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    Wheres My Refund California – Share your experience with filing your California Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check California Wheres My Refund? go to State Of California Franchise Tax Board

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    I received my federal return DD no problem as for my state. FTB said it was issued on Feb 25 DD. I never received anything. I got a hold of someone from the 180085208711 number finally and they gave me their station number and name and a fax number. They told me to call my bank get statements from March and Feb and have them faxed over to him which was on July 1. I haven’t heard anything or gotten any money. It is such a struggle trying to call that number and to talk to someone. This is so frustrating. Every time I have to call and explain the same thing over again. I just want to get the money i worked for. I was curious if this has happened to anyone else…

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    Mailed in 04/15 [ I know last minute lol]
    Authorized & Issued 05/13th
    Still waiting for DD in my HSBC bank. [Hopefully soon! ]

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    Deana Keller

    Still waiting for my state refund in my mailbox?

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    @WZ I’m in the same boat. My fed was processed and dd back in Feb but am still waiting on my state. the state has requested additional information and I have submitted my docs and after chatting and calling them, was told that they have just requested employment verification from my employer (a month ago). The company I work for is relatively small and the request was processed and returned weeks ago.

    I understand that the state has a lot going on but at the same time, I’ve been with the same employer (W2) for more than a decade and never had an issue with my refund until this tax season? Doesn’t the state have access to their own system where they can see that my ID, Driver’s license, car registrations, etc is linked to my name and address for more than 20 years and that state taxes have been taken out of my checks for almost as long?

    I’m just venting but it is truly amazing that the state can’t get their act together with the technology that is available to them. I’m only getting back a few hundred and they act like my refund is in the thousands, haha. I feel that if they have questions about my identify/employment, etc., it would be GREAT if they stopped taking taxes out of my checks during this time period while they verified my employment but I know that if that was the case, my information would be verified the same day :) .

    I’m done ranting.

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    Has anyone gotten their check for the state refund I received my fed on April 1st and my ca one says issued March 25th I was wondering if it really takes 25 days from the issue dated to receive a paper check

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    Issued on 3/26
    DD on 4/2
    A little late but I’m happy.

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    Final update from March 7th.

    Today 3/20, I checked my refund status, it is showing “Issued” and it will take additional 10 days for the DD. It took exactly 30 days from the date I E-filed on 2/20 and apparently they didn’t requested any additional documents from me..

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    Adam D

    Hey guys,anyone that hasnt gotten a California refund yet due to a letter requesting paperwork like w2s pay stubs and things like that. If you have sent in or faxed paperwork in awhile ago and nothing still. Do what another poster had posted, call 916-845-7088 choose 2. They will process you right then and you will be good to go. My girlfriend and another buddy of mine did this, took 5 minutes. Not a fix all and may differ from each person. But a good shot. The person that talked to my girlfriend was very nice and it wasnt anything crazy. Just a ID verify thing.

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    Update – got state refund dd into my account last Friday – so 9 days total. Fed says refund approved and will be sent tomorrow (3/21) so 2 weeks total.

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    Just curious if anyone else had this issue. Someone claimed my dependent so I had to mail my returns in. I mailed them with all verification showing they lived with me. Federal was approved and refund will be sent on the 20th by the state says that it’s taking longer than usual to process…. is anyone else having this problem?

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    Update on my Feb 28th post, so I check my status on WMR…changed to 1 month to 3 months, checked mail and there was a letter from return has been pulled for security reasons, identity theft, please submit documents ie pay stubs, employer etc faxed documents, called them to make sure they got them, gentlemen on the phone issued and processed my return and now waiting for direct deposit. So going on 7 weeks for my refund.
    Took them 35 days to tell me it was for a security issue.

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    Update from my March 7th comment:

    I called again today, this time they changed the whole story on my status. This new representative told me my E-file is still being processed and the process time could last another 2 months (total of 3 months). I also asked if there are any documents being requested from me, the rep said no. All I can say is that this whole CA tax refund situation is a mess!

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    @meya mine took 4 business days

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    Accepted 1/29
    need to send documents
    Sent docs 2/26

    Called last week they said to call back that it still wasn’t in the system.

