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    jaime l

      My husbands taxes are due to be offset due to child support, approximately how long does it take them to send his remaining amount?

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          My fiance has his offset each year and it has never changed the date he would normally get it. It has always been on time with everyone elses but ya never know.

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            I think it depends on the state. My state of Florida Dept. Of revenue is HORRIBLE!! They took forever to apply the amount, meanwhile the payments that were coming out of my husbands paycheck continued to come out … By the time they applied the money we ended overpaying and had to wait till OCTOBER to get it back from the state!!!

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              I had an offset last year, was accepted by 1/31 and had my deposit by 2/14

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                I don’t think it takes any longer. My husband had one last year and we were accepted on the 2nd and money was in our account by the 12th. However, they took the money twice, once from state and again from federal. They refund what they were over paid but it took over a month

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