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Code 150

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    What does this code mean on your return transcript? I’ve never looked at one before and i’m so confused. I do have the refund issued code 846 and it’s for the full amount… but i was under the impression we’d have an offset… Help please :)

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    Well it shows nothing was taken out. that would be fantastic! :) guess i’ll know for sure when WMR updates. Thanks!!!


    If 846 is the last code then you should be good!! Refund should be sent minus offset and offset should be shown as taken out


    The 846 is the last code on my transcript… I called the IRS dude was no help lol. i know there is an offset because state took our refund already. so i would assume federal would take the rest that’s owed, don’t you think? and when my husband calls it says there’s a current debt that could offset his refund… SO confused!


    Ok but on the list of codes you have – is 846 the last one or 150. 150 is not a freeze – sorry it is tax on return ???


    It’s before my refund amount.


    That’s a hold / freeze on refund for further information. I have it as of this morning. Is it before or after you 846 code?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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