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      So this morning I woke up to my transcripts update with code 971 and 570 … cycle 20150505 and 2/23/2015; I know this means under review but WMR still has 1 bar topic 152 and I have not received a letter. HELP?!?!? Has anyone had this that updated to an 846. Family had insurance through my employer – same in last 3 years, addrees dependents etc are the same – our employers the same no EIC so I’m confused …and stressed!

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          I have those codes due to filing injured spouse. Up to today I was able to check my status on WMR, but this morning I get a popup saying “…check your info and try again”. Even the automated phone line says they don’t have any info. Anyone else not able to check their status today?

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            I am so confused. our transcript looks like this…..
            150 Tax return filed 20150504 02-23-2015 $0.00
            806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2015 -$xxx.00
            766 Credit to your account 04-15-2015 -$xxxx.00
            768 Earned income credit 04-15-2015 -$xxxx.00
            846 Refund issued 02-23-2015 $7,740.00
            898 Refund applied to non-IRS debt: 02-23-2015 $0.00
            898 Refund applied to non-IRS debt: 02-23-2015 $0.00
            971 Injured spouse claim received 02-25-2015 $0.00

            is it bad that we do not have a 570 code?

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              Crystal, what number were you calling?

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                I got my return on friday, it was mailed to me. It was crap, my bank didnt reject my refund. Oh well, hopefully next year they might have it together. We can dream, right?

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                  My 971/570 code was lifted on Friday and I got a 571 action complete and 846 refund issued code that day as well. I never got a letter in the mail, didn’t do anything on my part to “complete the action” but instead of a dd like I reuqested, I’m getting a paper check mailed to me by feb 23. I tried to be patient but couldn’t and called every day for 3 days and just lied about when they accepted my tax return so I could talk to someone.

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                  Danette Harris

                    I got my letter today and it doesn’t say any reason why they are “reviewing” my refund and the date will be April 9th that it will be resolved. Nothing but crap. I did get forwarded to a tax advocate though, but I was at work and missed the call so I have to call the hotline tomorrow. Hopefully I will get somebody.

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                      My bank rejected the return on 1/31 and I have been waiting. I have the codes 841- cancelled return 570- under review and now 971-notice sent but I have not received a letter. I still have no clue what is going on.

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                        I have these same codes 570 with date February 16 2015 and 971 with date feb 23 2015 and received Cp05 letter in mail Saturday stating my income was being further verified but that I didn’t need to do anything. That the process would be finished by April 9 2105 and a check mailed or another notice. Ugh! I pray it doesn’t take that long!

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                          I have a code 841 refund cancel and I have a code 971 notice sent on my transcript. But I didn’t get this until after the bank reject my refund.

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                            I filed on 1/20 only to have the irs tell me that they didn’t receive my return until 1/22 although the letter I received from my accountant states a received date of 1/20. While on the phone with the irs the first time I was told to call back the next day due to the dates being different than what I thought. Called back the next day only to be told my return was under review and I would receive a letter in the mail. She asked if I received this letter (which I have not) only for me to look on my transcript and see a date of 2/23/15 next to the code 971 notice issued. I still have my code 570 with a date of 2/16. If only I knew what all this meant I would feel less stressed.

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                              Jesinsocali talked to a tax advocate today and she said the 50 was a 4 day freeze and was supose to go off tomorrow because they couldn’t direct deposit my refund either. Im guessing because of a large return. She said my refund should
                              update tomorrow and if I dont have a change by friday to call back. Let me know when they update you on when the are mailing a check, just wondering how many days it takes .

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                                I posted this on the main feed, but just in case it gets buried….

                                I just spoke to the IRS a bit ago. I’ve been able to view my trans for a little over 2 weeks. The first week I was all 000’s and the second week, it was filled out with codes 150, 866, 766, 766, 768, 570. I filed the 20th and HRB says I was accepted the 21st. I called today and fibbed that I was at 21 days and a woman looked into my account for a good 15 minutes. She verified everything from my Employer’s (2 W2s were filed), to my personal info, to my kid’s info, to practically my horoscope.

                                The first thing she told me right away is that they did not even receive my return until February 3rd! She says everything looks fine and that I’ll probably be getting a letter soon asking me to verify my income since I got the additional ACA credit and my income went up from last year, but still was not what I had estimated, plus I had the additional job. She told me to wait out the 21 days they require starting from the 3rd and to call back if I don’t either get my refund or instructions about how to prove my income.

                                So that 570 code I’ve been staring at isn’t quite as scary as I thought. Hopefully this all works itself out because the “this may delay your refund a little” was not too comforting. I’m glad I got SOME info finally though.

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                                  When did the bank reject your refund? Mine was rejected the 5th and irs is still saying they havnt gotten it and to wait 5 weeks..

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                                    On wmr my refund amount is back and I cant pull up my transcripst. I hope its updating. ….

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                                      Hey, so I also have a 570 code. The strange thing is mine appeared after my bank rejected my return. The IRS was only supposed to send me a paper check but now I HAVE A 570 CODE. oops sorry about the caps. Hahaha, anyways….I called and I have been given about seven different reasons. The irs has to review info to make sure your address is correct, they are verifying income, they just hold your money for 30 days…etc. im so irritated. Anyone else have a situation like this, or know whats up?

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                                        They didnt give me a reason but I have quadrupedal checked my account info and its correct. I saw a rumor that its because of the amount which sounds stupid seeing that they are so worried about fraud.

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                                          Transcripts still the same and my bars went missing this morning on WMR……….. Not even the “your refund will be issued within 21 days” message is there. Now it just says it’ll be processed and a refund date will be given soon. Wtf! Give me my money!! Hoping for good things but losing hope very quickly.

