Bars still gone but expected refund amount is back

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    So my bars are still gone, I still have TT 152 but my expected refund amount showed back up today. I guess little movement is better then none. Hoping 2/15 or 2/17 my bars come back!

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    My return was accepted 1/24 and as of Monday , I lost bars and only have info on left, “still processing message” and tax topic 152. I just called thinking that I would be able to get some info and my agent “Mr Sweeney” informed me that it hasn’t been 21 days yet and that everyone’s 21st day will be Tuesday..regardless of when you filed because it counts from the 29th (even though the website clearly says 21 days from when you receiver the email notification saying your return was accepted).

    He said a lot of people’s bars are missing and to just keep checking.

    That’s all fine a dandy except the part where people on here have clearly been able to call and get information about their return.

    I’m annoyed and honestly don’t even want to call back and get another lazy agent.



    @Nikki I really don’t understand how that is when others filed and claimed one or the other credit and has received their refund. How is it that our 21 starts on the 15??



    I hope so as well thanks for responding



    Hun our 21 days has even started till after 2/15. I honestly think we will all have some type of updat after 2/17



    Hi Everyone I’m a newbie here I filed 1/25 accepted same day. Lost bars and amount for a week or so but this morning I checked my amount came back and I still had tt152 my 21 days will be 2/15 Does anyone know when I will see a update ? Filed actc and eic any advice would be greatly appreciated should I give irs a call ??



    I’m sorry but what do you all mean by bars?


    @rayman70 bars and stuck on Path since Feb. 1st. EIC filer. Hoping for movement this week.



    I also have EIC and actc. Least year I didn’t so I don’t have any history with PATH. I’m trying to stay optimistic. Good luck to you!



    Well up until today not even my refund amount showed. So I’m hoping it’s because I have the EIC and Actc. Last year I never updated to path only had tt 152, of course I never last my bars before.



    I have the exact same. No bars, but all my info is still on the left side. TT 152

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

The forum ‘2018 Tax Season’ is closed to new topics and replies.