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Codes 570/791 Friday Update Watch Party

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    Update here if you are expecting an update on your transcript tomorrow after receiving the 570/791 last friday

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    @puddles88 I don’t have a 971, however I do have a 570 from 2/28, my as of is 3/7 still on 3/7, and no DDD!

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    Sam clark

    I have 290, 766, 768,971,570 cycle code 20220805 with date 3-14-2022 . PLEASE HELP SARAH @PUDDLE88

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    I am still stuck on code 570 3/7/2022 and 971 3/14/2022. No updates and no letter was sent I filed in 2/2..🤦🏾‍♀️

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    Sarah, My 826 code is 3/14 and my 971 is 3/21

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    For those without a DDD but have 570 code and have or don’t have 971 notice sent. What is ur processing date and what I’d date for your 570. I’m asking because I might be able to help an I might not be able to I could be wrong but I will answer with honest response. I’ve been reading irs manual asking questions and learning from my own experience. I know its mental waiting and just want honest answer about your own $$

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    Nothing on mine today. Last week it updated on Saturday for me, so hoping for the same situation this week. Would be REALLY nice to get my refund within a reasonable time frame and not have to wait several months like I did last year.

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    Congrats. Nothing for me.

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    571 issued last Friday. Resolved without having to do anything this Friday. So it took 7 days after the 571 with me being a weekly to see the correction. Hopes this helped never called Irs. Just waited and followed you guys. Accepted 2/5. DDD Finally 3/9. Hold on you guys it’s coming. 🎉🎉

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    571 RESOLVED & DDD 3/9

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    Iisah okc

    Filed and accepted 2/1. Wmr gave delay message on 2/19. Transcripts updated to 971 and 570 code 2/25. Transcripts updated to 571 code and 846 ddd 3/9. It’s coming everyone

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    846 refund issue 3/09 !!!

    I’m praying for yall !!!

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    Filed 1-27
    Accepted 1-27

    After the delay message and 570 code for one week, and a 971 the week after… Finally got my 571 and 846 DDD 3-09 on transcripts today!! Could never get a hold of them on the phone. Didn’t even receive the notice in the mail yet, either. I pray for everyone to get theirs as well! God bless!

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    Filed/Accepted 1/24-1/25
    Delayed message 2/10
    Trans N/A til 2/25
    971/570 codes 2/25
    W/ reduced amount

    Impatiently waiting for tonight’s update lol

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    @kyo scarin me there

    I could scare you more, last year I also had 570 and didn’t get my refund until September. But good news if you have the 971 code first and had an adjustment it should take a week. Sadly not my case 😩

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    It is currently 9:43pm here so no updates yet but I’m hoping it will! 971 and 570 code since 2/25. Errors fixed same day or before

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    Update: So far 12:21 AM no update. Hoping to wake up to good news.

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    Praying as well, keep faith! Amen!!!

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    Brandon D

    Praying for an update

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    Shall we pray. Hope we all get our ddd tomorrow!!

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    @kyo scarin me there

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    I wish..I’ve had 570 for 5 weeks 😭

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    Waiting for my update too

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    I hope so. I have a processed date of 3/14, but I file Injured Spouse so I know mine may take longer. My as of date right now is the same as my processing date, but at least it’s moving along a lot faster than it did LAST year! Just hoping I don’t get pushed back, would be nice if they could just go ahead and finish it up since they’re so close anyway.

Viewing 23 replies - 1 through 23 (of 23 total)
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