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    Wheres My Refund California – Share your experience with filing your California Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check California Wheres My Refund? go to State Of California Franchise Tax Board

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    They need clarification or verification to continue processing. call them they are quick to answer the calls. dont delay calling them, resolve it quickly so you can get it processed ASAP.

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    Filed 2/23
    Accepted 2/23
    When I go on FTB site it says I have to call. Should I assume they’re taking my return?

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    Regular return, no offsets EIC or anything else:

    Filed 2/2

    Accepted 2/2

    Called FTB 2/16: Apparently you can ask them to process your return. It took around 5 minutes.

    Issued 2/20 ( holiday and weekend delay) ( stated 10 business days to recieve DD)

    Arrived my bank via DD around midnight last night 2/26

    Hope this helps anyone!

    Good luck all and God Speed!!

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    I posted earlier about filing thru CalFile. Was told by FTB filing directly is taking much longer this year and to tell people I know not to use it. Uh what’s going on over there? I agree with the person that said this likely had to do with the Equifax hack. I was stuck in processing for weeks. Then was told on the chat to wait 12 weeks? Uh what? Filing directly is always faster than the tax software. I always get it within a week. Simple return, no offsets, nothing. Called the backend 916 number, he verified a few things and said he was processing it. I’m not kidding, if you filed through cal file it seems you really need to call to get any movement. It move to issued that night. It was deposited today ay my bank, Saturday 2/24. Good luck all. That was a nightmare

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    Just a quick update: I received a letter from the FTB saying they did an intercept on my refund. They took out 74 dollars for something I owed:

    Your refund Minus the funds Refund sent
    amount: we intercepted: to you:
    $$ $$ $$

    I chuckled a little at the last column because yup sure I received the letter but not my refund. So hopefully since it says “sent to you” it’s on it’s way in the form of a check. Hopefully tomorrow or Monday maybe?

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    Ok, so I called several times on 21st, the FTB said that return was in another department and that they can’t call them. I wanted to know more and asked if it was in a verification status. They wouldn’t answer my question, very robotic. They wouldn’t even confirm if there was such a thing. Oddly enough, the 22nd, I get the notice (I check my account through their website – bot check my refund) and bam – Its in the Compliance section, so I read the PDF and I call first thing. Spoke to a nice young lady who asked me some verification questions, she said she would process it. So, later that day it said, “Received”. Today, the refund shows as a credit, but, still shows as “Received” and where’s my refund shows –

    We are unable to provide your refund status online using the information you provided.
    •You can try again to be sure you entered your information correctly.
    •If you have a MyFTB account, log in to verify your contact information.

    The person on the phone said that Direct Deposit can be two weeks to a month and longer for paper. Thankfully, I’m DD. So, I will patiently wait….

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    Quite interesting this year. I typically file with Turbotax and get my State within a week and Fed within 2 weeks. Filed, processed, etc. January 30 for State and Fed. Received my Fed within 2 weeks, California appeared to be actually completed with “Processing” but no refund issued.

    Finally called today (916 845 7088) (barely on hold for a minute) and the woman who I spoke with indicated she went on and processed it and should have funds within 2-4 weeks (although possibly sooner). Of course I did have to validate information, etc.

    This year what was different:
    – We bought a house so our address is different
    – I used CalFile via the FTB

    If I hadn’t found this forum than I wouldn’t have known to call the number to have the refund issued.

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    Hey, sorry I went on a trip and then i was ill and this had totally slipped out of my noggin. I got my dd refund in the bank on 2/16/17. Just in time, too.

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    WELL, filed 12/14 refund authorized 12-16
    Received a letter from my BANK stating that the franchise tax board was freezing $287 of my earned paycheck Money!!!!

    Soooo 3 hours later and 9 people later, turns out they took the $287 out of my refund AND froze it in my bank account!!!! They said oops, we will fax your bank to have them lift it, should take 2-3 days!!!! OHHH and we have to mail out a check and that can take up to 3 weeks!!!

    WTF… make the mistake and I have to wait!!! Just wow!!!

    Anyone have a check mailed after and offset? How long did it really take?

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    Hey everyone I called Feb 12th and was authorized the 13th. My state funds made it to the bank Feb 15th but it was returned because my husband and I files jointly and we have to wait for check to be mailed once the FTB get it back. This was a green dot card. Just wanted to show that it took 2 business days once it was authorized. Hope this helps!

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    by the way- reading online i have heard NOT TO USE CAL FILE. i just went ahead and paid the $20 to hr block to file it. I’ve heard a lot of people saying cal file is holding up their returns with no obvious reason

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    i just filed it today. if you filed it earlier it doesn’t matter. old FTB wasn’t even accepting several of the forms until a couple of days ago, they would just hold the returns and then started processing them.

