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    Wheres My Refund California – Share your experience with filing your California Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check California Wheres My Refund? go to State Of California Franchise Tax Board

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    Officially it’s been 2 weeks since I e-filed. I filed both Fed and Cali on 1/23 both accepted same day. Fed was deposited on 2/1. Cali STILL says needs more processing time allow 3 months called and chatted with FTB they don’t know anything. No kids or credits. Small $244 refund. Just lost in the system….

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    Tessa Szatzker

    I submitted my return through cal file on January 30th immediately got the 3 month message then Friday 2/3 I got authorized for my refund now I’m just waiting for it to hit my account I’m hoping for it by Wednesday finger crossed it says it can take 10 days but it looks like most people are getting it in 3-4 days IM HOPING!! since my federal will be delayed till after the 15th

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    Anyone with a authorization day of 2/1 receive their money? I have kids so federal is delayed… hoping to see money soon from at least state. It’s been 6 days but only 3 business days.

    I noticed it taking about 3-4 business days for everyone with dates before 2/1.

    I bank with B of A.

    Thanks in advance !

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    @just i filed both on the 18th and bith were accepted on the 19th the state i got the 3 month thing right away.the federal i got one bar till yesterday then i got two bars saying deposit on 2/8….i have nit calked either only cuz you are supposed to wait i think 21 days

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    Yeah, my federal I submitted on 1/17 and they were accepted 1/18. They were showing one bar up until Friday and then yesterday (2/4) the bars completely disappeared. There isn’t any bar on the page- however, there is the amount and this message: “we are processing your return. Please keep checking back for your refund deposit date or download the app”

    I filed state CA on 1/29 and they accepted 1/29, right away gave me 3 month notice.

    Should I call federal? When did you file? Have you called CA FTB?

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    @just so you had two bars and they disappeared? Last year i had the identity thing with state and i faxed in the info they wanted it was shortly after that wè got the state refund.This year it has said this 3 month thing ftom the start…but i have not gotten a letter from them so i am trying to be patient ..

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    @shellte- no my bars disappeared yesterday morning and it says “we are processing your return please continue to check back for a refund date.”

    I was accepted on 1/18 (federal) and looked at previous years, it always takes me 19 days to go from accepted to approved and I always get the deposit in my account the day it changes- I don’t usually get a DDD in advance. Thinking Sunday is a large update for IRS so maybe tonight it will go to approved?

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    Mine was 1500 and i have the same message as you i did get my DDD fir federal return yesterday..have u gotten your federal return yet?

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    @kandi – do you mind if I ask roughly how much your CA refund was?

    I started my own business so I’m due to get $2,000+ Back in my CA return. It was received on January 29 2017 but when I check status it says,

    “We received your return on January 29 2017.

    Your return requires additional processing. Please allow 3 months from when you e-filed.”

    But I vaguely remember getting this message last year too which went away within 2 weeks of submitting.

    Ballpark, how much was your refund? Under $1000? Wondering if it has something to do with amount of refund and when it’s approved?

    Thank you!

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    I e-filed with Turbo Tax on 1-25

    I was “accepted” on 1-25
    They “received” my return on 1-27
    “Authorized” refund on 1-31
    Got my DD on Friday 2-3 at 10:45pm

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    @kandi also when I did get that call back they kept me on hold an additional four hours then just hung up 🙄

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    Update! So I was authorized on 1/26 and today 2/4 I received a check in the mail. I requested direct deposit but my banking information changed this year and since they’re trying to combat fraud they’re issuing more paper checks. Eh not what I asked for but soooooo glad I got it!

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    I filed my CA taxes and they were accepted on 1/29, but I keep getting:

    We received your tax return on January 29, 2017. Your tax return requires additional processing please allow 3 months.

    Is this a generic error? Im starting to stress thinking what is wrong. I usually get my CA refund within days of filing. However, I usually file much later in the season.

    Is anyone else seeing this message? Has anyone seen this message and had it change to approved?

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    California is SLOW….i filed 1/18 they accepted it 1/19 i have been stuck on the 3 month message since but this morning got a DDD for my federal …

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    Joey The Moose

    Filed 1/25 authorized for deposited 2/2. Says it’ll take up to 10 business days, so just waiting now :-)

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    i was accepted on 23rd and authorized on the 25th it said 10 business days. how long after authorized did it take to get refund in dd and what day? do they dd Friday nights? thank you

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    state return i was accepted on 23rd and authorized on the 25th it said 10 business days. how long after authorized did it take to get refund in dd and what day? do they dd Friday nights? thank you

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    I filed and was accepted the 25th had the 3 month message and this morning it says authorized Feb 1, 2017 just informing people who’s receiving that message it will update if you didn’t receive any letters in the mail.

    Hope this helped

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    I filed my sate on 1/30/17. Checked this morning and got the messsge saying that my return is processing and that may 3 months. Anyone get this message and actually had to wait that long? Thanks

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    @stillwaiting; nothing new with my CA FTB notification but with my state refund, I usually get the deposit long before the processing notification ever changes. Hoping for a deposit on Friday.

