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    Wheres My Refund California – Share your experience with filing your California Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check California Wheres My Refund? go to State Of California Franchise Tax Board

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    @kmc2611 (waitingncali)

    It’s almost 5! 👀👀☺️

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    I don’t understand why it will take that long? is it sent somewhere else first? then to you’re bank? if not, since it’s automated it should be received right away, especially with an account like mine. My bank do not hold any type of deposit, as soon as it hits the account, it’s made available to me. When it says “issued”, I don’t think it’s to the account, I think that perhaps it’s to another department, then to the accounts. I could be wrong, however, anything more then 48 hours seems off.

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    @nicole85. Everyone says about 5 days. Mine was issued on 1/31 and i still dont have it. I have a prepaod card and i wouldve thought it would be deposited by now..but no such luck.

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    Hello everyone, I have a quick question.

    My CA retrun was issued on 02/01/18. Should I be exspecting it soon or will it take the full 10 days?.

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    @NB – thanks for the help. I’ll keep an eye on it.

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    @Sean, just FYI, that’s the date they have now on the website on when they approved it, but I don’t think the website itself is updated right away, it takes a couple of days before you can see it on their “where is my refund” tool.

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    @NB – wow — two days from accepted to approved! CA is moving fast this year

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    26th – Prepared through H&R online
    26th – Filed federal
    29th – Filed CA (some forms just became accepted)
    31st – CA Approved / issued
    3rd – Federal Approved with DD of Feb 7th

    regular job W2, no kids, no mortgage, itemized deductions, HSA, nothing crazy

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    @Dee. Thank you. Ive been stressing that it’s not coming. Lol i too had mine sent the 31st and i haven’t got it yet. Usually i get mine by now as i use my prepaid card for deposits!

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    How quickly does it generally move from Accepted to Approved?

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    Filed 1/16 accepted 1/17 approved 1/31 and used taxact. My bank sees the direct deposit but I.T won’t be released to me until this evening or early tomorrow morning but for all those that got approved 1/31 you should see deposits tonight or tomorrow morning depending on refund method :)

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    Im thinking at this point it has to be later today or morning. Im hoping were not waiting til friday. Ughh just give us our money! Lol

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    😭😭 hopefully all 1/31 issue dates hit tonight and early morning 🤞🏽

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    Approved 1/31

    Still no DD.

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    I guess I need to call again today. Still nothing updated and both times I called they stated everything was good to go. :-/

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    @mari808. Still nothing…

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    Accepted 1/29, Approved 1/31
    No DD yet in my BofA
    Hopefully tomorrow?

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    Ann Ornelas

    My state refund said it was issued 2-1 but it may take up to ten business days to process. I went through H&R Block and chose direct deposit to the Emerald card. Does anyone know if it will take the full 10 days or if it will be sooner?

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    Hey Everyone,

    Filed 2/3
    Accepted 2/4

    How long are state approvals taking this year?

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    Jennifer Litherland

    Just checked my bank account, and my CA State refund is there.

    Filed on 1/26/18
    Accepted on 1/29/18
    Approved on 1/30/18

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    I’m confused so how long does it take to get your ca state refund dd? Mine was accepted Jan 30th.

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    Olivia farmer

    Still no dd on my state refund either that was issued February 1

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    Olivia farmer

    I’m not talking about my state if you read what I said I put my federal my state has already been issued

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    I thought you said you’re state refund was already issued???. If it’s being processed then it has not been issued. Once it says “issued you’ll get it 2-5 days after.

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    Anything on your end yet 👀

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    Olivia farmer

    Hello anyone I just tried tracking my fed refund on IRS where’s my refund and this is what it says doesn’t even show the bar with accepted approved and sent has anyone ever got this message and is this a bad thing.

    Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.

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    Olivia farmer

    Past 12am still no dd this is so annoying I hate Cali

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    Between 12am and 6am.

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    Olivia farmer

    Will it be at 12am Monday morning

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    You will get you’re refund Monday morning or Tuesday morning !

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    Olivia farmer


    Have you received your state return yet mine was issued on February 1 and still no dd

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    @tam. Thank you for your response! Yes definitely puts my mind at ease lol since I still haven’t had any movement on federal either but no offset code so I’m thinking I may be resequenced. Thank you again!

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    Dennis Hernandez

    stop stressing out about refunds lol, it will come!

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    Nope nothing yet. Hopefully in the next couple hrs 🤞🏽

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    @mari808. Anything yet??

