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    Just wondering if anyone is using this card for their tax refund? I mainly use it for my direct deposit from my job. If you’ve gotten your deposit please state what time? Which Time Zone your in? Others maybe in the same boat as well looking for answers.

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    Nothing from state or federal. Acceptance on 2/11 with credits and eic

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    I don’t know it

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    This is the first time I’m using chime for my refund. Still have not received it.
    DDD 2/26/20 WMR and other websites say it is sent 2/26/20 still not here

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    Irs website and app says deposit is to be made today 2/26/20 but woke up this morning and its not there. I really need my money. How long does it take?

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    Marie wallace

    I use chime. Today, 2/26 is my dad & in NYC as of 7:30 a.m nothing I’ve checked Santa Barbara bank & it says I received my money, but I have not received any deposit yet

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    Netasha Lopez

    @symone same we’ll see I have chime this is my first time having a refund send to it kind of nervous I’ll keep you updated 😔

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    My DD date is 02/26/2020 as well so I’m hoping it comes

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    Netasha Lopez

    I filed 1/17/2020 , for accepted 2/27/2020 and my ddd is 2/26 so we’ll see . I’m a little worried has anyone used this before and it worked ??? SOS lol

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    This is basically a year later, so I apologize if this is annoying but just wanted to see if anyone could answer or at least give me insight. I have chime (obviously) and I have direct deposit from my job. I usually get my deposit 2 days earlier. Would the same be applied to my tax return this year?

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    @Perry I agree

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    Chime and NetSpend are the fastest. Like other people have said the hold up you might see is if you had fees taken out from your refund. Then it has to go to one more bank before Chime gets it but that usually only takes a few hours at most.

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    Anganita Shelton

    My state did was today when will I get my money

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    Tronisha it’s coming if you have the middle man taken your fees out, it may take longer.

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    Tronisha T Lotts

    I have a refund advance n I was approved I got it direct deposit into my chime account when can I get it ? I dont see it. In my account

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    Garrett if you have a Chime Card they do not hold funds. Once they get them they deposit onto your card. You need to call the IRS.

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    Garrett Cottman

    The IRS said my refund was sent to my bank on the 13th that’s a Wednesday and I’m assuming I have to wait 2-5 business days but since the federal holiday was on Monday (18th) do I call the IRS or wait til today is over for my refund to be deposited to my chime account ?

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    My son dd is 2/22/19 and he used chime he got his deposit 2/15/19

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    I am having the same issue with the chime card. I am glad to hear that it is not just me.

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    @m&m check with the IRS it maybe something with their system. Unless there’s fees taking out. It maybe the hold up.

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    I had my refunded to be deposited into my Chime card on 2/13/19. Usually I get it 2 days before but its the day after and still nothing. I doubled checked the routing and accounting numbers all are correct. I chatted with Chime and they stated they release funds as soon as they are received. So not sure where my refund is.

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    They post the funds the same day they receive them

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    Stephana Akram

    I use chime typically no issues, my advance approved at 12pm est still no check and the bank sent the funds. They are saying 3-5 business days but I have been told they post funds as soon as available so I’m getting the run around

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