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    I still have not recieved my DD. Says it was authorized on the 26th but still nothing. Anyone else have any luck today?

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    Filed CA State Tax on Friday January 27th Refund authorized January 30th. I will post when DD.

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    NVM, sorry for the double post.

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    Just a follow-up to my post from yesterday.

    I got through to the CA FTB today. They said that the 3 month processing is just a generic message and that it almost never takes that long to get your refund, if all is well with your return. When you get that message, it just means that your return is still being processed. She also said that as of now, she does not see any notification that would require further information. Hopefully it will get deposited in the normal time-frame of 7-10 days.

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    @ Laura it can depend’s upon what your withholdings. Did you claim zero? That can be the reason.

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    Hi there all! I have a question hopefully someone can help. I moved to Cali 7 months ago and I only worked about 6 months. My income was $15,677. I have never had to file state tax before so I wasn’t sure what to expect….my CA refund says it should be $400!!! That seems like alot! Did I mess something up somewhere? I did my taxes myself so I’m crazy worried. Single, no kids, no credits. Thanks in advance for the help!

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    Refund authorized on 26th for state and still no deposit. I am having it deposited to my regular bank account but still nothing today. Hoping for tomorrow.

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    Filed and accepted 23rd. Woke up to a pending deposit.

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    @ Bunnie:

    I got nearly the same message recently but mine said to wait up to 3 months.

    I recall getting a similar message last year, but it didn’t have an estimated wait time. They did tell me on the phone it could be up to 12 weeks but I got the refund about 2 weeks from the day I filed.

    Let’s hope this year is the same.

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    has anyone for CA got this on the state refund page, and is it really taking 2 months?: We received your 2016 California Income Tax return on: Saturday, January 28, 2017.

    We are processing your return at this time. Please allow 2 months from the date you filed your return to complete processing. If we make adjustments to your return, we will notify you by mail.

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    Okay.. So really weird when I checked my account this morning the deposit hadn’t been made. After I made my last post I checked my account and the dd was in there. There is hope! I just say check your account through out the day and see.. So weird.. Good luck everyone!

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    Hey Everyone,

    My FTB was accepted the 23rd, and approved for refund on the 24th. I have yet to receive my dd. Hoping that Wednesday is the day. I will keep you updated. When i check my FTB account it says no notices and refund authorized 1/24.

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    @waitingincali its “luck of the draw” on who you get when you make that phone call.. some are nice and others not so nice well hopefully by the 6th of feb you will get it…..

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    I would say we will get our refunds by Wednesday for direct deposit.
    Thanks for the info everyone.

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    Hey guys just checked my NetSpend card and DD is there!!!! Praise God!

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    Well guys that call was pointless..she just gave me the 10 day spill..i supposedly will have my deposit within 10 business days from the 25th when i was approved..was hopi g they would tell me more

    #4155239 Reply

    @waitingcali let us know what they say

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    Thanks for the info ‘waitingncalif’

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    Im on hold waiting for a rep right now for ca tax board..ill let you guys know if i get any additional info out of them!

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    Cali is definitely taking lo ger this year than usual. I kniw my deposit is taking longer because of the letter i received asking me to verify it was me.but id love to kniw when they are actually goi g ro release our deposits..hope we all get good news very very soon

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    I am still waiting as well. Supposedly sent or approved on the 25th

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    Approved for refund 1/26 Still not funds in my bank. Anyone know if state funds are deposited daily or are they done on certain days of the week? Only CA state refunds I have seen were deposited 1/18 and 1/25 so wondering if CA is only depositing on Wednesdays.

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    Nothing in my mail box. Maybe I will get the DD on Monday or get the letter.

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    @waitingincali yes thats what they did to me last year i had to fax in info to them and yes they are really making people jump threw hoops…i will for sure update in here …hope you get yours soon

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    @shelle i got a message similar to that stating my return needed extra processing time when it was still processing..and a couple days later stating it was processing please allow up to 3 mo ths..and a few days later it said your refund has been approved for release of funds, as of jan 25.. you will receive your dd in next 10 business days..and then i got that letter today…but i never got the same exact message as you..but not necessarily a bad thing.. Maybe you should give them a call mo day morning to be sure everythings ok..they open at 7am…. Between federal and state they are really putting us through the ringer this year

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    @watingincali will do that for sure…i am stuck on “we recieved your return on 1/19 and we are processing it but it may require extra time please if you recieved a letter from us please send information back and allow us up to 3 months to make a determination”

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    Just checked the mail, So far no letter! We will have to see what happens Monday . Got to love cali! Well goodnight and prays go up for all my cali peeps and all my IGMR fam ✨

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    I will post Tommorow if or when I get the letter, or a direct deposit. Thanks everyone for keeping us all informed.