    Fed has requested additional info which i sent so that will take 6-8 weeks. i won’t be holding my breath for my california return, i am sure they will find a reason to bend me over and f*** me like they do to all californians

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    Filed with TT 1/25/18
    WMR kept saying processing until 2/20/18 when it disappeared and now won’t even recognize my information. Called FTB who looked into it and said they are unable to process my return just yet. No other information. So frustrated! I’m just going to start filing exempt for the year and setting money aside. I’ll file taxes when I get to it next year and then pay them when I feel like it

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    It’s so weird, it’s like they won’t even process your state refund unless you call in.

    I filed and was accepted for Federal on 2/5 received my refund yesterday, 2/21.

    I filed via the state website as I presumed that would be quicker, also on 2/5. Never received a peep from them so I called yesterday and spoke with a woman that verified info, placed me on a long hold and came back to say that she processed my return and that I should receive it within 2-4 weeks.

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    I filled 2/9. both Fed and State accepted same day. I received my Federal refund DD today. Still waiting on State. It’s very irritating.

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    filed and accepted on the 14th of FEB. status as of now states processing BUT I just checked my credit union account and it shows a pending deposit from the state for 02/23.

    You might want to check your bank accounts for pending deposits even though the CA refund status site says processing.

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    Used CalFile. 01/30, shows received, Checked every day since 01/30. As of today, 02/21/18, it still shows as received. Tried Chat option twice today and they say that the department who reviews it has it and it cannot be reviewed. I asked if it was under “verification” – just get the response that they can’t tell me anything and if they need additional info they will contact me and that it can take 12 weeks.

    I asked about a verification process and what that includes – my account aside. They still respond by saying they will contact me if they need anything else. No notices on file as I can see them if there was one. No owed taxes. I’m bothered.

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    Diane Saldana

    I filed Feb 8 received State on the 12th when does that ever happen pretty exciting. Federal still pending

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    Filed and accepted on 2/3
    Got one month processing message when checking WMR
    Called on 2/9, they said no offsets and to just wait.
    Called 2/14, had a lady that reviewed my account information and asked me to verify which bank I use (I had a different bank last year) and she said she would process my refund. Later that day got an issue date of 2/14 on WMR.
    Woke up this morn 2/21 and the DD was In my bank.
    Good luck everyone I hope your deposits come soon!!

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    Well as off 3:30 am here in Cali I have yet to receive a damn thing in my bank from FTB. The app says my refund was issued or authorised on 2/15/2018. I’ll update when I get it in my account

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    Paul Marciniak

    I filed IRS & Ca on 1/31. Got my IRS refund in 7 days, as usual. CA refund was MIA and still is “Processing”. It has always been direct deposited in 7 days for the last 15+ years. This year, I believe the reason is EQUIFAX. Remember the hack that stole 400 million peoples’ ID info last year? Hackers got your name, SSN, address, phone number, and CC financials. All the things to successfully file a return in your name for those who bought up blocks of that info. If you filed thru another online service, CA figures that return is vetted.CA FTB’s website has got to be so vulnerable, FTB doesn’t trust anyone filing using CAL FILE. Make sure to dislike CAL FILE on Facebook. I’m not using it next year since it may take 1 to 3 months to get a refund. Some people get lucky when they wait for hours for several days calling until they get thru to someone who knows what they are doing.

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    Filed 2/2 still was in processing as of 2/20. Simple basic return. One w2, and ssdi benefits with renters credit. Was told via chat on ftb, 12 weeks. Called the 916 number to talk to someone and he asked me a few verification questions about myself and my husband. Then he said he was processing it and said I had no offsets, monies owed and to allow another 2-4 weeks and I should have it. He said filing through their site is taking longer. He said if I had used a tax service instead I would have already had it. This has never been the case before. I always file direct and usually get state before fed. I got my fed 2 weeks ago now, wishing a week. Now, I go to check my refund and it says NO INFORMATION FOUND. Wtf? So I go from processing to not found?!?! Anyone else having trouble getting a very basic uncomplicated refund?

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    Mine was in processing and now it’s saying unable to find your info. I know Eva and Nicole posted on this. Anyone experience this too?

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    Did anyone receive their deposit from state? If so what day did you file and what day did you receive the deposit?

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    Well this was freaking awesome. I received a notice from the franchise tax board 2/16 saying I owed money to the city of San Diego for a fine a couple years ago but the catch is that I paid this amount way back in Sept. of last year but it was never updated in FTB system. So now, not only do I have to wait on a check for my refund, I also have to wait until the city gets the fine amount and sends me a another check for the amount they shouldn’t have taken to begin with. Once an adjustment letter comes, how long is it taking to get a paper check?

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    Filed 2/2
    Both Fed & State accepted 2/2
    Fed DD 2/14
    State issued 2/14 still no DD from state.

