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Chime Users DDD 2/24

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    Has anyone that uses chime received their refund yet that are supposed to get it tomorrow? My DDD is 2/24 and mine has cleared SBTG but nothing yet. I called Chime and they said it drops at midnight if it hasn’t already.

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    Ashley NJ

    Mine came yesterday morning around 8AM smh…. It took all day next year I’m paying fees upfront I will never go through SBTPG again see you guys next year!

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    Yes mine finally hit earlier this morning. Until next year everyone. Enjoy!

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    Just Relax

    Chime deposit hit @ 8 this morning

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    Have CHIME…deposit hit about 2 hours ago!

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    @TJ ANY luck? @ashley NJ any luck? Just received mine through chime on the East coast

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    Mine just hit Chim 4am. Used crappy TT fees processed by SBTPG. Good luck everyone!

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    Thanks @TJ smh they act as if this is something new. Lol whatever at this point I don’t even care anymore! You guys have a great day and I hope everyone is paid soon

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    Just spoke with supervisor – he said since they are dealing with such large sums process can be complicated but once they receive from irs they’ll immediately deposit.

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    Glad to hear. Hopefully they pull through for everybody as well.

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    Mine finally hit about 5 mins ago while reading posts on here

    Chime DDD 2/24

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    Ok. I guess just keep us posted. I only said that because I’ve seen several people post on here and it just be all BS.

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    I called and that’s exactly what the representative told me. No reason to lie, I myself am just trying to get an understanding of what exactly is going on. Still on the phone with them now waiting to speak with a supervisor.

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    I just called them. They did not tell me that. Only thing I was told was that they didn’t see my deposit and as soon as they do they will send it. Some of these people on here just be cap.

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    Looks like chime users are also having issues with their paycheck as well as tax refund. I’m on the phone with chime supervisor now.

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    Someone called earlier and Chime said “they are having issues with this batch and DD will be deposited throughout the day.”

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    @ashley I’m over it. Going back to bed. I’ve been restless

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    Ashley NJ

    @bc30 still nothing it’s 6:19AM

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    @ashley NJ, still nothing? I’m in NJ as well and nothing has posted to my chime smh

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    Ashley NJ

    Nothing in my chime account yet smh… it’s 3:15AM Eastern time

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    I received my refund yesterday morning in my chime account filed through H&R block. Had fees taken out and the advance. DDD 2/24 but I received it on the morning of 23rd

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    Still nothing in my account as of yet.

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    @hiloshark Thank you for the correction, you are so right. CHIME is Pacific Time. So it’s not yet 02/24/2022 there yet.

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    chimes actually in san francisco they are on pacific time. as far as i know , thats where they were when i first signed up years ago.

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    I am just working on a theory here. Chime Bank is Central Time. At the time of this posting it is not 02/24/22 there. So I am just working on a theory that deposits that haven’t been made will start dropping anytime after 1:00AM EST on.

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    SAME! SBTPG shows funded since this morning….. 02/24 deposit date and guess what… CHIME ALSO hasn’t funded my paycheck which hits every Wed night between 6 pm- 11:30 pm est but as of 12;07 NOTHING… no payroll or SBTPG transfer. Someone is getting interest off our moolah!

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    I just got my payroll on time as usual but still nothing from TT. I’ve been funded on TPG since 6am

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    Denise N.

    Nope and I’m pissed chime hasn’t paid me my payroll check either

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    Coco love

    I have chime and I’m still waiting, last years mines drop round 3am and I’m from florida

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    I haven’t gotten shit yet but my girl got hers at 3am on her DDD last week. I have faith we will all get ours between 12-3am tonight! Just hang in there. I can’t stop reading and stressing on Reddit or here either

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    I don’t have Chime, but there is a long thread of people with Chime that did receive their deposit. I believe it may depend on your time zone. Hope this helps a little.

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