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    Wheres My Refund California – Share your experience with filing your California Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check California Wheres My Refund? go to State Of California Franchise Tax Board

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    Received finally this morning. Issue date 2/14

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    @chiwa you’re so lucky! I think it’s going to be a while for me.

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    Accepted on 2/4/19 and still processing. I called and was told 35 days to complete processing. Wtf!

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    I had an issue date of 2/13, got a notice in the mail today,dated 2/19, stating that I’d be receiving a paper check due to a change in refund amount.

    This has been the most frustrating tax year in my adult life.

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    Correction I got the DD around 9pm pst on 2/20

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    @deedee I was in the exact same scenario with the EIC. If you call again in a few days you may get someone who can confirm that your very sensitive personal docs were received.

    I faxed my docs on 2/8 and refund was issued on 2/14. I received my DD late at night on 2/21.

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    Called Ca tax number again got a pleasant person this time. Asked if I had offsets or anything showing needing more information. She came back and said iI had definitely been sent to another department for review then she said probably because I was a federal worker they had to verify my w2. Been at same job for 27 yrs so this doenst make any sense but she said I didnt show need for any information at this time or that a letter had been sent could take another 4 weeks! Just crazy this year!

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    16 days since issue date and..
    Still waiting.

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    Filed TurboTax 2/14
    Accepted 2/14

    Saw one month message on 2/19
    Called 2/20 and was advised that I would need to fax in verifications: Child’s birth certificate, proof of residency, SS cards, and W2’s

    2/21 faxed in documents and called to confirm receipt, and was told that I had to call back in two weeks to see if the docs were sufficient.

    I have only ever filed with my child, same address, only had $240.00 in self employment income from Doorsash. Didn’t get a 1099-misc because I made under $600.00.

    I will update you all. Please share similar experiences with this process. Does it actually take 8 weeks? I pray that it takes much less time.

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    Follow up. Just got off the phone with the CA Tax board and they are saying that you allow at least 35 days for processing. I filed on 30 Jan and they told me I should have it by 6 March which is ridiculous. New tax laws in affect.

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    I filed my taxes through turbo tax online and it was received and accepted on 30 Jan and here it is 21 Feb and it’s still stuck in processing status!! So fustrating, let it be the other way around and you owe them, they’ll come for your first born to get their money!!

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    I’m thankful for this thread and the info about the number to call helped a ton

    Accepted on 1/31
    Issued on 2/15
    Pending DDeposit on 2/22 ( My bank shows pending deposits)

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    I’m still waiting.

    Issued 2/13, no DD yet.

    Anyone else that was issued 2/13 still waiting?

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    Who do u bank with. I have Walmart money prepaid and nothing

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    @amber it seems you were right. Thank you.

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    Just Got it (issued 2/14)

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    Mine says issued on 2/19 when will I get it in my bank? How many days will it take?

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    Thanks for sharing

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    Hello everyone…
    Just checking in to see if anyone has received their refund by mail.

    Mine says issued 2/5
    Still waiting…

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    Mine showed issued on 2/14/19 and I just spoke to bank and they said it will hit at midnight 2/21/19 so hopefully it’s the same for everyone. I think it took longer cause my DD Ammt. Is different from what my taxes said I was gonna get back.

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    Ridiculous 🤯🤯

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    Issued 2/14…still waiting

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    Issued on 2/13, no direct deposit as of 2/20

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    @ bleh
    Let me know when you receive it and I will do the same.

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    Issued on 2/14 as well and still waiting for DD

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    Issue date 2/14 when should I receive my direct deposit anyone have a clue???

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    filed directly through ftb website on January 22nd and accepted within an hour. still sitting at processing called several times and each time they tell me they have not recieved w2s from my employers and to allow 30 days from accepted date… still not updates or movement and it has never taken longer then 7 days to get my state refund wtf all for $235????

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    That really sucks.
    I did not know they could disallow a DD…unless the account number was incorrect.

    Well fingers crossed we will get our checks this week.

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    @justme I’m waiting on a paper check too.
    I was supposed to get DD but they changed my refund amount so I’m getting a paper check.
    My refund got approved 2/7
    I received a letter that my DD was disallowed and that a paper check would be sent. The letter was dated 2/12 I received it 2/14
    Sooo now I’m just waiting..

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    Anyone waiting for a paper check.

    I have an issue date of 2/5 and still no refund check.

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    I filed and was accepted 2/2/19. Was still showing processing, so i called (916) 845-7088 today and pressed 1, I spoke with an agent who verified additional information over the phone and said no more information was needed, but then said it could take an additional 4 weeks to process. Will this also affect my federal? Why another 4 weeks if they have the information they need now? I have never had issues filing my taxes before so I am confused. I was expecting a return in 7-12 days as they claim. whats going on? any one else have to call and verify, if so have you received it yet?

