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Child Tax Error

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      I added a new dependant. Turbo tax auto-completed that I received stim for her when I didn’t, because she was not on my previous year return, so all the values entered were inflated because it thought I had 4 children when I really had 3. I thought I got the 570 to fix the errors and give me the money they deducted from me, but the only adjustment made on the update was a 54$ error on unemployment. They only fix errors that benefit them or am I going to have to amend this? I am paying back advanced child tax for 1 child I never received. Should I amend after the 571 releases? Just confusing.

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        The issue with that is somehow the IRS isn’t catching these errors. They literally just missed my child being added too and reduced my refund by the system is saying it’s too early to fix it for me so give it til around 3/21/22 and after that they can fix it smh

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