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    Wheres My Refund California – Share your experience with filing your California Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check California Wheres My Refund? go to State Of California Franchise Tax Board

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    Cali Gurl

    Refund issued on 1/31 and still hasn’t hit my account. This is getting annoying!

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    @auttib Sorry to hear that. You should get the XYZ on a paper check in your mail. Make sure YOU intercept that and your ex doesn’t. 😉

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    @HulaGirl when I call the phone number to do WMR, it says $901 was intercepted and sent you xyz. I knew my ex had done it.. did not know that I was still roped into it.

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    @auttib wait out the 10 days and if you dint see a deposit call them. Or just call them again today

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    Ops meant Tuesday 2/5

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    Filed 1/22, dd “approved” 1/30, WMR disappears 1/31, no DD as of 2/5. 💔

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    @michelle when your WMR disappears like it means it’s updating. Yours will come back issued later today or tomorrow

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    Good morning, it is 2/6 Tuesday
    My California refund status was at accepted abd then moved to processing last week. Now I go on and it say unavailable 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

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    Filed 1/21
    Accepted 1/23
    Please wait 1 month message
    Called 1/30– refund processed while I waited on phone call
    Issued 1/30
    Direct Deposited 2/5 to Walmart MoneyCard Green Dot Bank at 1am on Tuesday morning (today 2/5)
    Thanks all for the info and see you next year
    @auttib 🥰 @Johnnyj you were [email protected] Gurl Cheers🏖🥂😁🤙🏽🌺

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    Hey everyone,
    I filed 1/27
    Accepted 1/28
    I checked on 1/29 and it stated processing.
    Following day it’s unable to provide status and has been like that since. Last year as some of you, I too had my refund within 5 days. I made around the same amount of income 2017 as 2018. I don’t see anyone else having the unable to provide status msg… Maybe I missed it.

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    Me too. 1/28…processing. I got my return in days last year. ☹️

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    Guess I’ll jump on the bandwagon lol. My return was accepted on the 28th and my mother’s on the 29th. We still are stuck on the processing bar 😫.

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    It looks like you had an offset… You should receive a letter in the mail saying why there was an offset.

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    Update my refund has been DD into my emerald card BUT it’s only a quarter of the amount…

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    I’m sooo hoping I wake up to a dd tomorrow!

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    Stephanie Z


    Same here! Filed 1/21 – no offsets. Still one month message

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    Filed: 1/29
    Checked on 2/1 and got a message saying refund has been issued on 2/1/19 and to allow 10 business days. Will it actually take 10 business days or will it hit my account before ?

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    Lol @JohnnyJ coming back after that post. It is helpful. I’m a day after you. My money is already spent but it’s been fun stalking it with you. Take care buddy until next year. 😎🤙🏽

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    Guys I came back to check on y’all as I will be currently waiting for my federal and stalk pages lol..I think everyone is seriously overthinking things but I understand I do it too. Anyways if it’s helpful I received my deposit @ 10 last night and didn’t see it until this morning. I was approved the 29th and have the hr block emerald card..I called yesterday and it said the DD date for today..if you were approved I believe your money is on the way!!

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    This is also why I “bank” with Walmart MoneyCard. I had SDCCU once. San Diego Credit Union. I read horror stories of people going on vacation outside of San Diego and getting their cards locked due to fraud threats. I emailed, called, and posted on my account that I would be in Hawaii. I go to get my rental car and my card was blocked, she ran it 3 times. She finally let me go but I had to call my bank. They say oh yeah cool it’s back on. I proceed to hotel and get declined. So now what? Lucky I remembered that ATMs don’t directly communicate with banks so I withdrew my daily limit, paid the hotel, and barely had enough left over to eat on vacation for a week. I get home and those 3 rental car charges went through and I redrafted my balance so they locked my account again. Meanwhile, my auto pay bills got returned and I racked up overdraft charges like crazy. It took them 6 weeks to straighten it out. They turned off my direct deposit. So now they want $500 for the overdraft fees. I said. Eff U and closed the account. I told them if they wanted my money they can turn on my direct deposit which they wouldn’t do. Of course I still had to pay the fees but that’s why I hate banks and credit unions. Hopefully this was a fun read to pass the time… if not oh well I need something to do until I check my account tonight at 1 am when green dot may or may not give me my money. Lol

