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    hopeful in Atlanta

    Hi everyone my cousin called and wanted help with finding out what do it means when you can see your account transcripts but its blank, it has all the basic info and a date of 2/16/15 but then at the end it states ” No tax return filed” will this change or could there be something wrong

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    Mine has been this way all week as well. I have heard that it means we were re-sequenced and hopefully I’ll get my DD next week.

    As for people who got them in the last 24 hours, I wouldn’t expect to get my DD any time soon. Many of us got our blank transcripts early this week and we’re still waiting for them to update.. So, it might take him a while to see any progress.. Unless he gets lucky. I seem to have no luck this tax season.. sigh.


    in my opinion. i would check it tomorrow


    Mine has been this way all week. Filed and accepted on 1/22. One bar. No DDD.


    means still processing

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