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Claimed look back credit and wmr Updated to still processing

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    Jenn w

    I filed 1/26 and was accepted 2/12 through Jackson Hewitt. Filed married jointly with eitc and child tax credit. I was pending w one bar and topic 152 until this morning and now it shows no bars and refund still processing and date will be updated once avail. My tax lady had told me the look back could cause delays but so many people have claimed
    To have received their refund while having claimed this. Is anyone else in this same boat? I’ve never had my status change to this previous years.. I’m beginning to freak out

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    Saturday lost bars and tt152 amount still to the left. Still being processed refund date will be provided when available. Checked this morning around 830 am cst it was the same. Just checked wmr again at 926 pm cst and tt152 has come back and now the amount is gone. So confused to whats going on. Can’t access transcripts. Anyone have any ideas?

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    Look Back gives you the option of using your prior year return for the purpose of increasing low income tax credits since this year most of us earned less than usual.

    The recovery rebate is a credit for those who didn’t receive their stimulus checks. Two different things that get mixed up a lot.

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    Jenn w

    I pulled my forms on the Jackson Hewitt portal and it shows all forms submitted w my taxes and there is a form jh included stating there will be delays from me claiming the credit ?? It was apparently originally for the stimulus payments and handwritten in they put for the look back option

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    Gotcha! Thanks for the explanation!

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    The Look Back Option was added this year because many people received a lot of unemployment last year. Because unemployment is not earned income, the new tax law allows filers to opt to use their 2019 AGI to calculate their EITC, if it’s higher than 2020.

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    Excuse my ignorance but what is the look back option and what reason would someone have chosen to file that way ? This is the first I’ve ever heard of it

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    BTW Filed HOH 2/11/2021 accepted same day
    with EITC and ACTC
    Recovery rebate for child born 2020 and for myself because didn’t get at all
    Look back
    My Where’s my refund still have 1 bar no changes there!
    Can not see Transcripts no on line access.

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    Guess the question is now @Jenn do we waste are time calling the IRS to see if we can get more Info or just keep waiting! Single mom in a car wreck in Dec and have not been able to work related to injuries since. Has used all my saving paying the bills the last few months! Need my refund until I get back to work after my broken leg heals. If I would of known using look back would delay I just wouldn’t of used it!

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    @Jenn w – how did you check on your filed taxes with the look back that it said that it would cause a delay? I’m thinking I may call an HRB agent and see if they can tell me anymore info. I’m so confused.

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    Jenn w

    I just pulled my scanned tax return and I did sign a paper saying I understand that claiming the credit would cause a delay… I guess I was just so excited to get a larger refund that I didn’t really pay attention to it… now I’m nervous 😬

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    I sure hope thats not true 6 months if people knew that they wouldn’t of used the look back I am sure. I was never told that when I prepared my taxes that is something that should of popped up when they asked if you wanted to use it!

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    Jenn w

    The lady from Jackson Hewitt told me it could be a six month delay???!!! She told me the irs has released to them this has put us way in back of the line by claiming the look back and that the irs is leaving it up to tax preparers to relay the info because they are still overwhelmed w the stimulus… I am hoping the six month time frame is bs and I’m praying for us all that this resolves quickly 🙏🏽

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    Same here. I had the recovery rebate credit for my 2020 baby and used previous years AGI. I have never waited more than 2 weeks to receive mine and Friday it will be 21 days. I pray they don’t get delayed as long as that last stimulus did for me. I got 60 days before move out and I need them funds. I got my state which was writer bc I owe my state fines and they have always been taken but I woke up to them in my account. Just keeping faith and praying they send this federal ASAP.

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    Same :( updated to still processing Thursday night. A lot of people have updated to this.

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    Same boat good strength & spirits tho

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    I’m in the same boat. So stressed

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