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    Wheres My Refund California – Share your experience with filing your California Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check California Wheres My Refund? go to State Of California Franchise Tax Board

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    Filed 1/20 and accepted 1/30 and was left on the processing and the 1 month thing. So I finally called the (916) number yesterday around 3pm. Got through within 2 minutes and talked to a really nice lady who put me on hold for about 2 min. She told me my state taxes were under review and to verify the amount I was getting. She then said I should be seeing a DD in a couple of weeks if the amount I verified was correct on their end. Checked this morning at 7, and was authorized and issued (2/6)! Has anyone gotten their DD earlier than the 10 or 5 days? Hoping I get it beginning of next week. Thanks to the person who suggested calling this number!

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    Finally updated this morning accepted 1/31 Approved DD 2/6

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    @ Sean did they give you any reason?

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    @bubblygrl — i’m in the same boat, except they told me 6-8 weeks over phone for DD.

    No idea why it would take so long

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    Hello, My taxes were accepted 2-3-18, it now states that it is processing and could take up to 1 month to receive the return? I have DD anyone file the same day and get their $$ yet?

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    My taxes were accepted on 01/29. I checked this morning and still says processing. Thinking to call like everyone else has done.

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    Return Received by CA state on 1-26-18 and has been stuck in processing status

    On 2-7-18 I called 916-845-7088 then options 1-1-0. Sat on hold for less than 5 min

    Was asked a bunch of questions and told she was able to verify everything over the phone and should expect our DD in 2-4 weeks.

    I will update again when ‘Processing’ status changes to ‘Issued’

    Married filed jointly
    1 dependent
    Not a home owner
    Husband is Uber driver, I work full time standard W2

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    DD hit my account today

    Filed 1/25
    Accepted 1/25

    Got the 1 month message. Called and verified information over the phone. Was told everything was fine but I was in manual review and to allow them 2-4 weeks.

    Got issue date of 2/2
    DD today 2/7

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    I just called, told there were no mistakes but it should take 6-8 weeks to be processed as it’s their normal timeframe for state returns. Barf

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    Marcus Czech

    My refund was authorized on 2/1 and I still haven’t received my DD as of this moment… I don’t get what’s taking so long – I don’t have any tax obligations to the state

    And so I continue to wait -_-

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    Still no dd date I faxed everything yesterday

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    Got my refund date.

    Follow the advices here and call the number mentioned if your status shows one month message.
    I did and faxed the W2 and pay stubs they requested and now got my refund date after being stuck for almost 10 days.

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    Olivia farmer

    Never mind just hit my account thank you Lord now just waiting for fed still processing

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    Website hasn’t updated for me yet BUT I now have a pending DD for tonight! 😁 thank goodness!! I hope everyone gets answers soon.

    Filed 01/16
    Accepted 01/16
    No update via website
    Called a couple of times. They helped process it on 02/01.
    Now showing a pending DD.

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    Olivia farmer

    Issued 2/1 still no dd I got the greendot TurboTax card does anyone know when they direct deposit I’m really frustrated

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    CA refuned issed 2/1/18 and just received my deposit at 12:15am. Hope everything works out well for everyone else.

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    Olivia farmer

    Can refund issued on 2/1 still no dd used turbo tax green dot card anyone else still waiting please let me know

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    Issued 2/1
    DD into account around 11pm 2/6
    5 days from issued does appear to be the average
    Best of luck to those waiting

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    @Don dowell
    Are you calling the right number?
    The correct number to call is: 916-845-7088.
    I am self-employed like you. I don’t know about anyone else but when I called I asked the representative if he/she could please tell me if I had any documents that needed submitted so that my return could finish processing. When he/she told me that there was none needed to be submitted at the time, I asked could he/she be able to push my return through. One person told me that they could see if they could but then stated that they couldn’t touch it. Therefore, I knew there was a waiting period before it could be process.
    I called numerous of times with the same line..LOL.

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    Mine still hasn’t been issued and it was approved on 1/31. What number is everyone calling?

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    @show me the money. Youre welcome! Yea i dont know whats up with ca this year. I dont even understand how i could have an offset if i was never notified about it in the first place! Also why did it take me so many calls to get my refund moving..nothing has changed in my life for 6 years. Same house, job, anyways at least we know i suppose… Welcome to the snail mail club! Nothing like waiting for a check to come in the mail! Hah

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    @waitingncali ugh looks like we’re in the same boat! Frantic mail checkers lol I just called FTB and they said there weren’t any offsets on my account but for some reason my check is being mailed. I could have sworn my tax preparer selected DD for both refunds! They did say I should have it no later than 2/15 but I was hoping it would be closer to my Fed DDD of 2/7. Thanks for the help!

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    Don dowell

    I keep seeing people saying they called And had there refund pushed thru what do I say to get them to do that for me they keep telling me 8 to 12 weeks cuz I’m self employed

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    that state number answers fast. i called got through in 2 minutes after pressing 1-1-0.. asked rep if he needed anything…verified a couple questions and he processed it for me…now i will see how long…. he said 2-4 weeks but everyone is saying 5 days… fingers crossed

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    @noluckyet Thank you!