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    PLEASE HELP ….. I’m going to go crazy with stress.I filed and was accepted 2/4 I had been “processing” since.I called last week and no help.Today I was told they needed further documentation and would be recieving something in the mail.

    Does this mean I’m being audited??
    Will this effect my federal that is “still being processed”

    This is the 1st year I was “self employed” with Uber.The guy on the phone said it happens with a Chang.And have the example of a marital status change.My husband and I are separated so I filed head of household.I have the kids and claim them.(high school and college)

    I don’t know if he was hinting at that.Because he threw it out there.How do I prove marital status if that’s it?

    If it has to do
    With Uber I filed the info sent in my 1099.And claimed gas and snacks I ALWAYS has available.Also because I only use that car for Uber I claimed it for business.Its a small Kia.I have 4 teenagers so I use my SUV for personal.But I drove Uber 8-14 hours a day.I quit my job to so Uber.

    Any factual help would be great.I am relying on my return to pay for my 2 daughters college classes.

    THANK YOU !!!

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    @tammy that happened to me but they told me once I saw the issue date that I no longer had to do that cause it was processed already

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    Yes every year I filed on 1/19

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    When did you file? Do you claim your dependents every year?

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    I’m confused 🤔🤔 the site says issued 2/14 but I called and they said I have a letter to verify my dependents which I did the same thing last year. Irritated

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    Filed 2/5 accepted 2/5 been on processing since. Called spoke to a representative today who was gone a long time then told me “still processing” to wait 31 days and would get refund or letter. So I said basically I am getting a letter and she just repeated still processing!

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    Text message @ 2 a.m. State return posted to TT card.
    Filed/Accepted 2/4 -one month message
    Called 2/7 -rep stated she processed while I waited.
    Issued 2/12
    Received 2/19
    Have a great year guys and I’m super thankful I found this site!

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    Nana Mclachlan

    Yes Trisha mine is doing that

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    Filed and accepted on 1/30
    Been processing since 1/30
    Checked wmr right now still processing
    Checked my bank account right now, refund was deposited this morning.

    So y’all check your bank accounts of you been stuck on “processing”.

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    Melony M Mclachlan

    When I check my state refund status it has received, processed and then issued, but below it it says edd. Interc epted “0” dollars from your refund anyone have something like that before or what it means.

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    I found my taxes on February 2nd I believe it was and I have an error saying that I’m supposedly entering the wrong information and it’s been doing that ever since has anyone had that problem

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    @jeffG. We are in the same boat. Have you called the FTB?

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    My taxes were free. I’ve called the FTB numerous times and all they say is that it was sent and that they can’t send a new refund until March 1. I hope it comes soon. I’ve never experienced this sort of delay.

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    So frustrated.
    Filed & Accepted 2/3
    Issued 2/5

    Paper check…snail mail…still waiting.

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    @Nicole and @Kathernine

    if you opted for them to take fees out of your refund and state comes first they will take it to repay fees and also if you received an early refund advance it will also go towards that. Your funds will first be sent to the tax preparer bank for them to withdraw fees etc and any amount left they will distribute to you

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    Waiting patiently

    Accepted 2/2 ca and fed
    Still stuck on processing(ca); fed (still received/accepted status)
    3 dependents (2 kids and one parent)
    I dont owe any..

    Am i the only one being stuck to received/processing mode?it’s been 14 days!!

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    Nicole, I’m having the same issue with the same dates. It’s very upsetting. I hope we see our deposits soon.

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    My state refund was issued on February 1, 2019. As of today I have not received it. Spoke with my bank and they have not seen any deposit attempts. Spoke with CA FTB and they state I should have received it. They verifed my account and routing numbers three times but could not tell me what happened to my deposit. Anyone else in the same boat? Today makes business day 11.

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    Getting Closer

    Efiled and accepted 2/1 (both)
    HR Block online
    Federal refund received 2/13
    State processing until this morning
    Now says no status, and allow 1 more day
    Appears I will get final update early in the week

    Per other posters throughout the forum, once it changes to no status on the state WMR, a direct deposit date appears the next day.

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    @ Suzy R., that is a relief to here. I normally get mine within a week. It’s been 10 days and I was starting to panic. I filed mine on 2-4 And I’m still waiting.

    #4273644 Reply


    ..and CONGRATS!!

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    @ SUZY R Bank or Card?

    #4273536 Reply

    Suzy R.

    Filed 01-21

    Issued 02-12

    DD Rec’d 02-16 (Saturday!) at 12:32 a.m.

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    California Tax Payer

    I’m so glad I found this thread! My refund was stuck on Processing since 2/4–so twelve days–and I just had a feeling that was not right. So I googled, found this thread and the advice to call if it’s been over 72 hours, so I did! The clerk asked me a few questions to verify my identity, and then pushed it through!

