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    Wheres My Refund California – Share your experience with filing your California Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check California Wheres My Refund? go to State Of California Franchise Tax Board

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    My CA state taxes updated over night to processed. It shows I have a credit for the amount of my refund in my ftb account. How long before they issue the payment?

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    Filed 1/20 with Calfile
    Been processing ever since

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    Filed: 1/18
    Accepted: 1/24
    Refund authorized: 1/25

    Now just playing the waiting game. My coworker had his refund authorized on Saturday 1/22 and got his deposit yesterday.

    #4503473 Reply

    Filed the 24th and have only got the 2nd long does it take to get approved and processed?

    #4503354 Reply

    Received deposit today.

    Filed: 1/18
    Approved: 1/19
    Deposit : 1/25

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    Marcy it actually got approved overnight. I filled the 18th and on the 19th I was able to check and see if was approved. I was shocked myself too. I checked here:

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    Filed: 1/18
    Approved: 1/19

    I was shocked at how fast it got approved

    #4503128 Reply

    Magna970 that’s awesome how
    Long did it take until you saw it was approved? I did mine yesterday.

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    I filed my California taxes through Cal file yesterday and it has already been approved!

    We authorized your refund on Wednesday, January 19, 2022.

    Please allow:

    10 business days to receive your refund by direct deposit, or 25 business days to receive your refund by check.

    If we made any adjustments to your return, we will notify you by mail.

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    Filed 3/25
    Accepted 3/26
    Authorized 3/26
    Has anyone authorized 3/26 got their refund in their bank account ?

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    Filed 3/19
    Accepted 3/19
    Refund authorized 3/19

    How long does it usually take to see if? Chase bank

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    Submitted and accepted on 2/18, still showing processing so I called FTB and the person on the phone says there are no issues that he can see, but that it’s in the 2nd to last phase before approved and that I should see an update in a couple of days. I asked if he or someone else can help process my return while I was on the phone and he said they can’t.

    For those of you who were able to get them to process as you were talking with them, what were the magic words you used?

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    Submitted 2/15. Issued 2/24. Never received. I chatted with them and they had the incorrect routing number. They said I would have to wait a month for a paper check. I checked my records and I submitted the correct routing number. Something messed up on their end not mine. They told me today I will have a direct deposit by 3/20. Hopefully it happens soon.

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    Heads up 21 days passed for me – called told them – she transferred me – lady on the next call said processed my return for me and it could take 4 weeks….had issue 3/8 ar midnight

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    Thats good to hear.. I filed my return on 2/15 and it still says processing ima follow your advice amaree

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    Mine is still saying unavailable so I may do the same by calling them later today.

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    Refund authorized as of 3/8.. says to allow 10 business days for direct deposit however below sequences looks like 4 business days after issue date.

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    It should be issued today the system
    Not letting me check now so probably updating to issues by tomorrow

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    Were *

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    So we they able to give you an issued date ?

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    If your state is processing 3 weeks and past I suggest you call the state and advise the first rep will send you to someone that can review your return and process before you hang up, good luck!

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    All now I’m getting the “unable to provide your refund status online” message.



    #4465506 Reply

    Smh !!!

    #4465344 Reply

    I’ve also received my federal refund this week.

    #4465342 Reply

    I filed on 2/16. Was rejected due to some kind of TT submission error. Resubmitted/accepted on 2/19. Checking the website it said it was processing and to allow up to 1 month.

    Check today and was immediately told I had reached the maximum allowed to check (this was the only time I checked it today).

    So I called the general 800 number and was told it was received and processing. It also said that the current processing time was 3 TO 4 MONTHS.

    WTF is happening

    #4464598 Reply

    Filed state 3/2 freetaxusa. Accepted within an hour. Approved and sent as of 3/3. Hopefully I’ll see it soon!!

    #4464439 Reply

    @Brittany I wish I knew, like are they going by last names ugh

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    Filed 2/1
    Accepted 2/13

    It is still processing and when I called a lady told me to wait the 3 weeks. Hopefully it will update 3/6.
    Anybody know why it’s taking longer for some of us? Most of the people I know already received there’s.

