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    Wheres My Refund California – Share your experience with filing your California Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check California Wheres My Refund? go to State Of California Franchise Tax Board

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    Refund was issued 2/8. Still have not received a deposit on my turbo tax card. :( Anyone else?

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    I got a strange error message late night last night and then I woke up to an issue date of 2/12 I will post as soon as my add DD hits. Hang tight and call if things don’t seem right. I called with a very “I need your help” attitudue. I lost my job recently to layoff and I made sure to mention “I’m sorry to be a stalker, but I just was laid off so this money is really important to my livelihood” . she was very understanding and I went to “issued” the next day. BTW- Thank you to California for it’s compassion. <3

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    I got a strange error message late night last night and then I woke up to an issue date of 2/12 I will post as soon as my add DD hits. Hang tight and call if things don’t seem right. I called with a very “I need your help” attitudue. I lost my job recently to layoff and I made sure to mention “I’m sorry to be a stalker, but I just was laid off so this money is really important to my livelihood” . she was very understanding and I went to “issued” the next day.

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    Filed 2/11
    Authorized 2/12

    Not sure when DD will be.

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    2/8 approval and issued

    Really hoping it will be in my chase account in morning! They tend do release deposits after midnight,

    Anyone receive theirs from chase yet?

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    Anyone have an issue date of 2/11 and have you seen a DD yet?

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    Issue date of 2/11 anyone get theres already??

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    Had issues date of 2/9. Credit union just received state refund this afternoon.

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    Filed and accepted on 2/5/2019

    I called the 916 number and the agent said he would go ahead and process. He then informed me that I needed to provide my W2s and last Paystubs for the 2018 year as verification.

    Apparently I filed my return before the state received the information from my employer.

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    Just a few tips :

    If you guys have the 1 month message, call the 916 number! (Scroll down or go through a few pages to find the number)Don’t wait for it to change because more than likely it won’t unless you call.

    If you called and then try to check the website the next day, it’ll say something like wait one business day to check. That only means theyre updating your bars and you’ll see an issue date the following day.

    Also, if you call and they say they’ll process it & wait 4 weeks, it’s just something that they have to say.

    Direct deposit takes 4 business days from your issue date

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    @tiffanyc I hope so!!! Its been two weeks too long LOL

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    Yeah I thought it was weird because it was showing me the status, and then the first time it did say mantinance. But yesterday it said to check back later and today no status bar just says processing??? But thank you for your insight I appreciate all the feed back. Guess I’ll be waiting till 1am, lol

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    @ RUBEN Hmm Most times that signals a pending update. Not sure why you can now see your bars again and no update. Last night I updated between 11:55 and 1:30 and I received a maintenance message. Another poster PAULA got a different message but also updated last night around the same time. Don’t check WMR until 1:00 a.m. (I know that’s tough sometimes lol)

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    All my fees were taken from state even the federal fees so they might take it from state

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    No not a blank page it doesnt show the status bar anymore, I just checked now and it says being processed. But before it was saying to check back later

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    @ RUBEN what does the page say when it loads? Or is it a completely white screen?

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    Did my taxes through turbo tax on 1/28 however my state wasn’t filed till 2/7 because form for business profit and loss was not available till then. i got a 1099 from a business i clean weekly reason why i had to file as self-employed. Will it take longer for me to get my refund because of it?

    RECEIVED 2/7

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    @Mom24 It’s specifically states Federal when you complete your taxes, I even screenshot the page when I was completing my return because I knew I was going to ask myself that question lol. Go to SBTPG they should only have Federal listed as the refund expected because the Green Dot TurboTax card routing and account number was given specifically for your state return. I’m almost positive but check it out.

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    Filed 1/28
    Accepted 1/28
    Called 916 number on 2/13 as no movement had occurred and nothing was received in the mail

    I spoke with someone who said there was an offset that was taken out and he was processing it and it could be up to 4 weeks. I checked WMR this morning and now everything is completely gone – nothing found.

    I’m at a loss. Any tips or advice?

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    Ok guys question on the wmr page it showed that they received it, but the last 2 days it wont come up anymore when I try and check it. Does that usually mean anything???