    Called back today 3/15

    And she said she’s processing it today. How long did others in my situation receive dd??

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    Filed 2/21 accepted that day
    Approved 3/11
    DDD 3/15

    They adjusted my return

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    Update, I checked myftb today and it says issued, so hopefully a deposit in a few days.

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    Filed 2/25 both fed and state accepted on same day received federal 3/6 but nothing from state just still processing it was kinda odd I got fed before wondering should I call since it’s been 2weeks or just wait it out

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    Yea! I just got my DD. My refund was authorized on the 8th. I checked it this morning and it had come in overnight on the 14th. Hope everyone who’s still waiting gets theirs soon.

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    Filed 1/28/19
    accepted 1/29/19
    Send in verification on 2/28
    Spoke with myftb and they said it is processed and to give it 4 weeks for dd. Now the site says
    “We are taking longer than expected to process your return”.

    Before I called today it said 3 months, so that’s progress.

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    Update: Status of fed: Return Received. California status: Refund Approved. The myFTB says they adjusted the amount of my refund to pay some parking tickets. I’m not sure if that means that they will still send me direct deposit, or since the amount of my refund has changed, or whether they will issue me a paper check.

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    Update: This morning federal status still: Return Received.
    California now says they are unable to provide status online and site suggests I wait 24 hours and retry or call for info. I have a myFTB account and that site posted a copy of my return available and a status of “Processed”

    I will check the state site again tomorrow and maybe it will be updated.

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    EFILED 2/20. Still says processing and to allow one month. No DDD and no DD in my account. Usually only takes 2 weeks. Gonna try calling today.

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    Chine Weyde

    So both State and Federal accepted 1/28. Federal came in a few weeks ago. CA however wanted a bunch of verification info for myself, husband and children. Faxed all info the same day I got the letter. Feb/27. Website still shows same status and to give them Three months from the date I filled?!!! THIS IS CRAZY!! I can’t get a single person on the phone…Iv got nothing els in the mail, I can’t even check if they received the paperwork and or if anything els is missing…worst system i have ever seen. What do I do?


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    Awesome! Thanks for info. Hopefully my dd will come in early this week.

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    Filed 2/14
    Authorized around 2/26
    Received check this weekend
    Thank God… my check finally arrived. It took approximately 11 days from my authorization date. Just something to be mindful of if you opt for a check. Some people have gotten them in 8 days, some 15, and some 20.. most somewhere between 8-16 days though.

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    @ Shel
    Mine said issued on the 6th received it dd today the 9th.

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    I filed on 2/24. The site said processing on 2/25 with the standard allow one month message. It stayed that way until today Mar 9th. I just woke up and checked it and it says issued. Now I just hope the direct deposit comes in next week.Anyone know how long it takes?

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    so brief update filed 2/5 accepted 2/6 stuck on processing called several times told was under review. Called 916 number on 3/5 spoke to woman who said I needed to verify my job which she did over the phone. Status changed to issued March 6th so now waiting on DD.

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    Hey Spek,

    Hopefully these processes move far more quickly for you than they have for many of us! Keep everyone here posted. It’s helpful. Hopefully I have an update soon.

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    I will give a running commentary here- efiled on Wednesday, 3/6. No updates on either site on Thursday. Today, Friday, 3/8, both state and fed websites show return received. Going to Vegas 3/22, so keeping my fingers crossed.

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    E-Filed on 2/20 and it has been processing ever since. Called 916-845-7088 option 2, the lady said my return just finished processing today. They will issue the fund soon and told me to call back next Thursday if I don’t get the DD.

    Looks like there is a delay..

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    I filed 2/2, return accepted 2/3. I had the “allow one month for processing” status up until yesterday when it switched to 3 months. I called 916-845-7088 and selected option 2. I was on hold for about 4 minutes (8 am) then a woman confirmed some information, told me to disregard the letter they had sent out on March 4th, and told me she authorized my refund. My status has now updated to “Please allow 10 business days to receive your refund by direct deposit”
    I’m guessing by next week I should have it.

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    I filed on 2/2/19 and the return was accepted the same day. I just called the (916) 845-7088 number with option 1. The agent said that the return was processed today (March 5, 2019) and I should receive my refund within 4 weeks. I asked “It takes 4 weeks for a direct deposit?” The agent giggled and said that that was the required answer but that I might receive it sooner.