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    Bravo @Lauren. Bravo. I loved reading your 966 words although the JohnnyJ and Sarah both got deposits in their banks on X day card Z+1/4 x 3/8 so what time did the train arrive? Had my brain like holy sheet is this the SAT test??
    Anyhoos. The best bit was about the banking schedules. Most people think Johnny got his on Sunday and I had the same issue day, that must mean I will get mine too… not so. It all depends on your bank and when the deposits clear. There is nothing to be gained from comparing dates. The only thing that matters is that “ISSUED” wording.
    But… like you said… if you’re getting a wait message it probably means someone at FTB has to actually do some math and depending on their moods they just throw you a message and restack you which is why I keep saying that it doesn’t hurt to call a couple times to see if you can get someone to UNstack you lol.
    Anyway your post was informative and very entertaining even if it did make me pour a glass of wine to calm down and remind myself that there would not be a pass or fail at the end of your quiz. Lololololol

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    CA state WMR says that my refund was deposited yesterday but its not in my bank. Dose anyone know how long it is supposed to take?

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    *What I have learned* (966 words)

    I e-filed my taxes with H&R Block 1/31 late in the day. IRS and CA FTB accepted my return that day. The next day, Friday 2/1, neither system showed an update on my status. Saturday 2/2, FTB showed that my refund had been issued Friday 2/1. Times of day to check for an electronic deposit are 10 AM, 2 PM, and between 10 PM and 12 AM. Read more to learn why.

    I started to remember there are registration fees due on a car that I got a title loan on and my Jeep that was wrecked and now has a salvage title. I don’t know if I have an offset. I called the national number for government offsets; they all go through the same system. Consumer offsets also go through the system. Federal Offset Center, 1-800-304-3107. I had no offsets but the system can be updated with new information. I don’t want to check again.

    I have read through online forum posts and many people report that they had to wait; many people report that their refunds were approved 2/1. I assume the CA FTB delay may have a connection to W-2 deadline. January 31st is the deadline to distribute Forms W-2 to employee(s). The forum comments break my theory.

    PATH Act requires the IRS to wait until 2/15 to send returns for people who claim EIC credits and CA does not have that delay. IRS says that people claiming credits should expect refunds between 2/27 and 3/6-ish. Checks are likely mailed out the day of electronic payments.

    CA FTB processes electronic payments in ACH batches. ACH stands for automated clearinghouse and it is how money is moved. (Over-simplified, I know; use a web search to learn more.) ACH now allows same day transactions according to their (NACHA) daily schedule of a morning submission deadline at 10:30 AM ET, with settlement occurring at 1:00 PM and an afternoon submission deadline at 2:45 PM ET, with settlement occurring at 5:00 PM.

    This means that your financial institution will receive a pending transaction when it arrives and will have it cleared at 1 and 5 PM ET. 10 AM and 2 PM PT, respectively. If you have an Emerald Card, these are the times that you will receive your refund but allow a few minutes or so for technology delays.

    If your deposit is going to a bank, the bank will receive your money at those times but hold the funds so it can collect interest on deposits, as that is how they earn money. This usually means two midnights before the funds are in your account but if your bank is honest with you, they may tell you have a pending transaction. This delay affects both credits and debits against deposits, like checks, but not ATM debits that are legally treated like cash.

    Credit unions, debit card bank alternatives (e.g., Bluebird, Netspend), and tax company debit cards (e.g., Emerald Card) are not earning interest on your ACH money so they usually give it to you when they get it.

    CA FTB will issue a refund on whatever schedule they have but the ACH transaction will be initiated during their regularly schedule batch process. Perhaps that is at 5 PM or midnight. Maybe they have more than one in a day. It is not likely they have a batch process on weekends but if they do, it will still process on the ACH schedule.

    The CA FTB batch process will send the ACH transaction. NACHA will receive the transaction and settle it at the next M-F time of 1PM ET and 5PM ET. Your ACH deposit account will make the funds available to you on their schedule. Your bank will wait 48 hours and debit cards could be a few minutes after 10 AM PT and 2 AM PT. There could also be delay from system updates. Emerald card people say that they do not hold refunds but stella posted that she saw nighttime updates between 10PM and midnight. JohnnyJ said his refund hit the night of 2/3.

    Some transactions only occur on Wednesdays and I don’t remember where I saw that.

    Two people in this forum got refunds. Momof 4 boys said her DD was 1/30 and received the night 2/3 with funds available 2/4. There is no mention if she is using a bank or Emerald card. If it is a bank, then it could be that the refund was issued Wednesday, 1/30. That CA FTB ran the ACH batch to hit one of the settlement times on Thursday. That her bank held the funds for two midnights Thursday and Friday, and that funds were available the next business day, Monday. If she used a debit card, then there is some other delay.

