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      For all those wondering, code 152 does not mean anything good or bad. It is just a general information code about the refund. If you have a code 152.. that means there are currently no issues with your return. There are other codes that do mean something is wrong, if you get another code, then it will be time to worry.

      It usually takes about 5-7 days to APPROVE a refund but, could take more because some returns require additional review. Then several more days for that refund to be sent out depending on where you fall in the ACH queuing system and what days are designated as refund transmit days. In any case, if there are no issues with your return, you can expect a refund in 7-21 days.

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        Kristi h

          I get that.

          Maybe it was a few years ago, we were held up and that made tax code 152 such a good thing…a sign of progress?

          It’s probably normal now but I do remember a filing year where everyone was delighted when that showed up.

          That may have been the year our returns went to manual processong and got delayed til Feb. 28 then it got pulled up sooner a week later.

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