    As an aside, the recording said that the federal tax laws had changed and that California is not in compliance. It is my supposition that this is partially responsible for the delay. The rest of the delay? Well California…

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    Thank you!

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    Has anybody gotting there California refund with out updates on wmr??

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    5-7 business days for DD.
    7-20 days for Check.

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    How quickly did you all get your refund once issued?

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    Any updates from anyone? Especially those who’ve ever had their checks mailed..

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    When you called do you remember what choice you made on what number topic to push?
    I have called the 800 number and have gotten no where thanks!

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    Which of you were the primary filer? That may be more important.

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    Hi, so I’ve been on processing since 2/11 and I’m thinking about calling the 916 number. My question is, my husband and I filed jointly, and he works during all irs hours…do they need us both to call? Can I just call?

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    I had been nervous waiting for my status to go from processing to processed and today noticed they changed timeframe from 1 month to 3! So i took several peoples advice and called 916-845-7088 and spoke to a nice lady who straightened it out and processed it! I called right at 7am and never was on hold. Thanks for the help!

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    Filed feb 4th Fed and State, accepted both on the same day.
    Got Fed 5 days later DD no issues, state on the other hand… still processing will be one month on Monday, no letter in mail, will call tomorrow to see what is the hang up, never had a issue with anything. Very frustrating to say the least!!

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    I’m just reposting this (it is not my post), because it may help some who have come looking for answers. Call the number that this poster posted and see if they can help you.

    California Tax Payer
    I’m so glad I found this thread! My refund was stuck on Processing since 2/4–so twelve days–and I just had a feeling that was not right. So I googled, found this thread and the advice to call if it’s been over 72 hours, so I did! The clerk asked me a few questions to verify my identity, and then pushed it through!

    So if it’s been after 72 in Processing for you too? Call (916) 845-7088. :)

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    We received your 2018 California Income Tax return on:Tuesday, January 29, 2019.

    Your tax return requires additional processing time.

    Please allow 3 months from the date you filed your return to complete processing. If you received a notice from us requesting additional information, please respond to continue the processing of your return. Allow 2 months from the date you mailed your response for a determination to be made.

    We appreciate your patience.

    what the heck!!

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    this morning updated to allow additional time of 3 months for processing returns….ill never get it

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    I e-filed federal and state tax docs on February 11. IRS refund showed up in my bank account on the 22nd. CA FTB still showing “processing” status online. I did try the 916 number listed previously on this forum, but all they told me was that it’s still processing and that it could take up to 30 days.

    Pretty basic filing, nothing fancy. No real changes from prior years. In prior years, I have always received my CA state refund a week or two before my federal. But it seems like this year, CA FTB is completely disheveled. It was pretty eye opening to read all of the similar experiences detailed on this forum. Not sure what is going on with the CA FTB. But I guess there is some comfort in not being the only one experiencing this.

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    Hello Ryan, there is a number listed in this thread a (916) number that you should call if you’re not getting any answers. Was your return ever accepted?

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    I had my state and federal accepted on January 29th. I have received my federal return as of 2 weeks ago, I have no received CA state…

    FTB website cannot verify the information I provide to check my status…

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    Filed & Accepted: 2/14

    Called and faxed in docs:2/21

    Called to confirm receipt of said documents: 2/26

    CAFTB updated: 2/27 to issued.

    I will notify you all of when I receive my check.

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    Hello All,


    Filed and accepted: 2/14
    Called 2/20: found out they wanted documentation for child and myself
    2/21: faxed in all requested documents
    2/26: called back to confirm receipt
    2/27: issued date as of 2/26 on CAFTB website

    Waiting for paper check.

    Call and ask questions if you have been waiting more than 7-10 days for update.

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    ugh was authorized on 2/21 expecting direct deposit and logged in this morning to a notice dated today stating DD disallowed and paper check would be mailed :( they changed my amount so now have to send paper check. so crazy because rep I spoke to said it should still go DD

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    @DeeDee still have the original “we have received your return and are processing it at this time please allow 30 days blah blah I dont know how many times I can call and not get flagged lol

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    DeeDee thank you.

