Chime PATH act DDD watch

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    Filed 1/19/20
    Accepted 1/21/20
    WMR We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

    Now we wait. Made this for others whom bank with chime hopefully we can get a little chime community to see if our returns will hit sooner just like our payroll checks do.

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    Juan Cabrera

    My DDD for Az state refund was 3/2/20 was told by Arizona office of a revenue should arrive no later than today. Called chime they have nothing for me yet. Now seeing it’s a common issue across the board turbo tax confirmed my banking and routing info wtf is going on? Just like everyone else that money was for bills that I needed to pay like yesterday!!!

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    Ddd 2/26
    Using chime like last year except it came early last year but this year…
    still no deposit
    Sbtpg taken fees and sent to my bank
    7:13 pm in cali and still no refund
    Called chime and was just given the run around about processing and to wait
    Its actually way pass the timeframe given by chime and sbtpg.
    Im very frustrated about this

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    Got mines 10:54 pst last night

    1/27 filed

    1/29 accepted

    Path hold until Feb 15th

    DDD 2/26/2020

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    I got mine at 1:05 am EST bank with chime EITC dd 2/26/2020.

    The routing and account numbers showed up on the SBTPG website around 7pm 2/26.

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    This is crazy… I got mine a day early last year… It was sent to my bank on the 25th according to stgb.. Here it is the 27th and it still hasn’t made it.

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    The problem seems to be the irs and these tax companies. Especially if you had fees with turbo tax. This has been the worst tax season I’ve ever experienced.

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    I received mine at 9:58 pm PST on 2/26 via Chime.

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    Finally got mine at 1:10AM in GA.

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    Received my dd from work but not the irs I have dd date of 2/26 what is going on man?

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    Checked irs website and says it was sent the 26th yet still nothing from chime. I will not be using them next year. Fuck that lol

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    What if we sidnt file a joint tax return and DDD was 26th? This is my 4th year using TT and first year using CHIME. I’ve ALWAYS gotten mine before my husband. I’m really concerned and cant get ANY answers as to where my money is.

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    App back up and running and still no dd from Chime

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    Ashlie Nicholas

    Yeah apparently all of us w joint returns are getting screwed…luckily my hubby is the primary tax payer & it’s he’s chime so it hasn’t been rejected but we had to send all our tax forms, IDs etc not just once but twice…so once I finally got through to chime on the phone they said it was being reviewed & should show up shortly…which it never says you have to do that online so I’m not sure how they can even hold our $ like this…I know who I’m not using next yr!

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    Um… what?? I want to cry right now. I really need those taxes ASAP. I hope this doesn’t happen. I can’t wait 6 to 8 weeks. I hate chime so much. I should have never used them.

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    SBTPG says taxes were paid 02/25.. And still nothing from Chime @630 in Arizona!!

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    Any one know about summit credit union I’m in NC . Had a DDD of today but nothing used turbo tax

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    To everyone that has not got there tax check first i am going to say it is not tubro 5ax it was all chime. They never sent any of us a email that explained there tax return rules so none of us new this and THIS IS THE BIG ONE FOR PEOPLE THAT FILED TOGETHER if you name is not on it or the primary on the taxes they will reject it and send it back to the irs so you will get your money but it is going to be 6 to 8 weeks more

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    Davion Webster

    Was supposed to receive my refund i filed joint with my wife nothing since this morning she’s on the edge and I’m wondering if our taxes is ever going to come we used chime it’s been good till now. Hopefully we get our refund tomorrow or so.

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    It’s almost 8 and still nothing. Never again.

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    My husband got his at 1 am and he uses a different bank. I have called chime many times only to be stuck on hold then to mysteriously be disconnected.

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    Ashlie Nicholas

    @bmillz23 we have the same last name but still had to send in our complete 1040 forms & a copy of both of our IDs & as of 1 today they said it’s showing it’s still being reviewed & it cld take up to 24 hrs…this is just ridiculous bc it says online joint refunds were excepted as long as the primary taxpayer match the chime account (which it does)

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    My routing number changed also. Any one had this happen and if so have u received a dd. This is awful

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    Done with chime and turbo tax this is crazy you should have things planned out for the tax season like it’s crazy and not right at all like some people make plans around what there tax return is some people arent rich and need that money when its supposed to be there smh

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    Something is technically wrong.

    We’re working hard to restore service as soon as possible. You may still use your Chime card anywhere VISA is accepted.

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    My first and last year using CHIME and TURBO TAX. Going back using my WF account next year. Trying to get my refund a few days early wasn’t worth the hassle that I’ve had to deal with between TT, SBTPG and CHIME.

    I called Turbo Tax to get some info and the rep said it could take 1-2 days before SBTPG pays out.

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    My chime app is still down.

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    Yes but they told me because me and my wife have the same last name we should be ok but I sent everything in anyways

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    In Tennessee with a dd of 2/26 and still nothing. Glad I didn’t need to have some bills paid today 😑

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    I still haven’t gotten my refund with deposit date of the 26th … I use chime in Ohio anyone else having this issue??

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    Chime app bck up

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    Ashlie Nicholas

    @bmillz23 Did you have a joint return also & have to send in all ur tax forms etc??

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    Has anyone recieved there refund from chime on today that has today being there dispursement day.

