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    I just got told by an IRS agent I’ve been told I was pulled for Id verification. She couldnt tell me if the letter has been sent out yet or when it will be. But has anyone had to do this before? I feel kind of nervous about it.

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    @mika who cares press charges then cause you are not smart either thinking people would send their tax information to someone they don’t know I don’t care what you saying everyone stay AWAY freetax has audit defense for 6.99 if you need a professional Jackson Hewitt hr will help for free if you filed with them turbo tax has help as well at least you know who you are dealing with not some guy with a proton mail account and one person who vouches for them buh bye


    Mika Johnson

    @Jomaa in case you don’t know, its a criminal offence to accuse someone of something when you have no proof or evidence of a crime commited by them. The fact that you have trust issues does not make you smart.



    DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SEND ANYONE YOU DONT KNOW ANY SENSITIVE INFORMATION VIA EMAIL @mika Johnson is on almost every thread with a different reason on why you should contact this person this screams SCAM!!!!!!!


    Mika Johnson

    DO Not attempt to do anything yourself, You will just end up complicating things for yourself.

    About this time last year, i couldn’t file for tax. I consulted many agents/taxmen who claimed to be working with the IRS and they were as clueless as i was.

    Was fed up and almost gave up until i was referred to Brian Anfield. He helped me file for tax, and helped fix when the amount i got was below what i expected. He got in contact with the IRS and they fixed it in 2 days. I got the rest of the money. I dunno how he does it, but he is a genius.

    These are a few of the things i noticed when i hired him.
    Brian works well under pressure with a positive attitude and is detail-oriented. Brian goes beyond the call of duty by seeking out and following up on additional responsibilities, He demonstrates professionalism and is always conscientious about the quality of his work. He can be reached at [email protected]



    Maybe this is crazy, but when I did my taxes this year, with TT like usual, at the very end, right before filing it asked if I’d rather ID verify instead of IRS pin of all years past. It took a little longer, but hopefully I avoid the ID verification process!!




    Lesson learned from last year. I tried that. I got pulled for ID verify. I called and tried to get through it early. Took me 4 calls and 2 weeks to get someone competent. I told them I misplaced my letter, the lady asked me a bunch of questions, and told me they would mail me a new letter. Yeah I was trying to beat the system and get verified before I received the first letter.

    Anyway, I got my letter a few days later. I called to verify, gave them the code, and was told that because I called and claimed I lost the letter, the code on that letter was voided and a new letter was sent. Now I had to wait for the new letter and the code on it to verify.



    What codes does ur transcript show guys???I have 971 notice sent and code 570 action pending but no movement



    ID letters wont be mailed out until end of Feb



    i have both of those credits



    I don’t have EIC or ACTC



    eic or actc?




    I just checked last year’s letter, it had to be 5 or 6 weeks after I lost bars before I got the letter, mind you this was after weeks of being told nothing was wrong. Like I said I called today they told me I did not have to verify that it was just resequenced. After last year being told there wasn’t a proble for weeks, I’m a little suspect.

    @ Kristal, you’re probably right. I’ll call again tomorrow if still no change.



    I would call rather then just waiting around for the letter. I’ve been on “your retrn is being processed” for 3 weeks, no letter. So I called, was told I was pulled for ID verify but letter had no been generated yet. Spoke with the ID verify department ( 800-830-5084) he had to generate the letter on his end.



    My return transcript for 2017 says N/A. Account transcript says no record or return filed. Has said the same thing for 3 weeks now so I decided to call today. He asked me a series of questions such as my AGI for LAST year (2016) my mothers maiden name, my fathers first and last name, where I was born and to name one of the employers I worked for LAST year. Then he put me on hold for about 7 minutes and said OK I’m done “putting together your letter, it will go out today, expect it in 7-10 days” and said I’ll have to call back in again because their will be a code on the letter I will have to give them.



    @sharon24 do you know how long it takes to received that stupid letter….lol



    I cannot access them online. I’ve tried to create an account, it says it will send a code to my email and doesn’t go any further. It allowed me to order them online to be mailed, but I have a feeling they might come blank. We shall see. My gut is still telling me that I’m going to receive a letter to verify my identity yet again. We shall see.



    @Sharon24 hopefully we know something soon have you been able to look at your transcripts??



    @michigangr I lost bars on 2/9 as well. I assumed I was going to have to verify my ID again this year but she said she didn’t see a letter being sent out but that I was resequenced on the 9th. She didn’t know why, which concerns me, and told me to give it 21 days from 2/9 before calling again. I’m so frustrated.



    Hey kristal we have the same exact situation filed 1/19 accepted 1/19 lost bars 2/9 called said i was unsure about letter they asked me those same questions just waiting to see if i get the letter or not because she said i might not and just be put back into processing lets keep in touch with updates



    I filed on 1/18, accepted 1/19.
    Been on “Your refund is still processing, a refund date will be provided when available” for 3 weeks now (I’m a weekly). I decided to call today and lie and say I got a code on WMR that told me to call. The woman pulled my info and told me I had been pulled for ID verification but she couldnt tell me if a letter had been mailed out.

    SO, then I called the ID verification number and told them I received the letter on Saturday and accidentally misplaced it. He asked me a few questions to make sure it was really me (my AGI from last year, where I was born, my moms maiden name and my fathers name) put me on hold for 5 minutes and said OK I’ve mailed the letter out to you. Call back as soon as you get the letter.



    I had to do it last year, and since I lost my bars on WMR I’m assuming I will have to again this year. I’m on hold now trying to see if I can find anything out. Once you get the letter you have to call and give them a code off of that letter. Then you have to answer questions from this year and last year’s return. They will then tell you that it can take up to 9 weeks to receive your refund. Last year it only took about a week after I verified. The longest part was waiting for the letter. When did you file and did you lose bars too?



    Kristal – could you give more details – when did you file. What did you see on wmr?

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