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    Filed 2/11
    Accepted 2/23
    Issued 2/26

    From what I’m reading, hopefully it hits my bank, Chase, either Thursday or Friday. I received my Federal already which is usually later than state.

    #4463818 Reply

    @ Amaree

    If nothing has changed by 3/8 then I will start to worry and will be calling them Back first thing that morning.

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    If filed 2/15 and still processing 3 weeks of 3/8 right?

    #4463782 Reply

    Same exact dates for everything like yours @jay

    #4463747 Reply

    Filed 2/15
    Accepted 2/15
    2 Check marks – Still processing

    I called CA FTB today and they stated that it is still processing and to wait the 3 weeks.

    I received Federal DD on 2/24

    #4463690 Reply

    @Amaree thanks for the info!

    Yes, I am in the exact boat as you. Previous years I’ve have always had a quick turnaround and surprised I got my federal before state. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one this year.

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    I called last week they said they updated everyday and that mines was not rejected but to wait 3 weeks I never had this before I always got my state 10 days atleast before federal but this is next level

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    @Amaree I am on the same boat.

    Does anyone know how often california updates their refund statues?

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    Filed 2/15
    Accepted 2/15
    2 Check marks STILL PROCESSING !!!!!

    I received Fed 2/24

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    #4463182 Reply

    ReFiled: 01/26/21
    CA FTB WEBSITE 2 check marks

    I got my federal two weeks ago and irs website still says pending

    #4462922 Reply

    I am still processing since 2/18

    #4462795 Reply

    Filed 2/17
    Accepted 2/17
    FTB Shows Issued on 2/24
    DD – 3/2

    Still waiting for federal

    #4462573 Reply

    Mine has been processing for over 2 weeks anyone else?

    #4462249 Reply

    Mine was “Issued” on 2/24 should I expect it tomorrow or Wednesday? Does anyone know?

    #4461906 Reply

    Anyone with a credit union getting it sooner than 4 days

    #4461262 Reply

    anyone else get this message? It was at 2 checkmark until 10pm last night

    We are unable to provide your refund status online using the information you provided.

    You can try again to be sure you entered your information correctly.Your refund may need one more day to complete processing. Try again in one business day.If you have a MyFTB account, log in to verify your contact information.
    Call during business hours for further assistance.

    #4460856 Reply

    Approved 2/22*

    #4460855 Reply

    Filed 1/30
    Accepted 2/13
    Approved 2/23
    DD 2/26

    Looks like 4 business days is the trend for regular banks. Good luck and blessings to you all!

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    Filed 02.03.21., via TurboTax
    Fed Accepted 02.12.21., State sat in limbo.
    CA Rejected & Corrected 02.18.21.
    Accepted 02.19.21.
    Issued 02.25.21.
    Based on the past and others, in about 4 business days I should have DD on/about 03.03. or 03.04., latest.
    Good luck everyone!

    #4460644 Reply

    I’m 2 days off from your approved and issued date of 2/22.

    Btw. Love your name!!

    #4460618 Reply

    Filed fed and state via TT 2/13 (fees paid up front and PATHer)
    Fed accepted 2/13 – Currently N/A on transcripts and one bar WMR
    State accepted 2/14 and shows processed, approved and issued 2/22
    Still no DD to my BoA account

    Anyone with similar dates receive CA state refund to BoA?

    #4460499 Reply

    Filed 2/2 on TT … Free File

    Accepted 2/12

    Rejected 2/13

    Resubmitted State on 2/13

    Accepted 2/13

    Approved and Issued 2/24 after not showing info for the whole day.

    Looks like 2/24 issued refunds wont post until maybe Monday or Tuesday the latest.

    Still waiting on Fed now.

    #4460378 Reply

    Filed 2/16
    Accepted 2/16
    FTB Shows Issued on 2/24
    DD – still waiting

    #4460295 Reply

    Accepted 2/14
    Approved 2/24
    And now the waiting game begins!