    JohnnyJ also received a refund on 2/4. He said “his” was 1/29. Was that acceptance or issued? Did he have a card or bank account? Whatever the case, CA FTB is issuing refunds, now.

    Refunds that are in a “processing” status likely have some issues that require a person to look at them. Some issues can include multiple employers, various deductions, offsets, mismatched numbers, typos, something is duplicated, something is missing, something is oddly different than previous years, or the computer had a hiccup. My refund issuance was an overnight turnaround but I don’t know if there is an offset, yet I have no indication there is.

    I am learning a lot in this process and one thing I learned is that I don’t like how banks hold my money so they can collect interest that they don’t pay me. I think that for saving money, I will use a credit union and for spending accounts, I will use online bank alternatives unless I absolutely need a bank account, like for business.

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    Same. It’ll be 2 weeks tomorrow.

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    @mike same thing here

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    Been over two weeks and I still have no update . They still way one month for Cali. Anyone else still waiting

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    @Vee I noticed mine updates between 10pm-12am

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    I’m wondering the same thing. What time does it update?

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    Just got my refund it was issues 1/31

    #4257610 Reply


    do they update throughout the day or just once a day?

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    I e filed mine on 1/18. It was received on 1/29. I called this morning and was told it will be out of the processing stage on 2/16, and 5 -7 days from there I should receive my refund by dd.

    It has never taken this long to get my State refund, so something has definitely changed with how they are doing things this year.

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    Just to update y’all
    Filed 1/24
    Accepted 1/28
    Processed 1/29
    Issued 1/30
    Still no DD
    I’ll be receiving it through HRBlocks emerald card. I thought it would’ve came quicker because of it but I guess not smh

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    I called and said I received a letter, the response I got from the woman this morning was, “No, there is nothing that we need to verify at this time. It’s processing” womp womp womp lol maybe tomorrow!

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    Filed 1/28
    Issued 1/31

    Still nothing here ☹️

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    Filed Ca -1/31
    Processing since -2/1

    Says it may take upto a month. Last year my state return was approved in a day or two.

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    I have been processing since 01/24/209 and still 1 month message and processing. I called and got the generic allow 4 weeks before calling. My federal DDD is 2/6/19. I have never received my federal before my state so I have no clue what is going on. I verified and I have no offsets 🤷🏻‍♀️

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    The one month message is just a standard message. It changed once mine said it was issued. Mine was issued on 1/31/19. I’m still waiting for DD but my guess is it will hit by Wednesday this week, 2/6/19

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    Are you guys calling and asking them to verify your withholding??? Just tell them that TurboTx or whomever you prepared with told you to call and that you needed to verify the proper withholding. By that I mean how you filed single, married filing jointly…etc. the issue I’ve had for 3 years now is that when I file early TT sends my return without the proper withholding. Yes, they will fix it and take their sweet time doing it, but someone like Eva, that helped an few of us on here with the tax compliance phone number I have you is SUPPOSED to fix your refund and process it BUT you have to give them reason to. Like I said, hey, I’ve gotten a letter that told me to call you…. the letter they send out has the tax compliance phone number on it. The phone number that you will have to call. You just have to be super extra polite and super EXTRA “I got a letter to call you” if they catch the lie just say that you got the letter last year and that you have the same problem this year.
    They are able to see how many times you call, so make the next call work for you with the proper wording “I received a letter to call you” or “My CPA gave me your number to verify my withholding..” super nice but firmly businesslike. TRY IT. (916) 845-7088

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    It’ll be two weeks tomorrow since I filed and CA was accepted. It’s never taken this long. How frustrating 😩

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    Well I just called again and got Eva he said it’s still processing and said like the irs they just started processing 🙄 Ugh hopefully it’ll finish and change to issued this week 🤞🏽

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    Momof 4 boys

    Good morning all,

    Just wanted to share that my DD was 1/30 and I received my DD last night 2/03. Good luck everyone. The DD should be hitting your accounts anytime now!

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    Nothing here either. Tomorrow! 🤞🏻

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    @Johnnyj Best wishes to you too Doll. Don’t go spending that money on bills. I read on Forbes the best investment is a vacation. Good for mental health and family memories. Don’t waste the money on the usual stuff. 😁🤙♥️

    #4257045 Reply


    Your welcome and best wishes to you all!

    #4257038 Reply


    good or know @JohnnyJ thanks for updating us!

    #4257033 Reply


    Hula, Yours should be there by tomorrow. I got mine today and i was 1/29

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    With path act I read that the law is they can’t issue refunds until after 2/15 but I’m not a Pather and I haven’t been following that very closely.