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    According to the rep at turbo tax, they only take the loan from federal. State should go directly to your turbo tax card.

    I have a 2/8 issue date and still nothing.

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    I’m in the same boat, been processing since 1/28. I called yesterday and they told me to give it 31 calendar days. That if I haven’t recieved anything by 3/1 then I should call. I asked if there was any issues with my return she said no, that I might just be one they pulled to verify

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    Mine was issued 2/7
    Got it today into my turbo tax card at 12am

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    Authorized refund on 2/8

    And as of today 2/13 still no deposit.

    Have the H&R Block Emerald card. Anyone else get a deposit?

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    I was told that it’s pulled from whichever come first

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    Does Turbo Tax pull the anticipation loan from both State and federal or just from the federal refund? My state was issued 2/8 but still no DD on Turbo tax card.

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    Has anyone done the refund advance with Jackson Hewitt? My tax guy just argued with me that I probably won’t even get a state refund because they will take all of it and then take the reminder of the amount out of my federal? I’ve never had that issues the last 2 years with state this is a new office and I already hate it.

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    Issued 2/8, got a direct deposit yesterday around 6! American Express Serve.

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    Issued 2/8 and deposited today onto my American Express prepaid card from Jackson and Hewitt

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    @Paula that happened to me so I called. My refund was then issued the next day

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    Does the CA FTB WMR site update in real-time, throughout the day, or daily?

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    Filed through H&R Block: 1/30
    Received: 1/31
    Processing: 2/1 (can’t find the date… but around this day)
    Issued: 2/7
    Direct deposit: 2/13

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    Anyone with an issued date of 02/08 will get their refund tomorrow at midnight/morning. It takes four business days.

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    Issue date of 2/7 but no DD yet in Chase account. Anyone else in the same boat?

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    Rebuilc bank just received refund to take out fees. Have a issued date of 2/9.

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    Issued 2/8 and still no deposit
    American Express prepaid card Jackson and Hewitt

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    I’ve been processing since 1/30. I called in today at 730 and she said I had to verify some questions for her to “complete” it. She then said wait 4 weeks.

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    Issue date of 2/8

    Still nothing on turbo tax card as of 7:30 am.

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    Filed 1/21 Accepted 1/21 called 2/6 was told they need verfications a letter will be mailed out. Checked WMR 2/9 said issued 2/8 Received my DD today 2/13 @ 6am on my Netspend card.

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    S Perry

    Authorized 2/8, still no deposit on Turbo card. I hate Turbo for that, tried to get the refund advance, but was told two days later I was denied. Still have to get refund on this stupid card instead of directly to my bank. Will never try for that again!

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    Good morning and it was a good morning for me! My refund was in my bank at around 3 this morning. So 2/7 issued and 2/13 received. So about 4 business days it took. Now for the PATH wait. Good luck amigos!

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    @ MARIE This week will be your week! As soon as I really put the odds of it processing this week to the back of my mind- BOOM! AUTHORIZED. It’s coming girl!

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    Issued 2/8
    Still not DD :( anyone with issue 2/8 got theirs ?

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    Issued 2/7 no dd yet. Called and spoke to a rep with the hr block emerald card she said they took it all because of some offstet…..i didnt think they take the whole refund.

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    Issue date: 02.07.
    Received: 02.12. around 11p
    See you guys next year!

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    Congrats you guys! Ugh I still haven’t updated. Still on processing!

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    wooohooo! showing Refund Authorized: 02/12/2019* Hoping that means it will hit this week! Finally – thank you all for your help. I will post when the DD comes through!

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    Roxane Davis

    Filed 1/27
    Accepted 1/27
    CA FTB issued 2/8

    As of this morning 2/13, DD has not posted to my Walmart Moneycard:(

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    Filed 1/25
    Accepted 1/25
    Issued 2/7
    DDD 2/13

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    Filed 2/8 in the am
    Checked this morning and site said it was received, processed and issued on 2/8! Checked my DD but it hasn’t hit my bank account yet, probably because it’s Saturday. Will update when DD hits account
    Filed married-joint
    Used HR Block
    DD hit today 2/13

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    Dajanet Smith

    @paula you may update in the morning

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    Issue date 2/7 …. I got it at 12:05 am. Till next year.

