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    Wheres My Refund California – Share your experience with filing your California Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check California Wheres My Refund? go to State Of California Franchise Tax Board

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    Gary B

    Anyone Accepted on Feb 1st got DD..? CA FTB where’s refund last few years never updates for me..this year it’s on same were unable to ….update saying to call in..years past I did call in to just get a generic response of 12weeks etc..

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    Angry tax payer

    Filed 1/25 accepted 1/29 ftb issued feb 9th still no dd to serve card.

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    At this point I think I may get fed return before state.

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    @Misty did they show they issued on the website for you or did you only find out through calling I’ve had the 1 month message for about 2 weeks now still on processing just wondering if they issue without updating site ever??

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    Well I called them today and they said it was issued on the 12th and it should get here between 10 and 14 days

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    Paul Marciniak

    IRS & CA efiled and accepted 1/31/18.
    Every year it’s been 7 days (for me) to get both direct deposted.
    IRS refund received 2/7/18,
    CA refund still “Processing” 02/14/18
    Last week CA FTB website said 7-10 days for efilers.
    This week CA FTB website says 2 weeks for efilers.
    Check refund status says 1 month for efilers.
    Left bad feedback pon CA FTB website.
    20 years ago CA FTB sent a letter to my employer to garnishee my wages 80% because my paper return never showed up and gave me 48hrs to pay 250% of what they said was my tax due. Should be a law the other way…….no refund on time gets CA FTB a penalty of 100% per day of the refund due! Mad as hades this year being a victim of BAD CA FTB.

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    I finally received my check.
    Refund Issued 2/2
    Offset letter received on 2/7
    Received Check in mail on 2/14
    Good Luck everyone !!

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    I was authorized on 2/8 and received my deposit over night so the 5 work days seem to be the average. Good luck everyone

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    1/11 filed
    2/1 issued

    Waiting for DD

    I have called twice and told everything is fine.
    Any suggestions?

    It is now 2 weeks from the issue date and no letter, no check, no dd.

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    Filed 1/30 accepted 1/30 1 month message called 2/6 faxed documents 2/6 no update still processing

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    @Bk My offset was also dated the 7 th. You would think it would have came shortly after .

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    Filed both fed/state on 1/29, accepted on the same day. My state was issued on 1/9 but still haven’t received. Fed still sitting on one bar, just keeps saying processing. I am not claiming EIC so not sure why fed is taking so long. Anyone else that’s having this same issue?

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    Filed 1/29, accepted 1/30, authorized 2/8, received direct deposit today 2/14…. Finally!!!

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    Anyone with the issued date of 2/08 received their direct deposit yet? Also how do we know if we have an offset?

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    I got my offset letter dated 2/7 and as of today still no check yet. Waiting, I’ll be calling in the morning though.

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    I filed 1/22 accepted 1/29 and still in processing…. Anyone else got their refund yet… I called and they said it could take up to 12 weeks!

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    Hope this helps… Turbo tax entered 1/19 accepted 1/22. Called ftb on 2/7 and verified amount of return and other questions. She said awesome she would go ahead and finish processing. Authorized on 2/9 for funds and just received it on a netspend card today 2/13 8pm. Also have dependant and other credits. Now the wait for federal begins…..

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    I received my offset letter on the 9th and still no check in the mail. Has anyone else got there’s ?

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    Filed 1/29, accepted 1/30, authorized 2/8, as of today still no direct deposit.,.

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    Hello Everyone,

    My California return was received 1/29/18, issued 2/8/18 and DDD 2/13/18. Hope this is helpful.

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    Just called for the 2nd time, was told nothing is holding my return, everything looks good, don’t need to submit anything…BUT it takes 8 to 12 weeks processing from the date it was accepted..WTF IS UP WITH FTB THIS YEAR?? I don’t understand it. EITC and Self Employed, but she said everything is .. Just don’t get it

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    Oops, I meant I received State not Federal, doesn’t it deposited the same time?

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    Ok, mine was accepted on 2-7-18 and just got DD (weird time, its 11:22am) how much longer does it take for State?

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    I’m not claiming EIC. My return is just for me and has nothing unusual about it. My Tax Timeline (so far):

    1/19/18: Submitted State and Federal

    1/22/18: Status on both changed to ‘Accepted’

    1/31/18: Received Federal DD, state still in ‘Processing’

    2/09/18: Called 916.845.6500. All they said was that it was due in ’12 weeks’ and that there didn’t seem to be any further info they needed. Immediately called 916.845.7088 and selected options for ‘I can’t get my status online’ and after entering my info, waited on the line to speak to someone. Told them I was trying to figure out my status. They said that they were pending verification from me to prevent fraud, asked me the amount of my refund, and that i was now confirmed.

    2/13/18: Status changed to ‘Issued’. Awaiting DD.

    The advice on this site has been very helpful. Thank you to everyone posting here. I hope this helps someone else. Will update when my DD shows in my bank.

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    Online my refund says it was issued in 02/08. I just called and she said it was issued in 02/14…anyone else have that problem? Is 02/14 the actual direct deposit day? Thanks in advance!

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    line 115 filled in on procssed state return where it says refund or no amount due. mail to franchise tax board?