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    Filed w/TT & had fees taken out.
    DD 2/26
    Received an email from turbo tax at 1AM saying my refund was coming soon.
    Received refund at 2:30AM
    California Time
    Chime bank

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    They did the same for me and I still havent gotten my refund

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    Ashlie Nicholas

    chime has jerked me around w my joint refund for 2 damn days needing more info which I immediately sent in & I’m still flipping waiting…
    Now their system is down OMG this is ridiculous

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    Around Christmas, the Federal Reserve Bank went down for ACH so it happens a lot. There are millions of us on apps, websites, and automated calling systems. The joys of technology. Used to wait at the window for the mail person…now we all wait online for our check deposits.

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    If they try and send are refunds in and chime is down will it get rejected then????

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    Chime Twitter account saying card can still be used, can anyone confirm that their card is still working?

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    Now Chime is down!!! Another delay. Bs

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    And the Chime app is down…

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    Why did I bank with Chime? My direct deposit from my job was supposed to come in today too! So I will just be broke all the way around until they get their system up and running?

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    It’s not Chime it’s the 3rd party vendor. SBTG system is having “technical difficulties” which is causing the delay. They don’t know when it will be functional again and says it can take 24-48 hrs before you receive your refund. This came from a SBTG representative after being on hold for hours. Essentially their system got overwhelmed with the amount of deposits and ppl checking their status that it crashed the system which is what’s happening to Chime as we speak smh

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    Anyone talk with chime ?? They’re down , hopefully updated and dropping money in out accounts . 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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    Did chime pull the ultimate finesse

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    No chime app is down 😂😂

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    Guys just because it is scheduled to be sent today doesn’t mean. It was sent first thing this morning. You guys are being ridiculous

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    I cant even get into the sbtpg keeps saying my social isnt on file like what the hell does that mean this tax season is horrible and turbo tax are pretty much saying thing font know what’s going on

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    SBTG shows payment sent 2/26/2020 but have not received deposit yet. Can’t confirm fees paid on TurboTax End, but showing paid on SBTG. Hoping for a deposit before Friday.

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    Called SBTPG just to confirm that they even sent the refund. The automated system says they haven’t even received my refund but the website shows it received, fees paid and payment sent. I’ve been holding for 56 minutes for someone to come to the phone smh.

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    I hope this is not due to my middle initial not being on my bank account.Usually mines is there on the date,never had this problem before.Im in Georgia and if this is Chimes doing,this is ridiculous… Please keep us posted as you all receive yours,So we can keep the faith as well..Im about to call Chime now,Myself Smh🤔

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    I received my ddd for 2/26 and still havent received anything yet.Im starting to wonder is it because my middle initial is on my taxes,bit not on my Chime account.Last previous years I used my Suntrust acct and it has my middle initial on it,however chime doesn’t. And Im checking the bar on the irs site and it hasnt said sent yet..I have no idea whats going on🙀

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    Update: So I spoke with Chime they said if they have posted it then they haven’t received it. They said they post deposits all day long 24 hours a day except on weekends. They said as soon as they receive the deposit the will post it. Looks like the delay is on the SBTPG end.

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    Deposits still need to clear the Federal Reserve Bank before Chime sees them. It’s probably moving slowing since thousands, if not millions are expecting deposits today.

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    Chime said they havent received my refund but sbtpg says it was sent early this morning

    #4381936 Reply


    IRS has sent refund, SBTPG has taken fees and sent refund. Still nothing on my CHIME account with DDD 2/26 as of 8:30 PST. Going to give them a call and get some generic response I’m sure.

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    Ms B

    I was to get mines today. So far nothing

    #4381853 Reply


    Like where the hell is are money smh

    #4381852 Reply


    I called and was on hold for almost 30 minutes.

    #4381845 Reply


    How are you guys getting through to a representative with chime?

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    It’s almost 11 and still nothing. I will not use them next year. This is beyond ridiculous.

    #4381757 Reply


    Still nothing this is getting me mad

    #4381718 Reply


    Yes.. I got my refund around 5am see y’all next year and I hope the rest of you guys get your money soon. Til next year guy’s.

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    Ok yall mine just posted i didnt get a notification fron chime just check yall accounts im in New jersey

    #4381543 Reply


    Super weird..

    Chime suddenly shows my deposit as of 2:41AM.. but it wasn’t there when I woke up at 6:00AM.

    Not complaining.. just sayin’.

    #4381534 Reply


    I’m in Alabama 8:52 and mines just posted. I literally stayed on hold for chime rep for 40min and once the man got on the line and looked at my account it posted. It’s a waiting game you guys but I do believe y’all should be receiving yours soon as well

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    DD 2/26
    SBTPG says sent 2/26
    no dd yet.
    Chime bank

    I haven’t received my DD yet but I faithfully receive my DD at least 1 day early from my job. I did check my statement from last year with chime (my DD date from WMR was 2/26). It was deposited in my bank at 6pm on 2/26/2019. Hopefully it goes in around the same time this year? Just wanted to give a little hope!

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    Sbtpg saying my social isnt on file now what is going on this is crazy I’ve never not gotten my taxes on the day it was supposed to be dd now all of a sudden its not coming through this is horrible

    #4381442 Reply


    This some bullshit last year i filed with turbotax but used a netspend card i got my money the day before my DD date

    #4381397 Reply


    Man fuck sbtpg not filing with turbotax again i have bank of america and my shit still hasn’t hit i paid the fees with my refund so assuming im not getting mines today

    #4381394 Reply


    Sbtpg also said it can come today or tomorrow my DD is Today told me they received my funds yesterday

    #4381389 Reply


    Sbtpg said 1-2 buisness days lol ok

    #4381363 Reply


    They telling me that irs haven’t release my funds in my ddd was today so how long I got to wait on them

    #4381333 Reply


    Let’s keep the faith you guys no bad energy we’ll hopefully be seeing them pretty soon

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