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    BartD is back for another year of answering questions.

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    and it’s late and I can’t type either ugh… lol



    Zack I still can’t believe you have heard anything.. If you don’t have an update soon.. please call them.. n cuss them out if it makes u feel little better lol .. I did.. took few weeks but I made my point. I’ll pray for you.. I’ll post it when I receive mine.. and FYI to all the WMR will update the day your transcripts update as well.. it shows all bars lit up on mine and says refund sent..




    Thanks for the insight. I am hoping for the best :) I will keep everyone updated



    Again, Friday.
    Again, no updates.
    Again, hoping that the entire structure of the IRS crashes and burns.




    Minds did that last Thursday and Saturday morning I got a DDD so I wanna say either Friday or Saturday u will have a date or came look a transcript



    What do it mean when it says still processing a date will be provided with tax topic 152 and you still could see the refund amount



    @rayne congrats




    Congrats! My as keeps changing from april 27th to may 4th. Changed about 5 or 6 times but no 846 code. Did yours do the same before u saw an 846 code?



    Bart or ANYONE…

    Filed on Feb 04th, and FINALLY today, I was able to see this year’s account transcript.
    But it only has as of date: 05/11/2015… Everything else has 0.00 next to it.
    My WMR still has the generic message saying the same thing as other people here.

    Does anyone know what the as of date mean here?
    How can I have as of date of May when it’s still in April???

    Will it be the date that I suppose to expect my refund?
    Or is that the date they will start on my return?
    Any idea?

    Has anyone else here who had a future as of date as mine & if you had, could you share what happened on AT THAT DATE?

    Since I have TA, IRS wouldn’t say anything, and my TA is not calling me back…

    Any insight will be appreciated




    Oh I hope so, I filed back in jan… it’s been a long confusing frustrating wait. And it seems like everyone with the same issues has been able to at least look their transcripts for some answers but I haven’t been able to.



    @cameo It means you should update with a direct deposit date by Saturday




    if anyone can answer this for me. I’ve been getting the generic your return has been received and is being processed and date will be available soon etc.. since i filed but today it says we have received your tax refund and it is being processed. Can’t access my transcripts By mail always tells me to call the number to order one. And can’t access it online bc of identity theft thing. Any answers?




    Congrats! No changes here…….
    I thought it was only Friday’s that they updated. Good to know!



    I got an update ladies n gentleman..! Just got transcript update 846 5-11-15 20151604 cycle date…finally!!! Thank you JESUS! goodluck to those still waiting.. been a bunch of b.s. but refunds are on the way…!



    Good Morning ALL. After 13 long weeks of this dreadful season….I had to get a TA 4 weeks ago and had to verify my income and FINALLY woke to the 846 refund issued code with the date 05/11/2015!!



    Hi Bart or anyone,do any one know when will I get my 2011 tax return back or how long I was self employed that year I just filed it February



    I I’m in the same boat. E-filed 2/23 rejected same day called IRS my SSN was stolen and a fraudulent return had been filed. Had to submit paper return which was received 2/27 along with my 2012 returns. after 2 weeks of wmr saying processing a date will be provided when available I checked the forums and noticed people were having to verify their identity so I called. After verifying my identity the rep assured me everything was fine give it two weeks to have my return after some big update. Well no return or update it’s now end of March. I requested TA assistance on 3/26. Got a call from her on 3/30 out of Memphis. I explained her my situation she said from what she could see my return was processing and was being held cuz they didn’t recieve my 2012 returns which I mailed a day apart as my 2014 returns same address & also I needed to file a 1040x for my 2014 return. so my TA tells me to fax her my 2012 & 2014 1040x amended returns along with a past due notice for rent and a light bill and she will go ahead and submit it same day and give me a call back Tuesday 4/7. After calling my TA and the TA hotline number my TA finally calls me on 4/16 early in the morning telling me she got an update from the IRS on 4/15 stating they had processed my 2014 returns and they are releasing my funds and she will call me back 4/30 to see if I have gotten my DD yet. She said it may come sooner. I asked her would this hold up my DD since they still hadn’t processed my 2012 & I have a hardship she stated no. Do you think I will be getting my refund soon? Since I am an Identity theft victim I am unable to see my transcripts online. My wmr has not changed it still says processing. Can I still get a DD soon even though wmr still says processing & my TA said they are releasing my funds. Thank you so much for help have a blessed day!




    I have no changes either. Talked to an advocate who was down right hateful.




    I don’t even have any changes to the “as of” date. Transcripts are exactly the same as they have been since February.
    Testing every reserve of patience I have, for sure!



    Hey guys…. nothing yet.. All that happened on my end last night was the “as of date” changed from March 9th to May 4th on my transcripts.. Definitely have no idea what that means.. but i’ll keep ya posted..



    want to mention my transcripts may have updated ONE day before the money came but I didn’t notice it. Was going to avail Tax Advocate tomorrow if the money didn’t appear today, but no need.



