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Code 570

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      Any idea what this code means? My transcripts just updated to this, no 846.

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        I am still waiting and I filled 1/30.

        Did you have to verify?

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          Did you receive a letter pertaining to I.d. Verification?

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            I am still waiting and I filled 1/30.

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              I have a 570 code with a date 5/8/23 on transcript
              What does that mean?

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                Congratulations @Nikki! I’m still waiting. I got another letter saying it will be an additional 60 days.

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                Nikki O

                  Finally got that update I’ve been waiting to see. Code 845 for 4/12… Amen

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                    It means wait a week and you will get 846 ! I got same and they credited my account another 145 bucks for something I missed. Just means further review

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                    Nikki O

                      No change here.. same boat as you

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                        I still have no updates on my 570 code with 3/6 processing date. Anyone else?

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                          01/25 accepted and first movement for WMR and transcripts today!!! Not 846 code but another credit I apparently missed on and they added for like $175 bucks with a “notice issued” . Likely 04/03 DD if I had to bet! Good luck January / Feb scragglers like me!

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                            has anyone had any movement on their transcripts this week from 570? mine still shows a date of 3-27-2023

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                              Nikki? Did you update?

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                                Unfortunately no movement here, I’m a weekly. I’m hoping I see a little sign of hope Friday. My As Of date hasn’t even changed even it’s well passed the 6th of March

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                                  every time i call, i am told different things every time. one agent says they are doing a review and to wait 60 days but it should be less than that. another agent said she has no information. i just spoke with one a few minutes ago asking if there is a hold and she told me it is now at 120 days and it is because of COVID. i have the same 570 code as everyone else. i got the 4464C letter like everyone else. my 570 has a date of 3-27-2023 next to it.

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                                    That is GREAT news! Gives me hope that mine might update soon as well!


                                    Have you had any movement?

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                                      I had the 570 for a couple of weeks, no 971. I called on 3/3, the lady on the phone said that there was a hold on my account and that she removed it. Today I updated with a DDD 3/15. As of yesterday afternoon my transcript was still showing the 570 code.

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                                        Nikki I’m in the same situation.

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                                          570 could be one of the following:

                                          The tax credit amount you reported for credits such as the Child Tax Credit or Earned Income Tax Credit do not match what the IRS has on record.
                                          The stimulus payment amounts you entered do not match what the IRS has on record.
                                          Your reported wages do not match the amounts your employer reported.
                                          Your identification requires further verification.
                                          You filed for an Injured Spouse Allocation using Form 8379

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                                            Unfortunately I haven’t updated, I got the 570 and 971 codes for two weeks now and my As Of date has been on 3/6. Received a letter saying it was a hold on my funds and that no other action was needed from me. I was really hoping for an update today, not understanding why my AS OF date didn’t even change

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                                              Nikki did yours update? What was your as of date?

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                                                Means there is a hold on your funds

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