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    @PAULA That might be a good sign for you then! I want an error message lol

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    @ MARIE There’s the TOP hotline 18003043107 -pretty sure it’s for state offsets as well but not positive.

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    If u get an error message that means tomorrow your status will
    Change to issues. That’s what happened to me.

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    I received this when I tried to check just now-
    Our system is currently unavailable due to system maintenance. Wait 1 hour before you try again. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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    I just got an error message

    We are unable to provide your refund status online using the information you provided.
    You can try again to be sure you entered your information correctly.
    Your refund may need one more day to complete processing. Try again in one business day.
    If you have a MyFTB account, log in to verify your contact information.
    Call during business hours for further assistance.

    916.845.6500 (outside the U.S.)
    Wait until prompted.
    Press 1 for personal income tax.
    Press 6 for other information.
    Press 2 for general tax questions and to speak to a representative.
    800.822.6268 (for persons with hearing or speech impairments)

    Has anyone else gotten this? What was the outcome

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    Filed 01/22
    Accepted 01/22
    Issued 02/08

    Refund just posted to my Chime card!!! Thanks Chime.

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    Can you check if you have an offset online, or do you have to call them?

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    Hey Eric go back in your hole you keyboard warrior.

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    Mine was issued in 2/7 and still nothing..its goung on my turbo tax card. Anyibe else.

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    I dont know why the date on my post says feb 13 at midnight. But just to clarify i got my CA tax refund dd on feb 12th at 9pm.

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    Filed 2/4 accepted 2/8 and issued 2/8. Just recieved my dd in my 711 transact prepaid card. All is well . Just waiting on my federal. Love you all.

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    My offset is for vehicle registration that isn’t my responsibility so I will be contacting them tomorrow.

    Hope everyone else gets their refunds!

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    My ca state was issued 2/8, but I haven’t received it yet in my acct. I have an offset as well. I received my federal return two weeks ago.
    Anyone received their refund who was issued on 2/8 through Jackson and Hewitt?

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    Just wanted to give an insight. I haven’t gone through all the comments so forgive me if you guys figured it out. If your return still doesn’t show up after 9-10 days on the where’s my refund on ftb you probably have an offset. I’m a tax preparer. I prepared a few clients, my own, my husbands and friends. It’s been pretty consistent it won’t show any progress if there’s an off set. I spoke to an agent and he said it’s a glitch and they are trying to figure that out. Because prior years it would say the offset on the site. Just wanted to let you guys know. So if your concerned don’t hesitate to call the FTB.

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    Eric is lurking. He probably got his refund and was screaming lol. Now he is back lurking around. Lol

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    @justme I did my own taxes on TT

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    @widowed dad

    When I called when it got issued they said I didn’t have any offsets and that I will receive my full amount.

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    DD of 2/8
    Just received it on my Netspend 10 minutes ago.

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    Widowed Dad CA

    Courtney. You need to call FTB and ask. Or you will get a letter in the mail explaining why

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    It could be an offset or fees taken out for the taz prep.

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    Issued 2/8

    Received my deposit on 2/12 at 742pm however it wasn’t the amount it was suppose to be how do I figure out why?

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    Then why are you even on this site ??

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    From FTB,
    “Please allow:

    10 business days to receive your refund by direct deposit, or
    25 business days to receive your return”

    A lot of you embarrassing. We all get the same message once return is issued. If your issue date was 2/7 why are you in utter shock that you haven’t been paid yet on 2/12? I understand a little frustration if it’s not in your account early, but to be in a panic and outraged calling them up because it’s been 4 days it is pathetic.

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    Accepted 1/31
    Issued 2/08
    But still nothing in my bank. Weird.

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    I got notice my refund was issued yesterday. Any ideas when I’ll get it?

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    I filed on the 4th same day as my daughter.She has a DD for the 13th. Mine still says processing. This is the 1st year I have claimed “self employment” with Uber.I also have dependents.Could this be causing it to take longer?

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    I got my ca refund it was in the bank this morning 2/6 filed
    2/6 accepted 2/6 Issued in bank this am

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    Filed and accepted 2/1
    Still processing
    No issue date yet received

    #4267238 Reply


    Filed 2/5, accepted 2/5, still in “Processing” status.