    I really hope everyone gets their $$$$ soon.

    I guess the ftb refund website is not very accurate.

    6 days after authorized to cut the check
    Another 9 or 10 to mail
    So over 2 weeks from authorized date…
    That is bs.

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    @kimberly NGhiem

    Many of us are having issues with CA our returns/refunds this year. Do you have the one month processing message?


    Do you have the one month processing message?

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    So glad that you got your check, FINALLY!! I don’t understand what CA is doing this year. Wow wow.

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    Kimberly Nghiem I dont know how to reply directly to your post. I filed 2/5/ 19 and was accepted same day. Also stuck on still processing, Have talked to 2 different agents and ca ftb 1 said nothing going on to wait the other said it has been sent on for review dont worry and to wait 3 weeks ha dont worry.!

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    Kimberly Nghiem

    I filed electronically and it was accepted on 2/1/19. As of today, it still says “processing” but I got my federal refund about two weeks ago. Is anyone having the same issue with the California tax refund? I have not gotten anything in the mail.

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    Finally received the check by mail.

    Just an FYI…
    My authorized/ issued date was 2/5
    But the check was dated 2/11

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    I filed my ca return on Monday 2/11 and it was accepted that same day. My status changed to issued on Wed. 2/20 and I have still not received my direct deposit. I bank with B of A. From reading the other comments looks like people received their deposits on the 4th day after it was issued so I’m praying it comes in midnight tonight or shortly after.

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    Good luck!

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    I am on hold with them as we speak lol.

    I called maybe a week or so ago and was told the direct deposit was authorized and there were no offsets to potentially cause a delay.

    We will see, I called the 916 number this time.

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    Have you called ftb?
    I called twice and got two different answers.

    The only consistent thing said was…
    Since there is a 2/5 authorized date, if i did not receive a check by 3/14 i could start the paper work for a replacement refund on 3/15.

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    Filed on feb 1, accepted and refund sent on Feb 5th, and still no direct deposit to my account as of today.

    I would like to mention that me and my boyfriend did our taxes on the same day, filed and accepted and refund authorization sent both on February 5th and he received a PAPER CHECK in the mail and I haven’t received anything. That’s extremely weird.

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    Lol I don’t know if either rep gave me factual information. I guess I need to just be patient.

    From my understanding the FTB updates once a day…overnight. But, do not quote me on that…i am going by what a rep told me last year.

    Soon people soon they cannot withold our pennies forever. 😉

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    That is crazy!! I wonder why the first rep misinformed you. I’m glad you got trough, and I hope they get your check to you soon!
    Do you know if FTB updates throughout the day?

    #4295920 Reply


    Talked to a second rep from a different department that confirmed my refund was issued 2/5 and mailed out that same week.

    He said it is the USPS fault if i have not received the check. He said i have to wait until 3/14 to file a claim.

    #4295732 Reply


    Wow called the number Cynthia posted and got through right away.

    So the rep verified the usual then insisted my refund was accepted on the 5th not issued like the website says.

    She than in my opinion contradicted herself by saying i needed to wait 4 weeks from the 5th…
    Uuummm ok.
    Something tells me she either just released it or she just told me what she tells everyone.

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    Thank you

    #4295629 Reply


    @Just me

    Cynthia posted a number that may be helpful down on the 19th.

    #4295627 Reply



    Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Which number did they have you fax? I will definitely be calling next week. I thought it was crazy that the Rep would day that it takes two weeks at least for the faxed docs to show up in the system. I understand them wanting to be safe, but I don’t understand why they would hold people who are cooperative up, when they could just clear it when they have the stuff available to them.

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    What number are people using to talk to a live person?
    I have tried 3 different numbers and nothing but recordings.

    #4295444 Reply


    what time of day does CA state refund Status update?

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    Accepted 2/14 stuck on processing called on 2/19 placed on hold and lady came back and stated she processed return and wait 4 weeks. Today 2/22 money was deposited in my account ( navy Fed) but WRM still states processing. Check your bank accounts

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    filed 1/22 got 35 day comment and then had to send docs faxed them on 20th and approved and issued 2/21 finally now I wait for Dd

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