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    filed 2/1 accepted 2/6 getting 1 month online and on the phone waiting for check by mail.. what does this mean?

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    I filed 1/29
    accept right away
    noticed I had the one month message
    called on 2/7
    updated to issued on 2/7
    received dd 2/13 at 230am

    so call if you have to

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    I was given an issue date of Monday, Feb. 12, 2018. It says can take up to 10 days.
    Hope this is not the case. It is direct deposit. Venmo works faster!!

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    I filed 1/2 accepted same day. Had to send in additional documents on 2/2. Refund authorized 2/9.

    I called FTB yesterday and she said that a paper check was issued. I signed up for direct deposit!!!

    How long does it take to get the check?

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    This is ridiculous. I filed 1/11,
    I have an issue date of 2/1, I have called and been told everything is fine, no letters, no off sets, no check, NO DEPOSIT

    How are others filing long after me and receiving their refunds in less than 5 days.

    And still I sit and wait.

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    Just received an issued for my California refund

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    I was just checked the California refund site and it was issued yesterday the 12 of February I was given the 1 month message on the 26th of January. any idea how long for DD?

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    When was yours accepted? Mine was 2/3

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    CA FTB has issues this year!!!
    Every year I receive my CA refund BEFORE the Fed. I called today & the nice lady told me they needed 12 WEEKS to REVIEW. No offsets. What-n-tha Barnacle!!!! I filed electronically directly thru FTB website; never again!!! Still processing…still no ETA :(

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    ya and it sucks because i have been seeing people get theirs within like 3 or 4 days including the weekends… people with issued date of 2/7 got theirs on saturday 2/10 so it makes me mad! lol you would think they would release everyone at the same time

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    I was also given an issue date of 2/07 and I am still waiting for the dd. I’m relieved to hear someone else has the same issue… i guess they are really using that whole 10 days : \

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    i am getting frustrated because i was issued a date of 2/7 and i see people getting their refunds back in 3 or 4 days. so i am impenitently waiting for my state refund. if anyone with a 2/7 issue date can post when their state is dd please let me know. thank you

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    @Waitingncali sadly I did not get my check yet! I’m hoping it will be in the mail today. When I spoke with the rep last week, I was told I would get it before 2/15. I’m just worried because mine was issued on 1/31 so I thought I would for sure have it when you got it. The waiting continues…

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    Hello ,
    Hope this helps filed on 1/29 accepted 2/1 had error message until 2/6 then updated to processing then late on 2/8 like 11 pm switched to issued saw other people where receiving theirs but still i had nothing so i called today 2/12 the 916-845-7088 got through quick and easy spoke to a very nice lady asked me a few questions and she told me that it was issued and they sent it over to the state controller who actually sends them out and I should have it soon but if it isnt deposited by friday call back so i will post again once i receive the deposit… hope this helps… p.s. i used expresstaxrefund they haven’t updated federal or state lol!!

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    Anyone who claimed kids receive there DD?

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    Anyone with a 2/1 issue date receive a DD today?

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    I’m in the same boat as Martin. Filed and accepted on 1/30 still showing processing on FTB website I chose Direct Deposit as my payment method. How can I find out if I have offsets? Can the PATH also impact state returns?

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    @ Martin, was your return accepted or issued/ There’s a big difference and are you getting a check or direct deposit because a check can take up to 25 days.

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    Martin Lopez

    California authorized my refund on January 30th. I have not received my refund to this date should I be worried??

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    I filled a nonresident return on 2/2, and received my DD last Thursday.

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    Hello everyone so I called the 916 # and I spoke with a very nice lady again she checked the status on my account and everything is good and ok she said DD was issued on the 7th of February and I should get it on Friday bc it’s 7-10 b days from the date they send it out.
    I’ve been checking the refund status and it doesn’t say anything about DD being sent out so I recommend calling this number they’ll tell you everything you need to know and plus no long wait times. Hop this helps.

    Accepted on 1/23
    Approved on 2/1
    Issued for dd on 2/7

    Now just playing the waiting game. I do have 2 dependents so I’m thinking that’s why mine is taking so long.

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    Good morning.. I was wondering the times of deposits… Is it always around midnight or while your sleeping?

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    I seriously hate California man, before being forced here, I lived in NY and every year since I started working at the rightful age of 16 years of age, I have always received my Federal and State within one week after filing, no issues, no delays, once I moved to California Federal still remain the same but I always have to wait long periods for State.
    Last year was my first time filing a California State and did not receive it until April and get this, I remember filing and being accepted around the end of January last year, received a letter in mail early part of April for me to sign to make sure it’s me the one filing a State Return, fax it in and received State two weeks later.
    And now here we go again, File both Federal And State 1/29 and accepted 1/29, received my Federal DD into my bank 4 days later however with State, I am on a one month processing hold, when I called, all they tell me is I have no offsets and no problem, I just have to wait for 7 to 12 weeks for processing.
    This is absurd, NY never gave me this problem for the 15 years I have been working in that State. Luckily I will be going back to my home State very soon.

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    Issued 2/6.
    Direct deposited 2/10 on Saturday morning!

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