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      What do these codes mean??? I know I had Code 846 and now, it’s 841 – Refund Canceled. Please tell me why this is???? Bart??? Anyone??

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        frustrated taxpayer

          I had this issue last year along with thousands of other people. We had all filed early and had a ddd of 2/6 and when 2/6 hit we had no money and instead our wmr changed from refund sent to code 1121 And our transcripts changed from 846 to 841, refund cancelled. Some of use had to wait anywhere from 3 weeks to a couple months to get our money. Others still haven’t seen anything. If you have Facebook check out the group “1121”. It was formed last year when it happened And was very helpful. Good luck to you all who have this code.

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            If you go to the thread entitled “Bart’s Thoughts”….he will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. He’s been excellent!

            When did you file? Did you claim EIC? Self-employment income? I’m still not sure WHY I have that code and they stopped my refund! So aggravating!

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              I have the same problem but i guess no one is here to answer us

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