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      So I was accepted 01/30/22

      My transcript says as of March 07

      Code 570 03/07/2022
      Code 971 03/14/2022
      Received a CP05 letter on 03/17/2022
      Saying they are holding my refund until we finish reviewing.

      What next? Anyone dealing with this or has dealt with it and can help explain it for me? TYIA

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          I received my CP05 letter on 3/14. I called last week and they told me I need to give them up to 120 days. They also stated that my return is being held for income verification. I was able to check SSA today and saw that my income listed for 2021 is $0. I waited on hold for 1 hour and reached an agent with SSA who stated that they have not received my W-3 or W-2. I will have my job resubmit information.

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            Same scenario for my son filed 3/8 570 and 971 codes rcvd CP05 letter 4/18 per the trancript. Noticed his wages transcript is blank. SSA showing $26 more than W2s. I believe this is the holdup. Wondering if he should just fax in the w2 copies?

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              wow just called and now they told me 120 days instead of 60 the letter stated ,because there backed up. I filed 1/28/22. could come anytime between the 120 days. There reviewing to make sure income is correct. I’m self employed doordash so i wonder if it’s because of them sending out wrong information.

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                same here any updates

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                  I am broke as F

                    My name was previously “I am broke” and as of today it is now “I am broke as F” because I still have no update. My transcripts are N/A. My WMR still has that delayed message and “we understand your refund is important and we are working…” that is F’ing BS! They don’t understand at all! It’s been over 2 F’ing months!!! I need my F’ing refund!!!

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                      Anyone have an update?

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                      I am broke

                        So people filed late January, received letter mid-March to wait another 60 days as of mid-March? That pushes it through mid-May. That’s some F’d up S right there! After mid-April, they going to have to pay you interest on that refund if they drag this on until mid-May.

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                          I was accepted 01/31/22

                          My transcript says as of March 07

                          Code 570 03/07/2022
                          Code 971 03/14/2022
                          Received a CP05 letter on 03/20/2022
                          Letter says they are holding my refund, takes up to 60 days.

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                            Same here. Just got CPO5 today 3/21. Really hoping review won’t take full 60 days!

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                              Please keep me updated. We have the same issues but my as of is 03/14.

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