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      I had filed my return on 1/21. I received a couple of days later that my was return was processed and should be deposited by 1/30. On 1/29 my status changed to there has been a delay processing your refund. Your refund date may have changed and the reference code was 1121. It still says the same thing. I looked at my transcript and I am confused because it says my refund was sent then cancelled on 2/16 which has not happenrd.yet. can someone please help me understand. Thanks.

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          No money 22 days and counting. I hope we get it soon makes me upset because they don’t give me a straight answer.

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            Its been 22 days and mines still have 1121 code please help will I get my money has anyone with this problem gotten their money

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              Nope. I called again today and still nothing. That I need to wait the 60 days and my return is under review.

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                I’m in the same situation I file on 1/28 got accepted on the same day and had a dd on 2/6 and when I went to check had that number 1121. The told me to called back after the 21st day because I still have time to receive my fund. Have you heard anything?

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                  No I haven’t

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                    No I haven’t

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                      cynthia did you get your refund

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                        so I called right at 7 am to the phone # given on the take action screen and it said having technical difficulties try your call later. Then I called 800-829-1040 and go to the get status and enter all your info. After you hear the code 1121/delay recording there will be an option to speak to an operator. In 24 minutes I found out they froze the refund till the 21st day, they jumped the gun with the early refunds. He did tell me code 1121 has a broad scope of meanings for the IRS so just call to see which pertains to you!!! Hope you all get your refunds quick :)

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                          i got that last year it means you are under review and you will get a letter that will say wait up to 60 days I will consider that you wait on the 22nd day than contact a hardship advocate in your area. and get them to get to get to work for you otherwise you are going to play the waiting game. but I hope it’s a error and you still get it. good luck!

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                            I had the same problem last year and it was a glitch. I was to get my deposit on 2/6 last year and didn’t get it til the 20th.

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