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    Wheres My Refund California – Share your experience with filing your California Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check California Wheres My Refund? go to State Of California Franchise Tax Board

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    Sent in a paper form from overseas, due to have a large refund direct deposited to BofA. Sent on 14 April, logged in as received by FTB 30 April. May 31 (dated) paper letter sent saying there had been an error (in my favor) on the form, & that they were sending a check. Letter arrived 6 June. Check arrived 8 June and now has to be sent back to the USA to deposit to BofA. What in the world? This was supposed to be a direct-deposit refund!

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    916-845-7088, then choose option 2, then choose option 1, finally choose option 0
    Worked for me and they said you will receive your refund in 2-3 weeks.
    Very nice person.

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    Update: I just called the 9168457088 number I found on this site. And they received everything and processed it over the phone. She said direct deposit takes 2-4 weeks but more like 2. Thank you for the helpful information here.

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    Filed last week of Jan. Received federal refund promptly. Now May 14th and state is still processing. I sent in extra paperwork to verify our identies ect. Say 2 months from date those papers were sent which would be the 23rd of this month. So we’ll see. Really ridiculous since I filed last year and my son was on that tax return to and we haven’t moved or anything.

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    If my refund status says “Issued,” does that mean my return was accepted as submitted and I should expect the refund indicated on my return? I did my taxes myself and I’m sure I did them accurately, but just nervous. I filled pin 4/17, It moved to issued on Friday, 4/27.

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    Chico M Fowler

    Filed thru Jackson HEWITT online, I was excepted on 4/4/2018 from state and fed. My state refund says issued on 4/9/2018 but Republic Bank has no record of my social security number. Have been just trying run around. No one can help me.

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    Same here, Heidi, I e-filed my return on 2/22/18, and as of today, it’s still in the RECEIVED mode on my Calif. FTB account. I’ve been using the secure chat feature and have been told that it still needs to get processed and there’s no indication of any errors on my return. Then on 3/26/18, via chat again, the FTB rep said since it’s been over four weeks, he’ll request priory processing, but it’s still stuck in the RECEIVED mode when I last checked today….so frustrating!

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    I e-filed my State income tax return in late February. It was accepted immediately and has been in processing ever since (April 11). No word from anyone and trying to reach them via phone (the 916 number) is impossible. I guess we all have to be patient until the end of April.

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    My state was issued on February 27 I opted for a direct deposit but I haven’t received it yet as of today 3/21/18 should I be worried I know all my banking information is correct because I already received my irs taxes ….who else is still waiting for there money state is taking forever

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    Number I listed can also be found at the CA State website. I was able to find it from the TurboTax message boards and people were extremely successful getting their refunds released using that number (916-845-7088). It’s a different rep from the customer service number and looks like they have more access.

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    Hey everyone, I had he same issues as some of you. I filed Feb 11 2018 and received by DD from Federal. State was taking a long time and had to call after waiting a month. Called rep and said to wait 2-3 months from filing for it to finish. Waited a week or so again until I found this number 916-845-7088 ( pressed option 2 and then 3) and was able to speak with a rep. She said that I had to verify and was able to do it over the phone. Needed DL, social , and current/previous address. She was able to release it, and checked the ca tax board website status and it finally says released! hope this helps. Good luck.

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    Filed federal and state via Turbotax on Feb 27, 2018.
    Received acceptance notification that night for both.

    IRS took underpaid money on March 1 (efficient!).

    Checked “Where’s my refund?” on March 4 and it said “PROCESSING.”
    Checked again on March 8 and it still said “PROCESSING.”

    Then I checked on March 12 and it said my information was not available.
    Same on March 13.
    On March 14, it was back and the status was “ISSUED.”

    Received refund via DD on March 17 (a Saturday).

    Good luck out there.

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    I filed my state taxes 2/26, and I have not received my taxes. I checked on the site and it still showed it was being processed. today I got an error message saying the information I entered is incorrect I need to speak with a representative. has anyone experienced that?

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    My California state refund was authorized March 2nd, and as of today March 16th I have not received anything. I know all my banking info is correct becauze i already received my federal. Is anyone else experiencing this long delay in cali deposits? Are they broke this year or what…

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    Monica G

    I am furious with tax return situation this year. Never had any issues, this year absolute disaster. My fed DD arrived on Feb 23rd. They have miscalculated something and am waiting for the letter to contest. Now….Cali one…OMG….it shows issued on 23rd, where is my money? no sign. I filed by paper. Did the same last year and asked for DD. Last year …no issue. This year…..nothing. I have called a few times and they keep saying mo ey is gone to your bank….we don’t have it. Well if it has…where is my money?

