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    hopeful in Atlanta

    If you did early filing and was accepted but still have no movement post in here & also piggy when u see or have an update

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    I can tell you that being an 05 (weekly cycle) DOES NOT mean you had an offset etc. I have been an 05 filer for the last 4 years and I have NEVER had an offset. Now – yes someone who has an offset maybe put in 05 for whatever reason but just because you are in 05 doesnt automatically mean offset.


    I filed January 19th, accepted the 21st, Approved today, DD the 30th.


    Filed the 8th. Accepted the 12th. Through turbo tax.

    WMR still says processing. Amount is blank. Transcripts say not received.

    Called offset line, no offsets.

    Very annoyed.


    I only had issues back in 2006-2007. I didn’t have issues last year or the year before, so I’m sure how true that is. Not sure at all. My boyfriend got his return Tuesday night. I filed his return on the 23rd, and and he got his money back Tuesday night. That was super frustrating.


    Same!! I filed the 8th, accepted on the 13th… nothing since then!!! It won’t let me order my transcripts online due to identity..(even though I am copying my address off of my tax return)!!! Frustrated!


    Same boat here, accepted 1/12 in early batch, no transcripts, no bars, no SBBT updates :| Someone in another post said that people who had
    previous issues like offsets have codes on their accounts and need extra time to go through their details to make sure it’s clear this year. If that is true, I’m thinking I have codes from previous issues and am doomed to wait longer every year :( Monday will be my 21 days though and I WILL be calling them up to see what the problem is.

    hopeful in Atlanta

    Sorry! Not piggy post this darn swype txt lol

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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