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    When any of us finally get a deposit or a letter like i got..can we try and let each othet know so we can try to keep eachother informed! We finally have this group active..lets keep going and help others that are sharing the same stresses we are!!!

    #4154435 Reply

    @waitingincali no problem i totally understand

    #4154433 Reply

    @ shelle i apologize i shouldnt have snapped at you! Ive just stressed too much already this year over the hoops we are jumping through simply to get our returns..

    #4154431 Reply

    @sdiego definately check your mail! I couldnt believe i got the letter, we have been at the same address and filing exactly the same things for five years now. So im assuming everyone in cali is going to go through this..its a pian in the butt …but at least we know and hopefully it wont happen every year..also i noticed they didnt even mail out the form til the 26th..and my deposit was appro ed ro be released the dont stress too bad yet! Hope this eases your mind a bit!

    #4154427 Reply

    @waitinincali my comment was not meant to be mean sorry you took it that way as for your comment in regards to me not making a comment if i dont know what i am saying ..we are here to help each other and there are alot of people that did not realize the difference in being accepted and approved the conment was not even directed at you and it was not done in a nasty way like you assumed

    #4154409 Reply

    That should day mail.

    #4154405 Reply

    Tommorow I will check my msil. Probably will get the form since I filed with a new address.

    #4154396 Reply

    @victoria333 yes its rediculous! Lol i called them on monday and they said they didnt see any issues with my return and never mentioned this to me! So when i got approved for refund release on Wednesday i was extatic..and then weve been waiting..until today…lol..the form basicalky said that i have an approved refund of (blah blah) and said to check box if thus was me and i did of im hoping they officially release it when they see it monday morning! Good ol califirnia always qith a trick up their sleeve!! Haha

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    @waitinincali: what! They sent that after approving! That is stupid… I actually called the FTB and did a identity verification on Tuesday then it was authorized so I hope I don’t have to wait for a form! But at least hopefully they will release immediately after receiving that fax! Praying

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    @ victoria 333 and anyone else this helps…check your mail..i just got a letter from ca tax board that i had to sign and check a box proving it was me. I already faxed it back so they can hopefully release the funds. Heres to hopi g for my deposit monday night!

    #4154330 Reply

    @ waitingincali : me too! Hopefully Monday for us 😉

    @ shelle : yes, I’m 28 and have been filing taxes for enough time to know the difference being “approved” and “accepted” and “authorized”…. I think the majority of us here now that but thanks for your concern and input. Have a blessed weekend 😎

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    @shelle ..this isnt my first time filing and yea i kniw the you..i said my state was APPROVED on Wednesday and my refund has been released which means it will be depostied at any time. I filed my taxes on jan 3rd. And was accepted by state and fedral on the 13th. I really think you shouldn’t comment on things you have no clue on..

    #4154267 Reply

    @victoria i sure hope it comes soon. Usually depsits are quicker with my prepaid..not sure whats going on

    #4154255 Reply

    There is a difference in accepted and approved dont know if you guys realize that….

    #4154238 Reply

    Same boat, mine was authorized on this past Wednesday but still no DD… I have NetSpend

    #4154233 Reply

    I too was approved on wednesday and i have a prepaid card so i thought it would be here by now..but still nothing..has anyone had movement once youve been approved? ?

    #4154114 Reply

    My refund was approved last Wednesday the 25th. Wondering when I will get my direct deposit?

    #4153942 Reply

    *dandes. sorry, I hate autocorrect

    #4153939 Reply

    thank you so much for your response Fandes

    #4153937 Reply

    My state refund was filed on the 18th and accepted on the 18th but iwhen i check the wmr it says it is gonna take more time and not to expect for 3months….dont know what is up with this i have heard cali is delaying more people than not….

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    Jaimommi, I had an offset a couple years ago where they took part of my CA refund and I received a check in the mail, instead of direct deposit as I had requested, and it took an extra week or two.

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    Hello everyone. I owed one of the community colleges and they usually take my state every year. Yesterday I received a letter dated 1/24/17 that they took some money but sent the rest to me. Does anyone know if this will be a check or direct deposit? Also if you have had this experience how long did it take for you to receive your money? I filed the 14th accepted on the 18th.

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    I do not think they are holding refunds with EIC. I filed 1/24 and my refund was authorized 1/26 claiming Ca EIC.

    #4153155 Reply

    For state refund, if they approve and wmr has “you’re getting your refund within 10 days”, does it usually take the entire 10 days, or do you get the refund the same week?

    #4151293 Reply
    H and r block sucks

    Anyone know if they are holding ca income tax? And anyone know about the ca eic?

    #4150467 Reply

    Hello. FTB website says my refund was processed and authorized in today August 2. 2016. Has anyone received a paper check? Will it really take 25 days to receive? Thanks.

    #4145398 Reply

    UPDATE: Received my paper check in the mail today 3/4.

    Thanks Shon, just saw ur update. My check was printed with the date of 3/1 so it only took 3 days to get to me. Hope you got yours today too.

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