    Hey Bart, thanks a million for all your help this year. Would you be so kind as to post that link you did a few months ago for donations and if things have changed, post another?
    My simple saga – filed accepted 1-23
    called after 21 days, no info, wait for letter,
    month later – not received
    mailed certified
    five days later
    April 15 cash on Netspend

    Hang in there folks – there may be an investigation into who and why things happened like this, and it ain’t incompetency



    Hi everyone. The best thing to do is get in touch with a tax advocate. I’ve been through so much this tax season. I filed on January 20th and havent had any updates since. I spoke with a tax advocate last week Friday and they called me today and said I will have an update friday and get my money next week. So simple smh




    My transcript as of date at the top changed from march 02 (my notice date on my cp53a notice) to april 27th. So they are workin on something!



    My recommendation to all like me is get a TA. Try to proof a economical hardship. I filed on Jan 21, received first letter about ID verify on Feb 9. Then when I thought that problem was solved, another letter 4664c was received on 3/5 asking for at least 60 days for review. On March 9 I called TA hotline submitted some evidence of economical hardship, next week I received call it was received. On march 31, TA called me to notify that my refund was released and that I could expect a DDD on 2 weeks. Last Saturday I woke up with a DDD for 4/15. It takes a long trip. Also I suggest that if you have a id verify letter or identity theft issue do not try to obtain transcripts because it will not helps and I think that will delay more the process because IRS might thinks that someone is trying to get your identity or something like that. And for next year I will file by myself, Jackson Hewitt has a big fee and is all the same.




    Same here. No updates at all. Every Friday, I think “this will be the day”. It never is.
    The IRS is no help- different reps will tell you completely different things. This is without a doubt the worst tax season yet.



    Hey all.. still don’t have anything. I’m beginning to wander if the csr’s just tell you what you want to hear. Been almost two weeks since my last call and I still have no updates or a check. I work long hrs so I will try to keep you guys updated on my end.



    @leslie we are in the same boat. Looking for some sort of insight on our situation.



    my “as of” dates at the top also changed from 2/23 to 4/27 now. No other changes. Still have 570 with 2/16 and 971 with 2/23 next to it. Got a cp05 that was supposed to be done “reviewing” by 4/9 … still no other changes.



    I meant to say last Friday it went from 02/23/2015 to 03/02/2015 back to 02/23/2015 and changed back this morning to 03/02/2015



    Help anyone PLEASE!!! My as of date has changed the past two Fridays. Last Friday it went from 02/23/2015 to 03/02/2015 and this Friday morning it’s back to 03/02/2015. What does this mean? Is it processing?



    Well, Friday once again. No updates to anything once again.
    Another week of tax hell at least.



    OK so I had to verify myself. So I called the number and verified. The guy stated wasn’t sure how long it would take to see my refund. My question is how long will it take for me to see my transcripts? I can’t see them online nor can I order them. I’ve been waiting for my refund since Jan.



    One more thing, if your refund was held up for any reason, you will not see any updates until Fridays. It is best to go off your transcripts, because my advocate said in most cases, wmr and the app will not update at all, or until after you get your refund.



    I just want to share my story with everyone on this page to maybe give some insight, I filed on Feb. 5, accepted the 7th, two and a half weeks go by and my bars disappear, I am not a patient person mind you,, so I called the IRS, got a recording, so I searched Google and found a number to get a live person. Three people gave me the run around, so I kept calling and actually told them I was going to keep calling until someone gave me an answer because in reality, it doesn’t take this long. So, after that, I guess they realized I wasn’t going to stop calling and someone gave me an answer. I never submitted my 1095-a form nor my 8962 form. Well no duh, the lady who did our taxes told me that she could skip that this year. Well apparently she couldn’t, he helped me fill the forms out and what fax number to send it too. I did so the next day, well around March 15? I think, I called to just make sure everything was going smoothly. I guess they wanted to start with the regular answers again, I kept calling. The next lady realized I had called a lot, I told her that I wanted answers, so she said she honestly could not give me answer, but referred me to a tax advocate. The tax advocate did not require anything of me, she asked for no proof of hardships, but just to fax over my 1095 and 8962 forms to her. It generally takes two weeks before you see any movement, first week for the errors department to fix an issue, second week is for the IRS to actually process your return. After two weeks I was able to see my transcripts. Now, it didn’t have the refund issued 846 code, but it takes a week after you get your transcripts to see it, my tax advocate told me I will see it this Friday and get my refund next week. I know that a lot of you may not have any hardships, or some may, but trust me, hiring a tax advocate is really helpful, you know could get your money in almost 2-3 weeks and get some real answers at the same time. My advice is this, if your tiring of waiting, its been over 21 day, and keep getting the run around.. call them..



    Hey guys… Updating…again. I have nothing, nada, zip… I hope IRS isn’t gonna make us wait whole 10 weeks..But i’ll keep checking in..




    Anyone have any changes?
    We seem to be stuck in limbo. Next Monday will be seven weeks since the date of cp53a letter. Of course, the letter says 8-10 weeks. General consensus seems to be that checks are sent 4-6 later. Well, tomorrow will be the end of week 6 for those of us with the 2/23 letter date- soooooooooo hoping for an update to transcripts in the morning. This wait is torture.


