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      What’s the best card out there with the least amount of problems for a large dd such as this? I remember horror stories of funds being held, stuff having to be faxed in, etc. any help is appreciated.

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          I have a bluebird account as well great perks! We prefer it over our accounts at chase and bofa! No fees up to 10000 per Dd and up to 100k a year in total. The limit per Dd was 10k last year but they may have upped the limit since so many people use them now. I know the first year the were open my refund got rejected because they didn’t allow you to use it for government payments but a lot has changed in the last couple of years.

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            Get a American express bluebird card from Walmart. No fees and has $100,000 limit so no worries about the deposit being over limit.

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              I use Chase Liquid card and ive had mine deposit for since last year! very good card
              No fees to use it but there is a 4.95 monthly charge but u can withdraw from all chase atms up to 500.00 and in person as much as you want

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              Kristi h

                If your refund is over 10,000, it is best to do as one said and split your refund between two accounts. I personally use net spend and adore their service, but $10,000 is their limit, and you have to make sure if you’re filing jointly that your spouse is also on the account by faxing that information.

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                  Money network? I think

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                      Good question. I’ve used green dot last 3 years worn no problem but I had a different issue with them so won’t use them again. Never used netspend but that’s what I am using this year

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                        I use Walmart never had any problems. But I think it will only allow 10,000, so I recommend you get 2 Walmart cards and split your deposit. The black premiere card is awesome, I get my payroll a day early. It’s a $3 fee Everytime you withdraw money unless you get cash back at a register. Also there’s no fee on the black card to load money. The other day I went to buy money orders totaling 1,048 and I was able to pay with my Walmart card, so if you need to pay stuff just go make money orders so you don’t get charged the $3 fee to withdraw. I’ve used it twice for tax returns got my money on my DD around 4 am. I am in Texas and their bank is in California so that makes sense that my deposit goes in around 1 am Santa Barbara time.

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