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                                            @jesinsocal – did they give a reason for the check vs. DD?

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                                              I have code 570, but no 971. Been hanging out like this since Tuesday/Wednesday. I cannot wait to call on Tuesday and find out my misfortune. So greatful I don’t need this money quick, I’d be losing my mind. Hopefully everyone gets theirs soon. I’m keepin my fingers crossed for ya’ll. Filed the 20th, accepted 21st. Nothing strange or different about my return except for getting an additional $160 credit from ACA because my income was less than my estimate due to 2.5 months of FMLA leave for surgery.

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                                                Christy…sounds like it’s an internal review..but let’s have faith we will all get our Money!!

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                                                  I have the same codes. But I had the healthcare penalty and a large return. And my date was changed from 2-16 to 2-23. Could it just be a internal review? My healthcare penalty hasn’t been taken out yet. How long did it take for you to process. I filed 1-22

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                                                    Crystal, don’t feel dumb I found out the hard way. My pop up blocker has such a small icon I was getting so frustrated.

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                                                      Mine looked like this

                                                      150 return filed (cycle #) 2/23/15 $0.00
                                                      806 Withholding 4/15/15 -$x,xxx
                                                      766 Credit 4/15/15 -$xxx
                                                      971 Notice 2/23/15 $0.00
                                                      570 Action pending 2/23/15 $0.00
                                                      571 Action Complete 3/02/15 $0.00
                                                      846 Refund sent 3/02/16 $x,xxx

                                                      I hope this helps. The negative in the withholding and credit is refund due to you.

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                                                        account balance plus accruals shows a minus sign before my refund amount, is that a good thing? I also have codes 570 and 971 please help!

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                                                          Jdubb: anyupdates For you?

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                                                            @jesinsocal, I have the exact same code as you filed 01/22 was accepted the same you remember if you had a negative balance on the refund? Before you got approved

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                                                              I eventually figured out the pop up blocker thing. lmao. i felt like an idiot. mine wasn’t so lucky and my codes were still there. I’m hoping an update on friday will show something different since my trans don’t update but once a week.

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                                                                Tonya, they told me the same thing. I think they are reading off a script. All it did was freak me out, my WMR is updated and they are sending me a check instead of a direct deposit.

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                                                                  Same codes 570, then the 971. I could pull up my transcripts 2/1 and all I had was the 570 then Friday 2/6 the 971. The only thing different was the new heath care this year. I called the IRS they said that I would be getting some letter. The guys was saying something about identity and then the letter may ask me about income or to provide additional information. He said to go over my return which I have many times now and be proactive. But its crazy that they don’t tell you what the letter is about when they know its being sent out. Why all the mystery. Its all madness.

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                                                                    Also, I had a date 2/23/15 next to the 971/570 and my 571 and 846 has a date of 3/2/15. Ill let you know when I actually get the refund. I hoping its not in March, would love to pay down some bills before then. Crystal, the transcripts are a pop up so if you have a pop up blocker you need to turn it off to pull up the transcripts.

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                                                                      I filed and was accepted on 1/22, I was able to view my transcripts on 2/2 they updated over night (2/7/15) because I checked at midnight last night and they were still showing 971 and 570. Those are the only code I had except the usual refund codes. This morning I had a 571 action complete and 846 refund sent. My hypothesis is either they are holding a lot to give them more time to process or they are holding ones with large amounts. I had none of the triggers to hold my account except a large refund.

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                                                                        @jesinsocal- did your transcripts update to a 846 over the weekend? How long have you been able to view? was the date beside the 971 & 570? Sorry for all the questions.

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                                                                          YAY! That’s great. I hope I get the same news. My transcript won’t even come up. I tried clicking on it a few times and it’ll start to load, the screen flickers, then nothing. I guess I’ll try again in a few hours. This is so stressful! I’ll be happy once it’s over and next year I’ll be patient and file a little later in the season. 0.o

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                                                                            My return was released this morning, I hope yours were too. Now its the waiting game on when do we get it?

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                                                                              Jensinsocal I had to call several times before someone would even answer my question. This is ridiculous how the IRS will not give you any information on your tax return I think they should have warned everyone that they return will be late and that would have kept down over 50% of the phone calls that would atlease giving us some closure instead of being hit with a surprise.

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                                                                                Mesha, who at the IRS did you talk to? Im not getting anyone that will give me info. I talked to 3 different people and they all keep acting like everything is fine but wont tell me whats going on.

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                                                                                  I called the Irs today, and I was told if your 570 code updated from Feb 16 to Feb 23, you’re in further review! If your 570 code says Feb 16, we will get our refund next week…fingers crossed!

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                                                                                    I check my mail daily and I have called, Im hoping they are just buying themselves time to get this stuff done. Thankfully I dont need the money this exact second but I do want my billions back :D

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                                                                                      I’m showing the exact same codes. I’ve been stressing over and over what code have gone wrong. I checked my mail today and no letter from the IRS.

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                                                                                        I m in the same…my transcript showed the exact same thing this morning …what’s going on??

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                                                                                          I’m in the same boat however my transcripts have not even updated to reflect a hold on my tax return. I was told by an IRS representative today them a letter was mailed on the 30th but I haven’t received that yet either. I’m really frustrated at this point but you’re not alone just to let you know…

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                                                                                            I hate to say this, but Im glad Im not the only one. Sounds like we have the same situation. I have no debts owed, I haven’t missed filing my taxes in the past, I should be about .01 percent chance of an audit. I filed on the 22 and have the same codes. Besides a pay raise my taxes are exactly the same as last year. Have health insurance, dependents not over 17, no EIC.

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