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    Snail mail usually takes 4-6 days not counting sun. But it all depends on details. Like the time it was dropped into the mailbox, what time got to the mailhhouse, did it just missed the truck thats going to ur location, what time doea the mailman delivers to ur house. If u get lucky u could have it by tomorrow or thursday. But youll have it by the en of the week or monday for sure. Anyways good luck.

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    @djdlash let me know when yours shows in the mail! Ill be checkin every morning ..stalking the mail lady! Haha. As for fed you should get it soon! Mine wont be here til after the 15th as i had the additional child tax credits.

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    So I was accepted 1/26 and have eitc, have been in processing.

    I called today and turns out they couldn’t verify my income, had to fax my 1099-K.

    So if you drive for Lyft/Uber you may want to call and see if they need yours. I’m gonna check back tomorrow and see if they need anything else they didn’t mention, but I figure if she didn’t list it when she said she needed my 1099 then likely not.

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    Now I’ll be checking my mail like I was checking the refund site lol. Hopefully my fed DD comes in this week. I have a DDD of 2/7 and I bank with BofA. I don’t know whether it will be tomorrow or the day after. Oh man, crossing my fingers.

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    @djdlash i get it. Im in the same boat. I disint even know i had an offset! But mine was issued on 1/31 and now im waiting for my check in the mail. My question long does it ACTUALLY

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    I actually spent my rent money.!!! Im in my 20’s lol. At least i know not to wait for californias, since i owe more than 1500 over a stupid disable parking ticket i got at work i didnt even know about that went up to 1548. So i know they gonna take my following year refunds. Ugh. Gotta love cali. Does anybody know if (for the federal) they said your refund will be sent to you bank on 2/7, Means i get it that day or i gotta wait for the bank to release it to me which can be on the 8th or 9th ugh ugh ugh. I called the bank and they say they dont see anything coming in or getting rejected. I have bofa btw. My dd from work is usually in at 1201 always. Been up till 1a for the past 3 days. And i work at 4a everyday. Lol. Like i said im in my 22yo so i can handle now. But ugh ugh ugh stressful

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    Where’s my refund

    Has anyone who had their CA return issued on 2/1/18 receive their Direct Deposit yet ?? I called the FTB and they said every thing checks out fine and I should see my direct deposit with 7 business days but I am just getting anxious because it’s taking so long. I hope I don’t get an offset. I already received my Federal return on Saturday 2/3.

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    Ok, so I received an approved date of 1/31 but did not receive a DD today. I called for any offsets, and yes I had my student loan that was paid off. The rest of the refund is going to be mailed (2 weeks). So, if have an approved date of 1/31 or earlier and have not received a DD yet, call and ask. Now, I have to wait for the paper check. Mmmmmm

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    Anyone received there State Return without the website updating ?

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    @mar are you saying your state was issued on 1/29 or accepted on 1/29 . and yes lots have gotten cali refunds already!

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    My taxes were accepted on Jan. 29th. I have not gotten a state fund yet. As far as Fed refund, I know they are not releasing it till mid-February because I have a child tax credit.

    Anyone received their state refund yet? Or how long it is suppose to be? I was told 1-12 business days then told 7-21 days.

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    @showmethemoney. Yes I always get dd. My state was issued on 1/31. I was expecting my dd last night and it didnt happen. So i called ftb and they said i had an offset sith dmv. So that automatically puts me in the paper check club. Trust me i dont want to be in this club! So now ill be frantically checking the mail everyday!

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    @waitiningncali I really hope that’s not the case. Did you request DD when you filed? I checked with my tax preparer and she confirmed she set both Fed and State up for DD. I’ve never had mine mailed before. Wonder why the change if it is in fact being mailed. Strange. Thanks for the info! I have a Fed DDD of 2/7.

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    @noluckyet i just got off the phone with them 30 minutes ago. I cant beleive they are doin it over dmv bullshit. Im sure they took yours too..sorry…im not happy either. My dumbass already spent the money that was coming and now i screwed myself. I shouldnt have..but i did. I just with there was a way to know when the damn check will show. There is no way it takes 2 flippin weeks to mail..grrr!

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    When was that? I got my refund authorized the same day as you, i was expecting it today as well, But no luck. I owe the dmv more than my refund amount. My federal is supposed to hit tomorrow. Wonder if they gon do the same.

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    @showmethemoney you are probably waiting for a paper check as well. Seems like those of us still waiting are having same issues. I just called tax boasrd and they just decided to tell me mine is coming by mail. Due to an offset i didnt evwn know i had. Mine was issued the 31st so who knkws when it will actually come. They told me 2 weeks..but usually doesnt take that long…

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    CA refund issued on 1/30 but no DDD yet. I know the site says to allow 10 business days but it seems like most people are getting theirs within 5 days. Any other insight from those issued on the same date???

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    @pearl im wo dering the same thing. Mine was issued on 1/31 and i just found out mine is getting mailed. Id love to know the actual tine frame. Tax board told me 2 weeks. Im hoping it isnt that long…

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    It went FROM ‘processing’ TO ‘received’? It went backwards?