    #4460270 Reply


    DD posted this morning to Chase Account.
    4 business days total

    #4459976 Reply
    Shae B

    I got my state !!
    I was accepted 02/13
    It was issued 02/19
    & I received it today the 25th
    Four buisness days ! & i bank with chase
    Good luck everyone

    #4459967 Reply

    I was also accepted on 2/13, and have an issued date of 2/19 and haven’t seen the deposit yet. I bank with chase too.

    #4459851 Reply

    accepted 2/14
    approved 2/19
    DD 2/24

    #4459827 Reply

    Accepted 2/18
    Sent to bank 2/19
    Recieved today 2/24

    #4459706 Reply
    G jkhjjfd

    Received w TT: 2/18
    Accepted: 2/18
    Disbursed: 2/19
    DDD to Chase: ??

    Also my fed was accepted on 2/18 and is in limbo.

    #4459677 Reply

    Filed 2/7
    Accepted 2/12
    Error Message 2/16
    Refund Issued 2/17
    Refund Received 2/23 – 4 business days after issued date.

    Good luck everyone.

    #4459571 Reply

    Filed 2/12
    Accepted 2/13
    Refund issued 2/19

    No refund deposit in my bank account as of now. I bank with US Bank
    Received my federal Refund this morning. So strange, I usually get my state much faster than federal

    #4459558 Reply

    Filed: Feb 12
    Accepted: Feb 12
    Refund Authorized: Feb 19

    I bank with Chase. Still nothing in my account – Fed still one bar on WMR

    #4459497 Reply

    Filed: Feb 11
    Accepted: Feb 16
    Refund Authorized: Feb 19
    Refund deposited today Feb 24.

    I bank with Chase. In addition, I received my federal. I completed my return with H&R Block.

    #4459477 Reply

    I was accepted the 13th.
    Issued the 19th.
    Still no refund. I bank with Chase

    #4459423 Reply
    Shae B

    I was accepted the 13th
    Payment issued the 19th
    Still no money in my account, I back with chase.

    #4459204 Reply

    UPDATE: After I contacted Credit Karma about the CA return not accepted for almost a week and a half, it was magically accepted today around 2 pm so now the website has 2 blue check marks so here’s to hoping it updates to 3 blue check marks soon

    #4458961 Reply

    Filed both on TurboTax on 2/12 both accepted 2/13… my California state refund on fab site says issued 2/19/21 still waiting for that shmoneyyyyyyy so excited lmaooo but yesss where’s the money…also I bank with chase

    #4458865 Reply


    Filed with TT on 01/28 and have been pending this entire time on their website.

    Today received a rejection email because “county” was missing on form. First time this has ever happened to me.

    Corrected issue this morning, 02/23 and received email that State was finally accepted by FTB.

    Now we wait….I just wish TT had caught this issue ahead of time.

    #4458864 Reply

    After days of not being about to track my refund through FTB it finally updated today, deposit send on 2/22

    #4458843 Reply

    Called fab today and they said my refund was issued on 2/19 I was accepted on 2/10 still haven’t gotten the funds yet and tje check my status says processing

    #4458809 Reply

    Filed 2/8
    Accepted 2/15
    Still at 2 check marks and nothing. Called ftb and they said give it 3 weeks.

    Other family members have filed same time frame and have theirs in their account. So frustrating

    #4458736 Reply

    Filed on 2/11 through credit karma

    CA is still pending and I don’t know why. It usually gets accepted pretty quickly in the past but now it’s just…not moving

    #4458534 Reply

    My girlfriend filed 1/27 through TT, accepted 2/11 .. when she would check the status it would say there’s a problem with state but it wouldn’t give her an option to fix or correct anything.. but it hit her account yesterday. I filed 2/6 through TT and got accepted 2/12 and still nothing.. just be patient and it’ll come

    #4457875 Reply

    @vijay when was your return accepted? I file the 23rd, accepted the 13th and still nothing 😑

    #4457646 Reply

    Received my California return amount in bank this morning. I applied on 1/23.

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