    So if it’s been after 72 in Processing for you too? Call (916) 845-7088. :)

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    @bre if you know who you did your early refund advance with call them they told me so much I did mine through Jackson Hewitt and it goes throw meta bank they took it all and I still have a remaining balance that will then come out of my federal however when I called meta bank they told me exactly what was applied and what date

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    Authorized Friday, February 1, 2019.

    Despite direct deposit, still waiting, ten business days later.

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    Filed 2/4
    Called/Processed 2/7
    Issued 2/12
    Waiting for DD on Turbo Tax card

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    @Rachel I filed 2/4 accepted 2/4 just 1 day before you.I am in the same exact boat.I called (others said they called and they were “put through”) so I figured what do I have to lose.The guy Inspike with said “it’s still processing.if you don’t get it in 35 days call back” I asked if there was anything else that could be done and he said “no just wait”. Ughhhh I have NEVER had to wait for state.Except back In the paper file only days.I did my daughters AFTER mine and she got hers A couple days later🙄.She is 18 and worked part time while in school so to her the 37.00 dd was great 😂. I wish I got mine though.Both my daughters received there’s within 4 days of filing.It just makes me nervous I messed up mine.

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    Do you owe anything? Student Loans ect? If you do, then they will take your money.

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    Widowed Dad CA

    State and Fed taxes is not first come. First serve. Sorry to tell you this. It’s based on many factors. The main one is when and how your employer reports your income. If the income w2 or 1099 hasn’t been logged in through ssa. This will cause either review, delays or even some form of id verify or audit

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    I filed and accepted on 1/19 had the 30 day wait as well. Just got and issue date of 2/14. I have the eic. Not sure why it’s taking that long to process. Now I have to see how long it takes for the actual deposit.

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    My friend filed 01/29
    And got her state 02/08

    I filed 02/05
    I haven’t got my state when I checked it on the website it says processing and 1month more to wait. How come it’s like that? Does anyone here knows why it’s takimg long?

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    I am so pissed. Was supposed to be getting back 1900. Got a deposit of 340. No offsets no nothing. I wanna know wheere the rest of my damn money is.

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    Wow I have child tax credit and earned income and i owe fees and early refund advance so I’m wondering if I should even be waiting for California return I was hoping they were going to take it out of my federal.

    Just hoping to get a DD soon from California and Federal

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    Filed/Accepted 2/1
    Issued 2/12
    Deposit hit my Netspend at 10:40 last night 2/14

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    Filed and accepted on 2-01
    Issued on 2-11
    Deposit hit my account on 2-15 at 2am

    #4270676 Reply



    They did that to be last year they held everything and released everything at the same time I have earned and Child tax credit this year it was different my state came first they took it all and paid the fees to the tax payer and to my early refund advance

    #4270574 Reply


    Issued 2/11
    It’s now the 14th Thursday, no deposit yet… Some are saying 4 days so that should be after midnight.. Will check then and update..

    #4270543 Reply


    Filed, Accepted 2/7
    Issued 2/13
    No fees coming out
    Just waiting for it to hit my turbo card. IDont

    #4270267 Reply

    Roxane Davis

    Filed 1/27
    Accepted 1/27
    CA FTB Issued 2/8
    DD 2/14 @1:10 a.m. to Walmart Moneycard

    #4270140 Reply


    Filled 2/8
    Issued 2/8

    Hoping to see dd soon . Does anyone think because I got Earned Income Tax Credit . they hold California refund as well as . ???

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    Filed and accepted 2/4 processing since 2/5

    I called because I did my daughters the same day as mine and she already received hers on 2/12.When I called the guy said it’s still processing and call back in 35 days if I don’t hear anything 🙄😕 I have never had issues.

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    Just an update, I filed on 1/19 through the CA FTB website and have been stuck on processing with the 1 month message ever since. I was going to call on 2/20 but when I checked my FTB account yesterday (2/13), there was a message/correspondence waiting for me. My return has been selected due to “The California Franchise Tax Board employs security measures to protect California taxpayers and the State from tax related identity theft. Your 2018 California individual income tax return was selected for review” and I need to mail or fax them my 2018; W2, 1099 (doesn’t apply to me), ID and pay stubs.

    Not an issue, I just wish that the CA FTB had an option where you could sign into your ADP account so that the pay information can be transferred or confirmed immediately. I’ve lived at the same address for decades and have had the same job for well over a decade with relatively few changes in my annual salary. Maybe they are checking to see that I am still alive and kicking, haha. *Le Sigh*

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    @DGSA I was told to provide my W2s via fax to 916-843-6036. I was told by a rep that after submitting my forms to wait 8 WEEKS (!) for them to process.

    Funny how they require you to respond within 30 days of the letter, but will not commit to responding back to you in the same time-frame.

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