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    @waitingncali — thanks for info. mine updated from “processing” to “received” overnight.

    Hopefully it moves to “approved” tomorrow

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    Does anyone know how long after they issue a paper check, how long it actually takes to gst to you. Of course they said 2 weeks. Lol

    @sean. Ftb updates overnight

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    What time does FTB update each day?

    #4207404 Reply


    Well i figured out why i didnt get my dd. Dmv took some money for a broke down car that i didnt pay the tags on. So im waitong for the remainer of my refund to come via mail. Fun stuff! Lol

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    So as for calling the number everyone has called. No one is getting the same results. I got send in info copy of ss card for child and I plus birth certificate for child and proof of residency for child in 2017 and wait 5 days to process. Have the one month message. Have tried calling back same ole response wait five days. Filed on 26 of Jan. After 5 days will call.

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    @mari808. Congrats!!! Mine still hasnt hit my acct. Aghhh..guess my greendot card isnt so quick this year!

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    I filed on Sunday for my state and federal and it was excepted that same day. Today State show that my refund is being processed. I have a house and child deductions.

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    I just got off the sacramento number they told me because I’m self employed it will take 8 to 12 weeks to get my refund anyone else go thru this and is there anything I can to get it fastet

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    I called the number and the sweetest lady assisted me. I answered a few questions and was advised my return will be pushed through the system.

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    Anyone with child tax credits delayed on getting a refund?

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    What number are people calling? I keep getting transferred to the automated system.

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    I requested a check and my refund was authorized on jan 29. Today is Feb 6 and I still have not received it. Does anybody know how long it usually takes to receive it by mail.

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    I had dreaded 1 month message for whole week now and called yesterday.
    Was asked to fax in W2 and year end stub which I did.
    I called again today and was told that they received it and allow 2 to 4 weeks for refund to process.

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    I have been checking status on the FTB wheres my refund tool but I only see ‘Recieved’ ‘Processing’ and ‘Issued’ No mention of ‘Authorized’ as people keep saying on this thread.

    Mine has been at ‘Processing’ since 2/1/2018, and it was accepted/recieved on 1/30/18. How long were you guys stuck on ‘processing’?

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    jeccica simpson

    HR Block software
    1/29 accepted
    1/31 processing

    Called 916-845-7088
    Just got off the phone with a very nice lady, she told mine was pulled for manual review, ask me a few questions, and sent it thru, should have a DD by end of week!

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    To the self employed persons with eic. Just an update. I called this morning and it was processed yesterday. Customer service stated the website should have an update by the end of this week and I should get my refund within 2-4 weeks. So try calling to see if you had any movement.

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    This might help some people (and hopefully it’s true for me haha)…..
    Just got off the phone with a rep. She stated my return was processed on the 1st and submitted for issuance on the 2nd. She stated to give it up to 2 weeks to receive my funds. I asked why the system hadn’t been updated through the website and she said it should’ve but maybe they just haven’t updated it. She said nothing was pending for me and if I requested a DD then I should have it before the end of the week.

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    Filed 1/27, accepted 1/30. “Cannot province any info on your return” until I called on 2/2 and asked what was going on. Updated on 2/3 to processing. I’m really hoping I get it this week.. any insight? I need some hope!

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    Has anyone received a DD without the site updating that it was sent ? That happen with my Federal. My Federal was DD into my bank account on Friday and WMR updated that it was approved this past Saturday to be DD on 2/7 but as you can see I received it way before 2/7 but unfortunately that has not been the case for my State so far as it’s still showing processing and for me to wait for one month.

    By the way both my Federal and State was filled and accepted 1/29.
    I remember last year I had the same problem with State, I didn’t receive it until April.

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    Tangie Bailey

    Authorized 1/31 and had DD this morning

    #4206850 Reply

    Olivia farmer

    Still no dd issued on February 1 I’m starting to wonder why its not on my card I filed with turbo tax got the green dot card

    #4206835 Reply


    Filed and accepted 1/29. Approved 1/31. Did not receive DD today. Still waiting. Anyone else?

    #4206792 Reply


    Approved 1/31
    DD posted slightly before 2 a.m. Pacific time 2/6

    #4206783 Reply

    Olivia farmer

    I was approved on February 1 still no dd I’m starting to worry

    #4206781 Reply

    Olivia farmer

    @mari808. When we’re you approved

    #4206775 Reply


    DD just hit 🎉

    #4206773 Reply

    Olivia farmer

    If mine was approved on the 1st of February will my DD be on my card on Wednesday February 7th at 1201am that’s five buisness days from my approval date

    #4206771 Reply

    5 Biz Days from Approval

    CA. Accepted 1/29. Approved 1/31. Received in bank account 12:01 AM 2/6/18.

    #4206721 Reply

    Tangie Bailey

    I’m not sure if the 5 days is new or just the norm this tax season. Based on the responses in this forum, it was about 5 days.

    #4206719 Reply

    McBrad Vogleman

    When is California going to become their own country?

    #4206708 Reply



    I have always received my state refund within 2-3 days of filing. This whole 5 day wait must be new. I’m counting on it being in my account tomorrow.

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