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      To anybody that had to verify how long did it take to recieve a check afterwards

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          Checks got sent out on the 10th from it’s got mines hand delivered today so should be coming today

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            I called irs said checks to be sent out on the 10th including mine so hopefully get them soon after

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              I noticed from other post people are saying they are sending the check on the actual date attached to the 846 code so they typically are receiving the check somewhere between the following Monday-Wednesday if no addtl issues are present.

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                I filed on the 25 of jan with tt got letter to verify on the 18 th of feb.did that day online waited 2 weks got a ddd for the 8th.. so after u verify maybe bout 2 weeks then check transcripts…

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                  I verified on the 17th. WMR still hasn’t updated but transcript shows refund 3/10

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                    I was in the same boat. I filed Jan 24. Accepted the same day. Got a Verify Return letter. Completed it Feb 23rd. Transcript updated this past Friday with check being mailed on the 10th “supposedly”.

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                      Didn’t have to verify but had to wait for my refund to be sent bk to irs from my closed account it showed deposited 2/23 but still no check

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                        following in same situation

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                          i ju7st got off the phone with an irs agent and i asked him to check on my refund status bc i had to do for 5071c and he said no you will recieve it in 9 weeks..

                          i verified on the 18th of feb has anyone verified and got their refund or any info from irs agent?

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                            I verified 2/14 wmr updated 2/18

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                            Ash b

                              Me also i verifyed about 2 weeks ago and filed on 1/31 how long did it take foryou to see check mailed and also are all the checks mailed even if u get dd

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                                @Cachèt when did you verify

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                                  Mine says it was sent on the 27th haven’t got it yet though

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                                    Let me know please because I just had to verify also

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