Codes 150, 806, 766, 971 and 570

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    e-Filed: 2/4.
    Accepted: 2/4

    I woke up this morning and saw the following transcripts:

    2017 Wage and Income transcript:
    No record of return filed.

    Account transcript:
    Code 150: Tax return filed. Cycle: 20180703 Date: 03-05-2018 Amount: $0.00
    Code 806: W-2 or 1099 withholding. Date: 04-15-2018. Amount:-$xxx
    Code 766: Credit to your account. Date: 04-15-2018. Amount:-$xxx
    Code 971: Notice issued. Date: 03-05-2018. Amount: $0.00
    Code 570: Additional account action pending. Date: 03-05-2018. Amount: $0.00

    Both 2017 Records Transcript and 2017 Tax Return Transcript appear now and are pre-filled with some values. Before both were not there.

    So, I called the IRS and was told there is nothing to worry about, additional processing is needed. It’s been 10 days and still within 21-day e-file timeframe. My expected refund is large compared to years past as I had a loss in rental and sale of property.

    Did you guys get something similar?

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    This is the first year that my refund is less than what TurboTax showed. What does it mean when they have 766 Credit?



    Same codes
    STILL nothin .



    Carrie and Ericka, mine say the same thing!! Mine was also due to the 8962 form as well. I was told by others in this situation that our transcripts should update this Friday and get a DDD Saturday morning……we will see if that happens!



    Carrie mine says the same 570 code and 971 code same date! Frustrating! Please keep updating here if you get anything



    I submitted mine in 1/26.
    2/13- Received a 12c letter that they needed my 8962 .
    2/13- Faxed back 8962 form
    3/2 (today)- my transcript is finally filled in but has a 570 and 971 on it. Is that from the 12C letter they all ready sent me?
    My processing date says March 19, 2018.

    What does all of this mean?



    @Kelcf I checked today I have the 971 code also. Which is even worse because turbo tax wrote this:

    Code 971 on your tax transcript means that your tax return is being reviewed and entered by a person. It is NOT a rejection, merely an examination. The future date is the date by which they will have completed their work.

    At this point, there is nothing to do, so don’t worry.

    The IRS may request additional documentation, but TurboTax is with you every step of the way

    Now I am even more confused because I also read it could be withholdings.. Ughh I am feeling like Jerry Maguire show me the money lol



    @beba use the search function to find the number for an advocate.



    how can i request a TA? and what do i have to say because i have 4464c letter and 570 code @FRUSTRATED



    Hello All, I’m new to this forum but it seems we all have this 570 code. A little background on myself. I claim the same dependents Every year. I was told my code is due to the EITC credit, which I expected but then I was told that it’s also a system generated hold by the Identity verification dept that either falls off by itself, or action will be taken. The action will be a letter mailed out for verification, however I was told by several IRS reps that no notices has been mailed. As of today 2/23/18 that still stands. However the rep today said it’s possible one still may come. (Possible?), Yeah okay, I don’t have the time to play this NON Communication thing with them. I contacted the IRS Tax Advocate and got approved to represented and they asked for expedited ACTION on my case amoung other things. Another thing I see others stating the 3/5/18. That’s a date for the IRS on when you will get your refund, HOWEVER, it’s NOT relevant to March 5 actually. Smh, it’s code for the IRS on an April deposit. So please don’t read to much into someone else’s situation, nor the misleading information on the transcript. As always they find away to bamboozle us some type of way. Also I have the cycle date of 20180705, which means absolutely NOTHING. No processing of the week nor day, it’s not relevant at all, another IRS inside code. I also didn’t mention I’m in a chapter 13 bankruptcy which allows any debt owed to the IRS to be put on hold until it’s completed. Meaning: I DO receive my refunds. All my information. Comes from the bankruptcy dept, and the refund dept. I actually got a really awesome rep on the phone this morning and he was trying everything possible to get my refund settled but he couldn’t. That’s when he actually said to get a tax advocate involved because in some people’s cases he’s seen this issue last to the end of the tax season. I know we all have different scenarios, but it sounds like we all share the same concern when it comes to the EITC credit and DD. I HIGHLY recommend calling them and demanding answers, or continue calling until you get the right rep that will assist you and give you some type of mindease, which is easier said than done. My wait time is no more than 15/20mins, that’s why I call so many times. Lol good luck to everyone



    Filed 1/12 1-bar
    Processed 2/17 – no bars just generic message
    Checked transcripts 570 hold code and 971 but I never got a letter
    WMR says generic message and tt152 the entire time no bars
    Just checked this second and finally refund 846 issues. Seems like those were just holds and not actual reviews. For those still waiting it was just slow. I am guessing.



    I have literally the EXACT same situation as you. So confused and lost. My brother told me that they resequenced those with cycle code 0705 and we’ll be processed by the 5th at the latest but my brother also talks out his ass so who knows smh. I jus wanna know if I’m under review. Called irs and they told me same thing they told you. I wish they could jus tell me what’s going on. If it’s a review I’ll just give up for a couple weeks… but they got us in limbo



    @Naomionekanobe what did he say?



    I have the same codes

    filed 1/28
    accepted 1/29

    wmr- still being processed with amount on side

    cycle 20180705 3/5/18
    proc date 3/5

    letter 4464c recvd 2/16 dated 2/13

    on the phone with THE nicest rep ever. will keep you guys updated



    So does that mean code 150 and 570 with a transaction date of 2/26/2018 means it will be released off of hold. My transcript has a 2/26 processing date with these two codes under transactions with $0.00 and then code 806 with a 4/15/2018 date and my refund am out as and negative number. When I called yesterday thy said it was an accuracy review that could take 60 days.



    I got my return transcript it is 20180705 with a processing date of 3-5-2018 with the code 570. I know the 570 code is additional account action pending but I have called the IRS and they said no letters have been mailed out yet and they dont see any right now. Has anyone been through that. I have the still processing message with tt152 and all my info on the other side..

    Here are my codes..


    Anyone have same thing?



    I don’t have 971 because have the 570



    My fiancé hasnt heard anything either. Hoping for some kind of update soon.



    I haven’t received the notice in the mail yet. Let’s keep other informed/updated so as to help the next step in the progress.



    Just wondering if you have heard anything else. I have the exact thing going on with exact dates.


    This helped me decipher codes:

    If they said not to worry, it should be okay. Considering you had some major changes to your filing versus last year, it likely is going through a manual (maybe automated) secondary review which is what is holding it up.

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