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    Bobbi Pushard

    My CA State was issued on 02/15 and no DD yet.. Monday was a holiday, I don’t remember it taking this long last year. Will keep you posted!

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    Filed both federal and state 2/9. Accepted Same date. Already got my Federal issue date. State still in processing. Any one on the same boat?

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    BF and I filed the same day and time
    Feb 15th

    Just checked
    His was accepted Feb 16 and approved February 16

    Mine was accepted Feb 16 and is still processing
    Hopefully mines updates soon.

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    Accepted 1/29
    Issued 2/9

    After my whole ordeal calling in and faxing my 1099, asking if there’s anything else I should know, I get a letter from 2/14 saying I had an offset from who knows how long ago for $230. Guess I owed fees from a community college semester like a decade ago!

    So now I have to wait for it to be mailed? Which sucks. Does it reset the amount of time I have to wait?

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    Mae salonha

    Hello..i filed state and federal on 2/7 accepted on both on 2/7. Stare shows refund issued on feb 15, anyone issued on 2/15 got their refund direct deposited yet?

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    How long after the refund is authorized has the miney been hitting the back?

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    I’m in the same boat. I filed state 1/2 and got an issue date of 2/9. They said i had an adjustment and notice was coming. No notice yet and still waiting.

    When they adjust your refund or have an offset, they no longer direct deposit. They send a check. Which takes so much longer. A friend of mine took 15 days for her to get her check from state.

    My federal updated this morning to a DDD of 2/22. I filed 1/31.

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    So are you able to find out if you have an offset with California? If you get an offset does it mean no direct deposit and they will mail a check? Thanks!

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    Gary Pfeifer

    Recievd both state and federal today ..state first..then fed..Eitc

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    I have a issue date of 2/13 but have not received dd yet

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    The info you provided was the most helpful and spot-on it was a great help!.!.!- to find out what was going on with my taxes –
    my question to you how long after they issued did you actually receive your direct deposit

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    Okay, so I went to the FTB to check the status one more time and now it says ISSUED! I haven’t checked my bank yet but I almost fell over seeing it!! Anyway it says it was authorized to be issued on February 15. I’ll update when I check my bank

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    I have been getting the one month message up until 2 days ago, now I’m getting the same message as nicole:

    Unable to find a return with the details entered.
    What the hell?

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    What the hell?? I filed both state and fed on 1/31 with an accepted date on the same day. My state was issued on 2/9 and I still have not received a DD or a notice of adjustment. My fed is still sitting on one bar (processing). Is anyone else still waiting around on both? And I’m not even claim EIC so I don’t get the delay this year.

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    Gary Pfeifer

    This is first year I filed my State before i got federal taxes…last year got deposit in 10days from filing .. I use free tax USA filling state cost 12.95. if no deposits.. tonight or tomorrow with Monday being holiday pushes us to mid week .. ugh…however we might see movement on fed tax wheres my refund..I’m curious now if state and federal communicate as in if fed approves state default does too ??

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    Paul Marciniak

    For those that efiled with Cal File and still waiting for a refund, let them know your pain here:>

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    @Gary I efiled through turbo tax and yes I’m expecting a EIC other than that normal return W-2s

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    Filed on the 12th, accepted on the 12th. Tried checking CA Franchise Board and getting below message. All my information is correct. Anyone know what that means?

    Your Refund Results
    We are unable to provide your refund status online using the information you provided.
    You can try again to be sure you entered your information correctly.
    If you have a MyFTB account, log in to verify your contact information.

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    Gary Pfeifer

    NewtoCali. How did u file? Was it e-file? w2 or 1099? Eic?

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    UPDATE: Called for the second time today first time was told everything was fine no additional information was needed and some returns just need additional provessing time and for me to wait 12 weeks called today and was told I need to fax over a bunch of documents WOW so if your being told the 12 week crap call again and speak to someone else to make sure they dont need a bunch of unnecessary documentation

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    Called for the third time and the very nice rep stated one of two things may have happened…either I am one of the lucky refunds that will sit for 2 to 4 weeks before being released or it was a clerical error and my refund was deposited into someone else’s account.


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    Gary Pfeifer

    I have Acceptance Date. Of 1st . Last year. Got DD no update on FTB until after deposit. . also deposit hit approx 9pm last year. Acceptance on 3/4 ddd of 3/14. I’m anticipating it will be tonight or tommorow don’t see it hitting on weekend

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    Gary B
    I have an issue date of 2/1 and still no DD.
    I am so very frustrated.

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    I filed on 2/5 says received 2/5 has said processing allow up to one month since. My mom filed same day as me and she got her refund on 2/11. I called today and rep said she will release my refund and I’ll receive it in 2-4 weeks. Does it really take that long for DD?

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