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    I Filed both my Federal and State of California on February 2, 2018. I received my federal return DD the next week. The state still has my return in processing, that is as of today March 11, 2018. I have talked to an actual person at the FTB on the phone. They had to call me back almost three hours later. They informed that the FTB has up until April 15, 2018, to get my return back to me. Another BS move by the great state of California! Does anyone else have the same issue?

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    Filed. 2/9 both Federal and State accepted same day.
    Already receive DD for federal.
    02/27 received Issue date for state.
    Called a few days later and they said i have an offset. Offset letter and check both came in the mail today 3/09.
    Hope this helps someone.
    Good luck everyone

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    I don’t understand why CA refund is taking time after approval. ACH shouldn’t take more than 1-3 days max. Do they have money to pay?

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    Filed. 2/9 both Federal and State accepted same day.
    Already receive DD for federal.
    02/27 received Issue date for state.
    Called a few days later and they said I have a Offset.
    Still waiting for offset letter and check.

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    @Tony man this is really starting to bug me. I tried calling the ftb today but never got through to a person.

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    @Amanda I filed (both state and federal) on 2/13

    state it is still in processing as now(3/06)

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    @Tony I received my federal the same day as you and I filled federal and state on February 11th. Have you gotten your state yet?

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    Filed 1/27, Accepted 2/x, Issued 2/23, received offset letter 3/5, does this mean I need to wait 25 business days from 3/5 to receive a check or from 2/23?.. this really screws me

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    Filed on 2/28 and accepted same day. Approved on 3/5 and still waiting to receive DD in BOA. Fed DDD is 3/8. I always received state first. This is the first time CA refund is slow.

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    To those who already got their direct deposit… anyone have BoA? and do you recall around what time of the day it was received?

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    still waiting for deposit issued 23rd

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    I have good news! I got my refund in the mail today! So there is hope! But here’s the run down for anyone who is feeling the pain of waiting:

    Filed and accepted both Federal and State on 2/2/2018

    State Where’s my Refund changed to issued on 2/15/2018

    Received my Federal by DD on 2/22/2018, also received letter about an offset taken out by state.

    Received balance of state refund by check today 3/2/2018

    Hope everyone has a good day, see you all next year!

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    Filed, accepted, processed 2/19

    As of 3/2 I’m no longer able to check my status.

    The message says I may interning information incorrectly or it’s not received blah blah blah

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    Filed with TT (ID verified by drivers license within TT), Accepted, and Authorized on 2/26
    Received money DD in bank today 3/2

    No eitc, but itemized

    Hope everyone who was waiting wakes up to good news.

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    I filed (both state and federal) on 2/13

    and I got fed dd on 2/22

    but state it is still in processing as now

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    I feel your pain. Filed and accepted 2/9. Called 916 02/23 and 02/26. Issued 02/27. and still waiting….for DD.

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    Has anyone who’s waiting for their refund by check got theirs yet?

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    Update….DD received this morning 3/1. Good luck y’all

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    And nothing again today. This is fricking ridiculous.

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    Paul Marciniak

    What you need to know about CA FTB CALFILE this year:
    1. They are really screwed up this year and screwing folks around. But you already know this.
    2. Equifax breach last year got literally got yours and everyone elses info (whoever has any credit)…, address, SSN, driver license #, income, bank info, credit amounts, previous addresses, name changes,….all the stuff needed to file a phony tax return and direct deposit a refund in another account, This info has been sold in batches, and being used to grab 2017 refunds, especially state refunds which are very vulnerable with any online tax filing.
    3. CA and most other states are automatically putting a hold on refunds e-filed. The hold is anywhere from 1 month to 16 weeks.
    4. Past years, if you e-filed with CALFILE, your return was marked received and a refund fund was issued the very same day you clicked e-file. 7 days later a check was direct deposited in your bank account.
    5. This year, if you e-file early with CALFILE, and have a refund due you, your return is put on hold with a ‘stamped’ date of April 29. which means FTB has that long to decide when to “process” it, and how it verify it is a credible return.
    6. When you check the FTB page “Check Your 2017 Refund”, “Processing” means HOLD, and “Issued’ means PROCESSING. Pay no attention to whatever estimate FTB gives on this page for your refund to be sent. They have until APRIL 29 to decide what to do with your return and refund. Usually, FTb will sent a verify letter. Most times FTB tracks and logs all calls for each SSN, and the magic number of calls to get your refund issued (which means processed) depends on which agent you are lucky, or unlucky to get.
    7. On the FTB page “Check Your 2017 Refund”, even tho you enterned all your correct info, you will get a ‘cant find’ error, usually 1 out of 3 times. Go back, and keep putting in your correct info each time, untilk you finally get the “Received-Processing-Issued” page. FTB tracks & logs each of these attempts and these attempts show up with the number of calls you make. The higher the number of calls and attempts on the Refund Status page, the better for you getting your refund out of “Processing” (aka: HOLD) and into “Issued” (aka: PROCESSING).
    8. Once the FTB Refund Status page shows “Issued”, it will take 6-7 days for direct deposit, and 2-4 weeks for a paper check in the mail.
    9 DO NOT USE CALFILE next year unless they put in a pin system and 2 step verification via text, which would be linked an account on

