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code 570

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    Hi all:

    I have a code of 20150405 and below it says this:

    570 Additional Account Action Pending 2/16/2015

    It’s that last one that concerns me. What does it mean?

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    The last code posted to my transcript for tax year 2013 was a 570…that was over a year ago. The only letter I have received was one immediately following filing my return stating that my account needed further review and I would be updated within 45 days (I think it actually said no longer than 45 days). A financial hardship allowed me access to a tax advocate but that was a waste of time. After allowing the time I was given to use the advocate expire so that I could finally speak to the IRS directly (when you have an advocate, the IRS won’t give you ANY information- they refer you back to your advocate), IRS customer service told me that they didn’t see anything that would cause my refund to be held and that they submitted a request for my account to be reviewed for the hold to be released. I was told to call again in 30 days if I wasn’t notified sooner. So I called 30 days later. This time, I was told that my refund was placed on hold because they needed my employer to verify my information- however, they were apologetic about my refund STILL being on hold since my employer verified my information as soon as it was requested, last year. Another request for the hold to be removed was said to have been submitted and I was told it would be resolved within 30-45 days. That was March 4th- my transcript hasn’t been updated so I’m sure when I call today, I’ll be hanging up with another 30-45 day waiting period. It’s just unreal.


    My bars on WMR Went away almost 2 months ago, got in contact with IRS about 3 weeks ago and they said my taxes were put on hold but they cannot see why. That I just have to wait for a letter from them. I waited and waited and no letter had come. So I called them again yesterday and they said that that same day they took the hold off my taxes and that I should receive my full refund within 2 to 3 weeks, but I checked WMR and my transcripts and everythig is still the same. Now, I don’t know what to do or what to believe…. Help?!


    I got the codes 570/971 notice was issue on 2-23 but haven’t received anything in the mail yet. I had insurance the whole year. Don”t know whats going on.


    I have 2 codes 570 also.


    My sister has the exact same codes as the opening poster. Hers is over 10k and today she just got a second 570. I haven’t seen anyone with 2 570’s one on top of the other. She called and the lady said you’re scheduled for dd on the 19th don’t worry, but she never got the 846. No healthcare from the marketplace or government help to pay for it, so it isn’t relating to that I don’t think…. It’s just strange.


    I received my 4464c letter it was dated January 23. I can view my transcripts an it has all my income amounts but at the bottom the last code is 570 I’ve called irs several times an gotten different answers but supposedly when we filed early it caused us to be resequenced an made us get it 2 weeks late but I have had code 570 for 2 weeks no updates all it has out to side of the 570 code is march 2,2015 does anyone know what that means an I had iinsurance through my state which is Tennessee all year


    I had just a 570 for a little over a week. Called IRS, she told me I may need to verify my income and that a letter may be sent. She said nothing else looked off on my return. This morning, my transcript updated to a 971- letter sent. So, I guess they’ll be wanting my W2’s.

    I see a couple had multiple 766 credits on their transcripts like I did. Did you get an additional refund from having the ACA credit? Not a penalty, but more money added to your refund for your income being lower than your estimate? I have a feeling that’s why they want me to verify my income. All my info is pretty much the same otherwise.

    MelissaG in Tennessee

    Has anyone who had the 570 code received their refunds or an update yet???


    I have the 570 code too, but not the code others were talking about from the health insurance. I called and was told they are reviewing my return and could take up to an additional 45 days and they will let me know if they need further information.
    Codes 806-766-768-570
    Anyone have any other info?
    I’m thinking of calling tax advocate Monday.


    I got the code 971/570 on my transcripts as well. I had insurance all year for everyone in my family, and I don’t owe any offsets or taxes according to the offset hotline number. I guess it’s another week of waiting since mine updates weekly. Grr..


    any word yet for anyone who had thees codes??


    @jojomarie – I got mine this am – I sure hope so!!! I got 570 and 971 … nothing in the mail yet. Also WMR is one bar topic 152 I had insurance through employer


    It looks like this code takes about a week to come off. My transcripts just updated this morning and I had the 570 code.


    Does anyone have any updates yet on their return.. I got a code 570 but not the other code that most ur saying I would get if it was a penalty from Obamacare.. I had Obama care for 2 months in the rest of the year I was uninsured I do have a $40 payment to them..


    Is there an ETA on when those 58% should get their refunds? Next year, I’m filing later. :-(


    Thanks everyone. I did have insurance the entire time though. Ugh, this is making me tired. But at least it’s not just me.


    You must not have had insurance and did not qualify for an exemption. That code is there to show you the fee.


    The 570 code is for the obamacare penalty. We all have it. People who filed before the 23rd are still waiting on their refunds. The system wasn’t ready for it. They have since fixed the system yet 58% of people who early efiled are still waiting on their refunds.


    A 570 usually means they are manually reviewing your return and may require additional information, If you get a 971 that means they are mailing you something.


    570 I/B Additional Liability Pending/or
    Credit Hold

    Did you call the offset number to make sure you didnt have any offsets?


    @Keri: No


    did you file injured spouse?

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