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California return

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    Filed and accepted 1/21, overnight update shows accepted says 2 weeks from now but no real date, anyone else?

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    Matthew Globe

    I filed a paper return, accepted 2/5/15. Refund authorized 5/8/15. As of 5/29, no refund received.

    ruben arevalo

    i filed on march 16,2015 and not yet received my state refund. i received my ferderal refund but not my state. how much longer until i receive it??

    ruben arevalo

    i filed on march 16,2015 and have not yet received my state refund . i received my federal refund but not my state. how long does it take????

    Colleen Pardell

    Received 3/30. No freakin refund yet! AHHH!!


    I was also authorized on 3/20 and I have yet to receive my refund. I am supposed to be getting a check mailed to me. Has anyone else received a check in the mail?


    Elizabeth, how soon after yours was authorized did you receive it? Mine was authorized on 3/20 and still no direct deposit. :(


    I filled on 1/28. On 1/30 it says that it is still processing. Allow for 10 days to complete. My question is a lot of you say that it says “authorize” will my is saying processing. Did any of you have the processing phase? Or did it go straight to authorize? Thank you so much.


    Correction…says to allow 10 days


    I filed on the 31st….refund was authorized on the 2nd and still no dd. says to allow 20 days.


    Approved on 1/30/2015. Still waiting on deposit. How many days after approval are people getting deposits CA state deposits?


    I just spoke to a lady at ftb and she told me whenever your amount differs from what it does on your taxes, like because an offset, you are mailed a paper check. But good thing is, they say it’s within two weeks of your authorized date


    Filed CA state Return 01/26/2015

    Accepted 01/26/2015

    Refund Authorized 01/27/2015

    Direct Deposit 02/02/2015 – rcv’d today in my bank account



    Filed – 01/26/15
    Authorized – 01/28/15
    Received – 02/02/15 (Direct Deposit)

    Fastest refund either from FTB [email protected]


    Filed 1/17
    Accepted 1/21
    FTB Authorized 1/26
    No offsets
    Still don’t have my refund! I expected it to show up this morning at the latest. What could be going on?


    Ms Jackson, that has to be it then. I just got my letter from them starting that they took some of my return out for the offset. We should see the money early this week


    Elisa, we do have an offsett, and I had wondered if that was the hold up.


    MrsJackson and Elise, I’m surprised you haven’t received your direct deposit yet? It looks like everybody is receiving theirs in four business days.


    Ms Jackson, I still have not received mine either. I was authorized 1/23 but my husband does have an offset. Do you have one also?


    Refund authorized 1/22, still no dd.

    Anyone else?


    Filed – 01/26/15
    Authorized – 01/28/15
    Received – Waiting for DD


    Filed 1/28/2014 Accepted 1/28/2014 Approved 1/30/2014 Just waiting on deposit now for state return.


    Still have not received my California return. I was authorized 1/23


    Filed – 01/26/15
    Authorized – 01/27/15
    Received – Waiting

    Federal approved with a DDD of 02/02.. maybe they’ll both come on the same day.


    Filed 01/21/15
    Authorized 01/23/15
    Received 01/29/15


    Filed 01/20/15
    Authorized 01/23/15
    Received 01/29/15


    Anymore ca returns yet? Nothing for me. Authorized 1/23


    I filed with FreeTaxUsa on Monday 01/26/2015, accepted by the state of California on 01/26/2015, and state refund approved 01/27/2015.

    Waiting on deposit. Thanks~


    @caleb You called it :)


    1/17/2015 Accepted Thursday

    1/22/2015 Direct Deposit Refund Authorized

    1/28/2015 Received Direct Deposit this Morning


    Did anyone receive their ca DD yet? I’m still waiting and it was authorized 1/23


    @EO you should have yours tomorrow it seems from other peoples post., Mine was authorized 01/23, so im hoping tomorrow, but probably thursday.


    Accepted Thursday 1/17/2015

    Direct Deposit Refund Authorized Thursday 1/22/2015

    Still waiting……………………………..


    I filed on 1/21 – can’t even pull up the status. All I know is that it was accepted on 1/21. Called yesterday thinking the website had errors. They said 12 weeks for mine! I made like $30K, standard deduction. No idea why it would take this long :(


    I filed with FreeTaxUsa on Monday 01/26/2015 and was accepted by the feds and state of California on 01/26/2015.

    CA FTB website shows by return was accepted.

    Just wondering how long did it take to go from accepted to approve for your CA state refund.



    In my account this morning. :)


    Mine also shows authorized 1/23. Still no deposit yet


    Accepted 01/20, Refund Approve 01/21, Nothing in my account yet.


    Filed on 1/20 , accepted on 1/21. Saw this message today.

    We authorized your refund on Friday, January 23, 2015.

    Please allow:

    10 business days to receive your refund by direct deposit, or

    25 business days to receive your refund by check.

    If we made any adjustments to your return, we will notify you by mail.


    accepted 1/20 and still “no information” on the ca ftb website. it seems people who filed after me already have dds. ??????????????????


    I got this tonight

    authorized your refund on Friday, January 23, 2015. 

    Please allow: 

    10 business days to receive your refund by direct deposit, or
    25 business days to receive your refund by check.
    If we made any adjustments to your return, we will notify you by mail.


    Julie it’s franchise tax board.


    What is CA FTB I just saw someone mentioned that


    I just called them this evening because I could not get my info from their site. The agent told me it was in the later process and should be approved by Monday and deposited a few days later. The return was sent to them 1/17


    Mine was accepted on 01/20 with a 01/15 receipt date (when I originally filed with TT). I checked this morning and received a 01/22 authorization. I noticed it took three days before they authorized it. I checked last year and that was the same length of time it took for them to authorize it. However, I have not seen a deposit yet in my bank. My feeling is based on last year – I may not see until next week. But I am remain hopeful….

    You might see yours authorized hopefully tomorrow (01/24), if not by Monday.


    Ouch Ash that sucks did they give you a reason


    I filed 1/15. Didn’t get notification that it was accreted until 1/21 and the CA FTB website showed it was accepted 1/15 on 1/22. Now 1/23 it says it requires extra processing and could take 8+ weeks. Nothing has changed from last year. I filed with TT. This happened the last time we filed with TT also.


    Filed 1/17 accepted 1/20 Still just one bar on wheres my refund site.

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