    Erica G.

    Just an update of my 2015 Tax Season….Personally Bart’s Thoughts wasn’t very helpful at all.

    1/20 – Filed on Turbo Tax
    1/23 – IRS officially accepted my return
    2/10 – Found out I was pulled for a “random review” had to call IDVERIFY and called to verify and was told I had to wait another 6 weeks
    2/10 through 3/23 – Received a 5071C letter and 4464c letter and reached out to the Taxpayer Advocate Service to help expedite my refund process. Can’t see transcripts online but I can get them via mail, can’t login to IDVERIFY online to check if I’m verified, when I call IDVERIFY, it knocks me out due to high call volume. My taxpayer advocate sucks she doesn’t call back in her allotted time frame and is very rude. I haven’t heard from her in over a week when she told me she would send in an inquiry to expedite my process.
    3/23 – Six weeks later and guess what? STILL NO REFUND! Where’s my refund saying “Still processing. Date will be provided…blah blah blah” I called the regular line and she told me that my process is now in the hands of my advocate. So I called her and no answer of course. I left a message.
    4/04 – FINALLY got an update on WMR and a DDD.
    4/08 – FINALLLLY GOT MY REFUND!!! Nearly three months later!

    In my case, Bart wasn’t very helpful. He estimated that I would have my refund before March 23 but that wasn’t the case. This whole site seems to be a bunch of guessing games. I think the best advice is to keep calling the IRS and/or your tax advocate and just wait. That’s all you can really do.



    IRS still says they can’t provide any information until it has been the full 10 weeks.
    This is obviously not true, as numerous other people have been given information. I wish the entire IRS structure would just fucking burn.



    Still no update but ive seen people on the igotmyrefund fb page with TAs get their return after a cp53a notice this week and last. : ( need someupdates



    I have no 570 code.. 570 mean.. (Additional account action pending or Additional Liability Pending/or Credit Hold) I honestly believe that most cp53a notices are manually reviewed… Lord only knows why.. but I don’t lol… anytime I really don’t understand one of my Transcript codes.. I visit thia website…. It’s been the only way I’ve been able to half a** keep up with what they are doing with my refund.. I hope this link helps.. But If you can’t get an answere out of a csr in the mornings… call around 4-6 in the evening… I wish I could remember the guys id#… I could’ve sent you and Diane straight to him.. But like I said the other day… we spoke on Friday and I still don’t have any updates.



    I filed & accepted March 23rd, had 1 bar with we have received your refund and a date will be available within 21 days until around the 31st or so then nothing but refund being processed with no refund amount, then Thursday I could order only my account transcript by mail (but don’t look for it since I got my 2013 transcripts by mail and today in the mail received a letter telling me can not process those transcripts) but can not access the return transcript, but Friday the same message is on wmr refund is being processed but refund amount is back on. I can not order transcripts online for I get the message call identity protection. Have not received any letters or codes either thank you for any answer or advice.




    Did you have a 570 code on transcripts? I haven’t seen this code, and I don’t believe Diane has either.
    I ask because you mentioned “review”. Did you have any indication you were in review, or is this their “investigation” they mention on the letter?




    I am in the exact same time frame as you.
    Originally sent and rejected by bank on 2-4.
    cp53a notice dated 2-23.
    No movement on transcript at all past the 971 code for when the notice was issued.



    Totally agree.. I wouldn’t want to p*** them off at all lol… The gentleman did say that is what they are suppose to say and they will stick by the notice date… but usually funds are mailed 3-6 weeks from that date. But the man told me they have 30 days from review date to issue a check.. He told me my stuff was reviewed on Feb 18th.. takes to two weeks.. add an additional two for the manual.. he said it’s all one big process done through more then one person… so I don’t really know how it all works. The man I spoke with was awesome at telling me where I was on the review but it’s mandatory with all the id theft going on.. That I understand. I’ll pray for you and Zack… I’ll check in once a day to see where everyone is at and let you guys know where I stand..




    IRS gives the same answer 8 to 10 weeks from notice date. I am not a patient person, but the irs is someone I choose to play nice with



    To be honest.. both you and Zack need to call the IRS. Especially if your notice is 2-23… that’s ridiculous.. They are way past their 30 days.. if your transcripts don’t have any hold codes and haven’t changed or if you don’t receive anything come tomorrow afternoon I’d call…




    My cp53a was dated 2/23. No updates no nothing indicating they have done anything. I believe @zach was same time frame as mine but not positive . Please keep us updated and I will do the same



    I haven’t received my refund after my cp53a notice, hopefully soon. They all say 8-10 weeks but their deadline standards are 30 days after the date of the I’m told. After my phone call Friday with the IRS I will keep you guys up to date with any news I get. My notice was dated 3-9-15.. but received it Feb 24th.. Hopefully mine rolls in this week… been almost three months without my refund.



    Has anyone received their refund after a cp53a notice?

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