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    Filed 1/25
    Accepted 1/25
    Still processing

    I called last week and with luck of the draw I got the Eva guy. He couldn’t tell me anything except I’m still processing and it’s not at the point he can push it through.

    Will PATH effect state at all? Going to call right at 7am again

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    No DD today. Issued 1/30. 😑

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    Filed 1/28 Issue dd 2/1. Hopefully it will show at my bank Sunday night or Monday.

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    I’ve been unable to pull info on wmr since yesterday. Today my return updated to processed, but I don’t see an issue date for dd. Anyone have this same situation?


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    Filed late on 1/28, Accepted 1/29, issued 2/1 still no DD though.hopefully in the next few days.

    #4256625 Reply


    I hope so : )

    #4256623 Reply


    @Johnnyj you too💲

    #4256617 Reply


    @AuttiB nothing for me overnight. I’m pretty sure we’ll get it overnight. Fingers crossed 🤞🏽

    #4256613 Reply


    No DD yet..guess I will be waiting 5 or maybe even six days. Approved the 29th

    #4256578 Reply


    Efiled TT 1/20
    Accepted 1/22
    Still on processing for state
    Path message for Federal

    Hoping to update for a DD date on Monday fingers crossed

    #4256575 Reply



    It’s almost Monday- fingers crossed!

    #4256556 Reply


    @ Stephanie Z

    hi there – my income did increase slightly. Overall just seems really slow for most people this year. Just crazy.

    #4256550 Reply

    Stephanie Z

    Hi, did your income change by any chance? I’m wondering if this is why FTB is taking this long to process mine.
    I can’t believe you’ve been waiting for almost a month. That’s crazy.

    #4256525 Reply


    I got that message and the next day it had changed to Issued. Hopefully that’s the case for you too

    #4256522 Reply


    Hello Cali peeps!

    My ca refund has been stuck at “processing “ since the 15th…. my federal has been approved with a ddd of 2/6/19… normally I always get my state before federal… this is crazy.

    I have tried to call and they all have said it’s processing normally and could take up to 30 days blah blah blah.

    Hopefully this week we will see some movement ☀️

    #4256517 Reply


    Hello I filed 1/29 and went to processing on 1/31 with the 1 month message. Now I tried to get a status and it’s now saying “we are unable to provide your refund status with the information you provided”. Anyone know why it would be saying that?

    #4256510 Reply


    I’m still stuck with the one month message. Filed 1/12 and accepted and been processing since 1/14.

    #4256506 Reply


    @susan when was your issued date?

    #4256499 Reply


    Still waiting! Been processing since the 29th. I want my money! I also have the one month message.

    #4256496 Reply

    Stephanie Z

    No updates for me. Anyone still stuck on the one month message that filed before 1/21? I called and they said that there are no notices on my account. It’s just processing. So annoyed!!!

    #4256474 Reply


    @Rose the message is standard for some, I doubt you’re getting audited. If you want to call them see my messages below for the phone number and tips.

    #4256469 Reply


    @cali gurl Hawaii is expensive because it’s worth it but there are cheap ways to go there and shop there. I’d go to the Caribbean if I had a passport but I’ve been too lazy to work on that lol. It’s encouraging that you say it’s cheaper though.😘 have fun in the Caribbean tho girl. We can Cheers! Each other at the swim up bars🥂

    #4256429 Reply


    Hey guys. Filed 1/28. Accepted by ftb on 1/30. Yesterday I checked and it said processing with the one month message. Today it updated to issued on 02/01.

    #4256421 Reply


    @Edward Vargas My bank is already showing pending ACH DD from FTB. Checked when it would released. I know my old bank wouldn’t show me this, but my new one does.

    #4256406 Reply


    Hi guys!

    I looked at my ca state refund and got the 1 month message. Just curious because i never got this message before did i get audited? Any help will do! trying to figure out what i need to do.

    #4256348 Reply

    Cali Gurl


    I’m also using part of my refund to take my daughter on a surprise trip to the Caribbean. I looked at Hawaii it seems so expensive. Anyway I hope you get your refund soon.

    #4256339 Reply


    I filed through the CA FTB website on 1/19/19 and was received the same day. When I checked the status on the state’s website, it still says processing. I’m a Pather (fed return) and wasn’t sure if this would delay my state return this year (although it hasn’t in the past and those returns were processed and issued within 10 days or less from filing date). I haven’t had identify issues or any changes from previous years (i.e. same job, address, dependents, etc) so am trying to guesstimate what the issue could be.

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