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      Prepared a tax return for a family member on 1/19. I’ve still not been able to submit it because it tells me that form 5695, Residential Energy Credits is not available, and will be released at a later date. I’m giving it one more day, and then I’ll use another company. This is the message I receive:
      Form 5695 – Residential Energy Credits
      The final form(s) will be included in a TaxACT program release soon. If you’d like to receive notification when the form(s) is released, click here.
      You will NOT be able to complete filing this return until the IRS releases the 2014 form(s).

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          I am having the same issue with H&R block when doing it online. Unable to file using form 5695. My e file keeps getting rejected. If i try to call H&R block forget about it. They had me waiting for 2 hrs only to get disconnected and another 1 hr wait. I dont have a walk in location close to me. The tech support guys dont even have a clue. Does anyone have any ideas? As this will definitely be the last time I am filing with them. Been with them for 5 years and never had a problem. I had use customer service now. THEY ARE AWFUL!!!!! I have never seen customer service this bad in my life.

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            I ran into this exact same issue with TaxAct. It would not let me e-file.
            I just entered all my info into H&R Blocks site and was able to e-file without issue. And it was free!

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              Have you checked to see if there is an update for your taxact program, or are you using the free version online?

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                Call TaxAct. They helped me with a billing issue; they may be able to at least answer why the form isn’t available yet/when they expect it to. Might be worth it before jumping to different software.

                The number I used was: 800-573-4287. Minimal hold before speaking to a customer service rep – about 5-10 minutes I’d guesstimate.

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                  Well it’s certainly available. I would try another company if it’s still not available

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                    I filed this same form for myself using HR Block and had not problem. I went with TaxAct for my daughter because I was able to file her state free.

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                      Filing with another company won’t help if IRS hasn’t released that form yet. However,I checked on IRS website and that form has been available since 1/7

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