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    It’s okay

    Olivia, calm down. Everyone is here to give info to one another, you’re not the only person waiting for their refunds. I am in the same situation as you. Accepted 1/19/18, finally issued the state 2/3 and I used turbo tax and greendot. Don’t use the whole free speech thing, go to Facebook for that type of conversation. Bye Felicia.👋👋👋

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    I just wanted to comment on your situation. Having funds seized for county court fees will NOT affect your federal return. I’ve had this happen to me before ugh but I hope that gives you some peace of mind.

    I’m patiently waiting on my return.
    TacAct filed 1/22
    Accepted 1/23
    CA says processing with 1month wait time! Ya!! :) lol

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    Look lady, Olivia Farmer there’s no need for your attitude. We are all on this site for the same reason support and give each other info. If you don’t like it then don’t reply.
    I’m being perfectly honest with my info no need to be called a liar

    State accepted 1/29 issued and approved 1/30 refund hit my bank 2/3 used turbo tax no card

    Federal acccepted 1/29 woke up on Friday with a direct deposit day of 2/6

    This is the last time I’ll give you this info so take it like you want it

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    Olivia farmer
    You’re arguing with the wrong people. I’m just providing the information, I didn’t create the process. The pilot group doesn’t apply to all, as I stated some. In addition, I filed 1/30/18 and I have a federal refund date of 2/7/18. You want accurate information, call IRS & FTB. I’m over trying to help ease your frustration as everyone on here is frustrated in some form waiting on their refund. Have a great night and a better Sunday.

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    Olivia farmer

    Federal Return
    Received by TurboTax
    Thursday, Jan 4th 2018 4:33 AM EST
    Received by IRS
    Wednesday, Jan 17th 2018 3:41 PM EST
    Filing status changed to: Accepted
    Wednesday, Jan 17th 2018 3:59 PM EST
    California Return
    Received by TurboTax
    Thursday, Jan 4th 2018 4:33 AM EST
    Received by California
    Thursday, Jan 18th 2018 1:07 PM EST
    Filing status changed to: Accepted
    Thursday, Jan 18th 2018 1:17 PM EST

    This is my turbo tax print out

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    Olivia farmer

    That’s isn’t accurate either I was accepted on the 17th of January and I filled a 1040ez and I also filed single with no eitc I have never heard of a pilot program

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    Olivia farmer

    First off I can say what I want it’s a free country second off I have the same message mine was accepted on the 17 of January and so was my state the IRS still did not officially accept returns until the 29th of January so I don’t know how people are saying they already have a direct deposit date for there fed or state where do you see a date showing when funds are going to be deposited and also how are people getting there returns when the official file date was January 29th the only reason people were accepted early was for the IRS testing program

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    Olivia farmer
    Every year the IRS has a pilot group that they accept refunds prior to the official date. So it is possible that people were accepted and received their refund already. If they filed early, these people were most likely approved prior to the 29th. Some people didn’t make the pilot program but those that did were probably simple returns 1040A/EZ

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    My refund was Authorized on 1/31. Has anyone received their refund for this authorization date.

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    @Olivia farmer This is my TurboTax time/date line for my federal that I copied and pasted from the website. As you can see my return was accepted on the 23rd. I know you want you’re money, WE ALL do, however, there’s no need to come on here calling people liars. This is a process that’s not set in stone, for some people the process is different, which ends up working in their favor. However, for most, it a frustrating process. You’re MONEY is coming.

    Federal Return
    Received by TurboTax
    Monday, Jan 22nd 2018 9:15 PM EST
    Received by IRS
    Tuesday, Jan 23rd 2018 12:27 PM EST
    Filing status changed to: Accepted
    Tuesday, Jan 23rd 2018 12:57 PM EST

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    Olivia farmer

    I also called the number and they said that the money was released to my county to be sent out but fbs says it was issued what does this mean also I don’t know how people are saying they received there return already the it’s didn’t start officially accepting returns until January 29th 2018

    #4205335 Reply

    Olivia farmer

    What service did you use to file I used turbo tax and got there prepaid card which is through green dot and I don’t know how everyone is getting there’s early they didn’t start accepting until the 29th of January so how are you guys getting your refund someone said they already got there fed refund you guys are lying to me

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    @Olivia farmer
    About 3 to 5 business days
    I got my refund approved and issued on 1/30 and my direct deposit today 2/3

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    Olivia farmer

    We authorized your refund on Thursday, February 01, 2018.

    Still have not received dd does anyone know how long it takes

    #4205322 Reply

    Olivia farmer

    I’m still waiting to this sucks it was issued on February 1 st

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    Dang im still waiting for dd. Was sent 1/31…Im startinf to stress now. Lol

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    California is very wierd, when it comes to low income (anything below $30,000) the more poor you are the more money you get while the fed is the other way (for low income), with the fed the less money you make the lower your refund while the higher your income the more refund you get. It’s very wierd.

