Can someone please explain resequencing and/or reshuffling?

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      what is it and why does it happen?

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          Filed Jan 6th. Accepted Jan 12th. Lost first bar week ago. Transcripts have all 0’s and state “return not on file/not filed”. WMR says reference 9001 with tax topic 152.

          Called IRS, got someone to actually tell me that I was still processing, that I was re-sequenced and that their system that my return was located “went down” (whatever that means) and that it should be up and updated this Friday or Saturday morning. No letters in the mail. No error codes or indications of any issues. Waiting since the 12th.

          My other friends that have just filed last week are getting their taxes deposited tomorrow. Not a happy camper lol.

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            Well I’ve been having my accnt transcript, 20150405, for days! Wmr lost all bars! I don’t have have code 846 on transcript and I filed jan 21 was accepted and received by irs, now what the heck is the problem? You can’t call the momos at the ito, all you get is put to the return number or can’t help ya call back in 21 days!

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              Thanks for the great info… Most helpful to all of us…!

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                Basically…the IRS encouraged people to file early. Many did. But the IRS failed to mention that although you file early, they will not start processing your returns until they officially open. This year that date was 1/20. Unfortunately on 1/20 a flood of returns poured in, not to mention the early returns. Instead of giving the early returns priority, the IRS processed the new returns, shuffling in early returns on a random basis. This may or may not have caused a glitch in the system when they (the IRS) started phasing out or converting the weekly return cycles to daily. Some of us believe this glitch happened sometime between Jan 20rd to Jan 25th. Because a lot of people that filed during that time were also caught up in the glitch (with the early filers).

                Now what does it all mean for you? If you’re filing now, you’re probably in good shape and will have a fast turnaround, get your refund early. But if you were one of us unfortunate early filers or two between the 20th and 25th, well you may have an extra wait of 1 to two weeks for turnaround. Best thing to do is check your transcripts online, note the day your 2014 acct transcript shows up blank and all 0’s. this means you are processing okay (so far). A week from the time your acct transcript shows up blank, your return and account of return for 2014 will show up completed with a cycle code. Example: 20150503 is a cycle code which means refund should be in the bank no later than Monday Feb 9th (cycle code = DDD date). The next day, your account transcript should update with a 846 refund issued code and the actual amount of your refund. At that point, breathe a sigh of release, you’re in the home stretch. All there is to do is wait until that DDD date and check that your funds are deposited.

                Hope that made sense. Good luck!

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                  It just means the IRS hates you and wants you to suffer. It happened to me, too. I was accepted on the 20th and JUST got a DDD for the 6th last night. I spent a whole week with blank transcripts. It sucks, but eventually it will be over and you will finally see progress.

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