    My stats:
    1/31 CAL FILEd
    2/07 Refund status moved from 7-10 days to 2-4 weeks.
    2/14 Refund status moved 2-4 weeks to 1 month.
    2/16 Called FTB 800 # and agent said refund on hold to April 29.
    2/22 Checked status on FTB site 20+ times since 2/7
    2/23 Refund status page moved from “Processing” to “Issued”
    2/27 Received Verify Return Filed letter postmarked 2/23.
    2/27 Called 916 # on the Veriify letter. Agent said verifying not necessary since my “refund is slotted to be issued and allow 2-4 weeks”
    3/01 My bank text: Refund direct deposited.(despite what the agent said 2 days ago)

    Good luck. Make your comments known on the CAL FILE Facebook pag, and on any FTB survey, or FTB Feedback.

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    Back a few years ago I had my federal refund issued as a check and it was sent on Friday and I got it on the Friday a week after. I’m hoping for tomorrow but I’m sure going to flip if I get nothing by Friday!!

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    I called Monday 2/26 and they processed it that day my question is all the lady asked me about was the eitc and if I had a dependant she never stated anything about an adjustment but she did say they sent a letter out, did anyone get a letter for something other than an adjustment? Or when you had an adjustment did they say anything about it on the phone?

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    Didnt get my dd either. It said the 23rd of feb. Hoe long does this take?

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    I found out my refund was finally issued on the 23rd I’ll post again when I get the DD

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    Still nothing for me and I’m kinda wondering if the offset letter only took two days to come in the mail, why is it taking more than a week for a check to reach me? This is some bulls””” if you ask me!

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    Mine was issued on friday and im still waiting

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    Checked the site today, and it’s finally updated. Says that it was “Issued” as of Monday and to allow 10 business days. Is there a day of the week they typically deposit that I can possibly anticipate?

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    Still waiting… I called last week and refund was authorized on Friday 2/23… no DD yet so I guess it takes longer than 2 business days to receive it

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    I called today (916-845-7892) the number listed on the letter about the offset and someone answered right away. I almost fell off my seat when the lady answered so quickly LOL but after giving my information she told me that the rest of my refund was issued as a check on 2/22/18. It didn’t come in the mail yet, but hopefully this week??

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    I filed (both state and federal) on 1/29, but it was still in processing as of 2/25 – then on 2/26 the message changed to say “we are taking longer than usual to process your return; call this number for further assistance.” So I called the number, but the man I spoke with said it was going to take 12 weeks to finish processing! Then I found the “back end” number on this forum, called that, and got through very quickly. They asked me some verification questions, put me on hold to review my refund, then came back and said “We see you spoke with someone else earlier today, and they gave you WRONG information. It was approved and processed on Friday 2/23, and should be deposited within two weeks.” I checked my FTB account later that night, and it finally changed from “processing” to “issued.” Still waiting on the actual direct deposit, but at least I know it won’t take 12 weeks! Pretty bad when even the FTB agent says they gave me incorrect info at first. Thanks to everyone here for the tips. :-)

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    I finally got someone on the line at FTB; still unsure why the website was telling me they couldn’t pull my information based on the numbers I entered but she was able to tell me that my refund was “scheduled” yesterday and I can expect it within 7 business days.

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    So I had a acceptance date of 2/2. No refund or updates yet. Fed was accepted 2/2 in my bank 2/9. I always get my state before fed, always file my own taxes. The problem with my fed was my employer changed names but the EIN was the same. Called that 916 number you guys were talking about and they said 2-4 weeks to be processed now. If it wasn’t for this forum I’d be losing my bananas!!!

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    I filed on 2/14 both state and federal.

    2/23 State changes to issued.

    2/24 Fed changes to approved with a date of 2/28.

    I have not received state even though it says issued, does issued mean it will be there in ten days? Because it isn’t there yet. 2 full business days + the weekend.

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    Thanks! I attempted to call but they were pretty busy and when they called me back an hour later the agent disconnected the call when he answered! Grrrrr!! I tried back but they were still busy so the call back time would make it after close. The message said to call back. so I will call first thing

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    I haven’t received the rest of my refund after the offset letter. So what I’ve gathered the rest will be sent in the form of a check within 25 days. Now mind you, 25 days probably means 25 business days so that puts me into April! The Franchise Tax Board really made a hot mess of tax season! They act like it’s coming out of their own pockets for faks sake!

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