    But I feel the liberals of this state are proud of this difference. You got to the Cali EITC estimator and it actually highlights the state’s difference to the feds, like the liberals are so proud they give more money then the fed to the most poor. It’s no wonder this state is getting more and more in debt, it needs a good Republican leadership for a change. That system of giving more money to people who make less can’t sustain itself for long.

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    How long should it say processing and when will I get it after it say says issued any help will be really appreciated first time filing. Thank you.

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    Checked my status today and it states my CA refund was intercepted by my county for a court ordered debt. Does anyone know if they can take my federa as well? I don’t even know what it’s for I have to cal Monday to find out. Ugh

    #4205159 Reply


    @waitingncali No nothing yet :( And I’m anxious as heck lol I’ve never used Greendot before but from what i gather they deposit early morning (3-4) and also in the evening 5-6). Fingers crossed for this evening 🤞🏽

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    @mari808..have you gotten ur deposit yet? I keep checking but nothings there. All of my deposits always come early , not sure why this one hasnt hit yet!

    #4205037 Reply


    well after being told yesterday my account was on hold for a random review, I woke up today with it issued with yesterday’s date. At least I know it’s on it’s way…just waiting on deposit

    #4205009 Reply


    Accepted 1/29
    But still stuck in processing.
    Same federal tax is accepted and to be deposited on 2/6.

    This is the first time where CA is taking longer than federal for me in 10+ years.

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    @Olivia farmer It can take up to 10 days, however, for many it will not take that long. As one commenter said, it can be 5 days max, nevertheless, from years of experience it does not even take that long, that is of course from the time it was issued. If it was issued on February 1st, it’s very likely to hit you’re account on Monday or Tuesday morning.

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    You and me both. I have Greendot also and my issue date was 1/31 fingers crossed for this evening if not I hope I.T will for sure be in my account Monday.

    #4204936 Reply


    My issued date is 1/31..and still no dd for crossing my fingers for monday! Im also hoping it posts to my acct later today as i have green dot, and they are know to do that. Congrats to everyone with deposits!

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    Filed: 1/28
    Accepted: 1/29
    Issued date:1/30
    Bank deposited: 2/3

    #4204801 Reply


    I filed 1/28, accepted 1/30 and up until yesterday I had a message that said “cannot provide information about your return, please check processing times”. I decided to call the FTB yesterday and since I changed my filing status from mfj to hoh, their system created a new account for me. The man was very helpful and kind, and merged my two accounts. Today shows processing.. hopefully I get it soon!!

    #4204617 Reply

    Olivia farmer

    Can any one please let me know how long dd takes my state return was issued on February 1 2018 says 10 buisness days to be DD is that true its February 3 now

    #4204554 Reply

    Nicole Alise

    Thank you…

    Filed 1/26
    Accepted 1/27
    Approved 1/31
    No DD as of 12:48 am 2/3.

    #4204529 Reply


    @Nicole Alise Roach @wheresmydamnrefund was approved on 1/30/18 I seen the pervious post.

    #4204527 Reply


    @Nicole Alise Roach
    yes my refund was approved on Tuesday January 30.

    #4204525 Reply

    Nicole Alise Roach

    *was yours approved

    #4204523 Reply

    Nicole Alise Roach


    When a yours approved? Mine was approved 1/31.

    #4204519 Reply


    Check your bank accounts!!! I just got my deposit around 11pm

    #4204511 Reply


    I realized I made a mistake and mine was accepted 1/30. I just realized it tonight after seeing how many people got refunds. Should I call that number?

    #4204507 Reply


    5 days is still too long ! I have never, ever ! experienced a delay like this, with federal or state, I always got both of my returns back within 3-4 days a filing. I know it’s coming, as i suspect everyone else does, however, it’s frustrating when you have bills to pay and kids to take care of.

    #4204498 Reply

    Cali Resident

    Don’t panic people! It’s 5 days max including weekends. I filed 1/23 approved 1/24 got my refund 1/29 and yes I initially got the “1 month Message” disappeared the next day to approved and processed.

    #4204105 Reply


    TurboTax sent 1/30/18
    Accepted 1/30/18
    Approved 1/31/18
    DD sent within 10 days.

    I just called the FTB and my processing has been fully completed and my refund amount was authorized and sent to the comptrollers office for payment. The guy couldn’t give me a date, other than he is required to say within 10 days. He did ask if I checked my account today and I said it wasn’t there. He said to check again tomorrow and “at the latest” Monday….

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