Can anyone explain IRS's logic in this with Obamacare?

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    So I made below the filing threshold for this year which I know means I did NOT have to file a federal tax return. What I am mostly concerned with is the following: (their own website) contradicts their seizure.

    So let me break this down and hoping someone can understand the seizure because I dont.

    A) I live in Kansas. Kansas decided not to extend their Medicaid program to the lower income people. Only people 65 years or older or 18 or older with a disability are eligible. I am neither. So I dont qualify. That is exemption numero uno.

    B) I made just under the filing threshold for last year. Not by much but since it was still under the threshold I didnt have to file according to a tax preparer. He also told me that made me exempt from the Obamacare individual mandate.

    However as I am asking this question, IRS seized my return over “Obamacare” and want documents which I have yet to get the letter describing what they want. But given all this and even my return which any blind person can see is under the threshold, why did they seize it? I am not making much sense of this at this point in time. Maybe someone else might

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