what does this mean please help ?



    Haven’t seen anyone else with my cycle code on here this year!

    I filed on the 19th,
    accepted on the 23rd.
    Have been able to order transcripts since the 26th or so.
    Path Message
    Processing date of 2/13/17 with no other issues… just waiting on 846



    Filed & Accepted: 1/27/17
    Cycle Code: 20170502
    Processing Date: 2/20/2017

    w/ path credits



    Last year
    Cycle 20160505
    Process Date 2/22/16
    DDD 2/10/16

    I think the process Date is when the IRS will have it done by. (21ish days)

    The cycle date (this years) lines up with the day my transcripts were available.




    So the trend I am seeing is that anyone who filed from 1/19 to 1/25 got a proccess date of 2/13 after that dates between 2/20 and 2/27

    Filed 1/23
    accepted 1/23
    Do not know proccess date



    Filed & Accepted: 1/27/17
    Cycle Code: 20170505
    Processing Date: 2/20/2017



    Filed 1/31
    Accepted 2/1
    Cycle 20170505
    Processing Date 2/20/17



    So I have been reading many posts and I am wondering is it possible that people might wake up with funds in their accounts tomorrow morning?

    This is what my return transcript shows:

    Cycle code 20170405
    Processing date of 2/13/2017



    Filed 1/18 accepted 1/19
    cycle 20170402
    Date 2/13/2017
    ordered transcrips 1/26



    There is no date next to my cycle post date?????whats this mean?? Thank you!


    Crystal 2

    It’s the date next to your cycle code not April 15 that is just the last day of taxes which this year I think is 18th. No need to worry



    My tax transcript says cycle posted 20170505 received date April 15 2017 what does this mean I won’t get my refund until April???? Freaking out



    Accepted 1/31
    Cycle 20170605
    Process 2/27/2017




    Sometimes our system automoderates certain comments, I don’t see a reason why yours were. If it continues to happens, please email us so we can look into it further.



    I have typed 2 replies to this discussion over an hour ago. Why are both messages still awaiting moderation?



    Filed on Jan. 9
    Accepted on Jan. 12
    Cycle date 20170405
    Process date 2-13-2017
    Path message since 1-28-2017
    Claimed EIC

    I filed and was approved over a month ago. I pray I’m in the 1st batch released. This is insane. If not for the Path I normally would’ve had my refund last Weds Feb 8. I’m a weekly usually DDD on Wednesday.

    What happens since Feb 15th is a Wednesday and no ddd? Would I have to wait until the following Wednesday. Look at the date I was accepted. I should be in the 1st batch. I don’t care of they switch my day of deposit. I’ve been waiting a very long time and no letters from the IRS recently. IRS sent letter Feb 2916 stating I owe due to incorrectly filing in 2015 however there is no offset listed on my transcript nor when I call the offset line.

    Carrie 101 thoughts????



    Filed 01/12
    accepted 01/13
    Ordered both Transcripts 1/27
    Cycle 20170505
    Process Date 02/13/2017

    W/ path credits



    Filed 1-29
    Accepted 1-30
    Date: Feb 20


    When will i Update?

    Filed and accepted: Jan17, 2017
    Cycle 20170505
    Date: Feb. 20 2017



    Filed and accepted on 1/31
    Cycle 20170505
    PATH message on 2/4



    Accepted 1/17
    Cycle 20170405
    Date 2/13/2017



    I got my tax return transcript and have a cycle of 20170505 but don’t see this processing date everyone is talking about.
    My refund is in the negative so I know that’s a good thing.
    Any help is appreciated. TIA



    Filed and accepted 1/25
    Ordered both transcripts 1/30
    PATH message on 1/31

    Cycle code 20170405
    Processing date of 2/13/2017



    Date Filed:1/22
    Date Accepted: 1/23
    Cycle Date: 20170404
    Processing Date :2/13/2017



    Filed 1/23 – Accepted 1/24
    Cycle 20170405
    Date 2/13/2017

    Fingers crossed we see some activity soon!



    Cycle code is when you post as done and complete DD comes shortly after. Ours are different because we are held on the path act.

    Process date is the arbitrary end of 3 business weeks. The amount of time the IRS says they will take to finish.

    Be patient. Expect some money the 15th-17th and maybe or maybe not a WMR update



    Filed and accepted 1/23
    Cycle 20170405
    Date 2/13/2017


    Crystal 2

    Filed/accepted 2/2
    Cycle 20170605
    Date 2/27



    Filed in accepted on 1/24
    Cycle code 20170404
    Date 2/13/17

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