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    Issued feb 8. No deposit yet!!! Meta bank

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    Frank Aldametwr

    It looks like they go into the bank 4 business days after it’s marked issued.

    Filed 1/29
    Processing 1/29
    Issued 2/7
    DDD should be 2/13

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    Filed 1/29
    Processing 1/29
    Issued 2/8

    Does anyone know if State refund is used to pay tax preparer fees?

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    Anyone get an issue date of 2/8 for their state and has received their deposit yet??

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    Issued 2/8

    Still waiting on a deposit. Hoping today. Did my taxes through Jackson and Hewitt and it will be loaded onto a prepaid American Express card. I got my federal three weeks ago.

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    @Jocelin …Comerica

    #4266934 Reply


    @mckee what bank do you have

    #4266925 Reply


    Issued 2/7

    Called my bank and they have a pending deposit for tomorrow.

    #4266872 Reply


    Issued date is 2/7 here as well and still no DD. I was expecting it tomorrow, but hoping for today. Lol

    #4266865 Reply


    I am so irritated! So I guess it’s tomorrow, and if not tomorrow then the next day. If anyone who has an issue date of 2/7 going to a bank gets their refund can you post?

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    Filed 1/25
    Accepted 1/25
    Issued 2/7
    DDD – still waiting

    Does anyone else have BOA and not seen their DD? I called the 916 number this morning just to confirm that there were no offsets and where or not I can be expecting a DD. Ahn confirmed that everything was fine and no offsets and that I should see in my account within the next day or so.

    I contacted BOA just to see if there was anything pending to my account and at this point they said no! Anyone else? Still hoping for tomorrow, though!

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    Filed 1/28
    Accept 1/31
    Issued 2/8
    Waiting on DD via netspend card

    #4266811 Reply


    I still don’t have an DDD either. They keep telling me I’m processed but I don’t know what the holdup is. I guess all we can do is wait and see what happens.

    #4266809 Reply


    Accepted 01/29/2019
    Issued 02/08/2019

    Called the 916 number this morning and was told I have a minor offset of 200$ but it will still be DD the lady name was Linda she told me give it 7 business days from Issued Date I should see it in my account if not call back. She also said they changed the rule they don’t mail checks if it’s offset they would still deposit it if that’s what u signed up for

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    Filed 1/4 Turbo Tax
    Received 1/15
    Issued 2/11 (still waiting on direct d)

    #4266669 Reply

    Widowed Dad CA

    I filed my state on 1/31 accepted mins later. Still processing. Called this morning. Rep stated that CA really can take mins to process up to 4 weeks. Regardless if no flags. It’s really not first come first served. Many factors. If your employer sends your w2 doesn’t mean they’ve reported to SSA. And 1099 could take a while for SSA to accept as well. Also. Even if you’re flagged for extra review could delay. Sometimes you may need to ID verify or send a form. Sometimes it’s something they fix or review manually. I’ve always taken 4 weeks for my state. And now with fed path. I still get my fed first lol. Which is cool. My fed is way more. I have 4 girls and 2 boys and I’m a 42 year old widowed man with 3 jobs. So believe me. I’m like everyone else. Need that money.

    Well anyway. God Bless you all. And I pray everyone gets there money soon.

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    Can anybody help me here? I called last week a rep told me he was going to process it. Well it never got processed yesterday I called and the rep told me my account was still open and she woukd close it and issue a date. Well this morning there was no change. I just got off the phone with somebody and she said its done processing but it will take up to 4 weeks. And dont rely on the automated system because it doesnt always update. So my question is how long does it take to get an issue date once its done processing?

    #4266619 Reply


    Filed 2/3
    Accepted 2/3
    Still processing…

    Ok so i called 2/11 because it still showed processing. I had a brief conversation with the rep and she said she processed my return and to wait 4 weeks. I asked her what the issue with my filing was and she said none that is why she processed it for me. I checked this morning on the ftb website and it wont give me any info at all
    Funny part is fed refund is already in my account one day before it was supposed to be sent(2/13). Say im stoked about that, what is going on with my state refund?

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