Can someone explain what exactly the “as of” date is for

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      Can someone help? I’ve heard that it has nothing to do with the refund but I don’t believe that because mine has been stuck on June 2021 until this morning when it updated to March 14th 2022. Does that mean they accessed my return?

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          The date it needs to be resolved by that’s it. Usually looking at previous year refund is about 4 days before. This year the same my as of date is 3/7 refund date 3/3

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            Same here. :( everything else stayed the same except as of date changed to 3/14. I’m hoping it at least means they have started it but I have no clue.

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              My as of also changed to Mar 14 from 12/20/2021

              No other changes, no cycle code just last years advanced payments.

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                Mine went from February 21st to March 22, 2022 and everything else is still N/A. :(

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